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trust me
Ten Fandoms 
28th-Nov-2006 05:53 am
Ten fandoms, no repeats - arrch's version is evil beyond all evil, but I am much more kind.

1. Being a cranky redhead whose murderous expression scares all subordinates away isn't an excuse to dress him up in a nekomimi maid outfit, call him kuzu, and make his blond servant think that it's his secret hobby. [Ouran High School Host Club, lacewood]

2. Not only is the hero of the story a replica, but so are all his friends, and they're all living insurance policies for their originals. [The Island, lacewood]

3. Clueless and frequently stupid hero is engaged to a green-eyed blond royal who constantly reminds him of their engagement, suffers a shocking betrayal by a beloved mentor figure, is occasionally surrounded by flocks of extremely cute and implausible creatures who keep repeating the same nonsensical word, discovers his apparently cheerful and easygoing best friend is so so so much more than he seems, has strange dealings with the blond king of neighbouring country, and has a mysterious other self who keeps taking over his body to perform stunning feats of total awesome and making him lose all recollection of what ensues. [KKM, llamrei ♥]

4. I'm you, and I HATE MYSELF. [Tales of the Abyss, elvaron and kasumi_blue]

5. Scruffy Brit in the original, expressionless American in the adaptation. [Constantine, mushrooms]

6. His other half's a green-eyed redhead, his best friend wants revenge on him for his father's death, and on top of all that, he has to keep saving the world. [Spider-man, mushrooms! ♥]

7. Life goes down the toilet after your best friend gets bitten by a spider and subsequently wants to eradicate you and all your kind. [Darren Shan, dorkodile]

8. You'd never mistake him for a perfect copy of the original, but said original wants to take over his body anyway, and cross swords with his favourite blond in a spectacularly slashy manner while at it. [Final Fantasy: Advent Children, elvaron ♥]

9. Allowing someone to be your replica is always a terrible idea, because when you do, you give them absolute control over you. [The Prestige, lacewood]

10. A dragon and a tiger inherit a kungfu school! [Dragon Tiger Gate, mushrooms]

Bonus: (A lot of love if anyone manages to guess this one, and my condolences for having actually read this dreck) 11. Hero goes on a quest for a sword belonging to a spirit who talks to him as long as he's in possession of its jewel, while a minor antagonist who's constantly covered in blood keeps kidnapping and trying to kidnap a person dear to him and wishes he had a twin with whom to share his dirty work.
28th-Nov-2006 08:28 am (UTC)
*blinkblink* You're a fan of The Island?! Okay...here's to filtering away that rant I made about it awhile ago...

Yeah, so I'm trying to figure out 11 since everything else is taken (though KKM popped out immediately), but I'm really not up to snuff with my fantasy novels anymore. The talking sword reminds me of Viktor's thing in Suikoden II. Is it a Terry Goodkind novel? I don't remember a storyline like that in any of the authors listed in your interests...not Salvatore...or Gemmell...you know, watch this be some obscure Chinese wushu story XP.

One of those has got to be Tales of the Abyss, or else I'm returning the game.
28th-Nov-2006 08:32 am (UTC)
There isn't many options left for ToA!
28th-Nov-2006 08:35 am (UTC)
;;; Did someone already guess it? Ah well, if they haven't, then Wikipedia says 9) matches up the closest XD. Yeah, I cheated since I didn't get far enough in the game for the Asch Backstory of Angsty Doom (tm) yet...
28th-Nov-2006 09:01 am (UTC) - Asch does not mind and plays fascinating games with his sword and his replica.
XDDDD The surprising thing is that almost nobody has guessed Tales of the Abyss - as in no one has ventured it as an answer to any of the suggestions. Only one person has!

*grin* Sobs, it isn't 9. But it's okay! Not even Abyss fans seem to be able to guess which one Abyss is.

Asch's backstory of angsty doom! *KICKS THE POOR BOY INTO THE ABYSS* No love lost between us, but he'll grow on me yet. ; )
28th-Nov-2006 09:06 am (UTC) - Re: Asch does not mind and plays fascinating games with his sword and his replica.
;______; You didn't put ToA in there? Unless it's 4), but it seems unlikely. Well, okay, it could probably work too...but I was drawn to the "replica" keyword and forgot everything else.

My sister wants to know why such a happy genki brightly-colored (albeit Cheagle-abusing) game is called something as DOOOOOOMMM as Tales of the Abyss. Any thoughts?
28th-Nov-2006 09:21 am (UTC) - *GRIN*
I certainly put TOA in there. *grin* In fact - I put TOA everywhere, because I described everything so it sounded at least a little bit like Abyss, where it was possible. XD


Heh, because a very big plot point happens in the in-game Abyss, called Qlipoth. It's one of the central events of the game and changes everything. That's why the Abyss is so important. ; )

Happy genki brightly-coloured game? *griiin* It's just like KKM. You're all OOH, cheagles! Hee, cute guys! OH, THE GAY! And then the game steps on your heart and drowns you in angst. JUST LIKE KKM.
28th-Nov-2006 09:32 am (UTC) - Re: *GRIN*
Oh well, now you tell me XP. Maybe my ignorance of it helped, since in the end it was an either-or coin flip.

...Is it bad that the first thing I thought when I read Qlipoth is, Can you really pronounce that?!


Yes, but KKM didn't have cheagles. Cheagles are cute and fluffy and I should hate them, yet because Luke abuses them so much, I have to want to protect them. This is some seriously, seriously fucked up reverse psychology.


Please tell me Mieu doesn't die.
28th-Nov-2006 10:07 am (UTC) - I love you for moments like these.
I love that you're into the twisted psychosexual manipulation and hot!intelligent!world-domination types, and at the same time you can feel protective instincts toward small and endearing animals. *hugs you tight*

Mieu doesn't die! *pathugs* No worries on that front. Cheagles are surprisingly resilient.

XD Qlipoth. XDDD I kind of pronounce it "Kli - poth".

KKM had bearbees! Not quite like cheagles, though. Cheagles actually make me giddy, but I love them very very much. And I love that you want to protect them.

*snug* Mieu is quite safe, and in the end Luke learns to be nice to him, too. And Mieu writes in Luke's diary, even!
28th-Nov-2006 08:57 am (UTC) - *LOVES YOU* XDDD
XD I'm not really a fan of the movie, but I chose it for its striking parallels to Tales of the Abyss. *griiiiin* XDDDD And you can rant about it all you like - I couldn't help but think that the movie should've been a lot better, with a premise like that. ♥ Sometimes I find the more I love something the more I like to hear someone tell me what's not good about it - objectively, of course, and I know you're good at that.

Not everything is taken! *grin* I've only given names for those who guessed it right off. XD

#11 is a rather obscure fantasy book, although it's the last in a trilogy. It's really not particularly well-written and I dislike all the girl characters. D< But again, I read it for the Abyss parallels. XD It's an obscure English fantasy story. ; )

YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL. *grin* YES. One of them is Abyss. ; )
28th-Nov-2006 09:00 am (UTC) - Re: *LOVES YOU* XDDD
Tales of the Abyss --> number 9, yes? I know, I cheated and checked Wikipedia for the Asch replica reference XP didn't get far enough in the game yet.

OMG Everything has to do with ToA *is pwned* You should add an extra 12) in there for Real Life. A fandom we have such a long-running love-hate relationship with ^_~.

ASKLFDJSADF I hate not being able to get the fantasy novel T_T Maybe I should phone a friend...
28th-Nov-2006 09:18 am (UTC)
#9 was actually the Prestige. Ehe - and #4 was Abyss. Because in the game, it's actually Asch who has control over Luke, his replica - the replica hs no control over him. However, in the Prestige, one of the magicians chooses a lookalike who is then psychoed over to the bad side by the rival magician saying that as the other's lookalike, he has total control over him.

*snug* XDDDDD YOU SAW IT TOO! XDDD I actually deliberately wrote most of these so that they would seem like Abyss. Curiously enough that meant that almost no one guessed Abyss because everything looked too much like it that they sensed a trap.


Don't feel bad! It's really not a popular novel at all: if you want a hint, this is the author:

[ spoiler! XD ]

John Marco.
28th-Nov-2006 09:35 am (UTC)
Oh man, I should've thought of that! For The Prestige, my clue definitely would've been something along the lines of - they didn't teach cloning in ECE class! u_u *shakes fist at Tesla* I liked the...Hugh Grant? Or whoever wasn't Christian Bale magician better, cause he actually had justification for the pissing war. Everything else was them being childish little bastards bent on having hate!sex with each other beating each other at some illusory trick. By bending the fabric of space-time, and also rewriting scientific history. Wheee.

TRAP. aefallen is a trap? Oohh~ Shiny.

Never heard of him, alas, I wouldn't know where to begin. Well, at least I'll leave knowing that it wasn't a book I'd read and then forgotten...pesky real life knowledge, and so on.
28th-Nov-2006 09:44 am (UTC) - THE PRESTIGE WAS TOTALLY HATESEX.
But I wanted MORE speculatively slashy moments! There WAS lots of cockblocking, but not the kind I like! D< And the cloning was such a CHEAT really. I expected REAL magic.

YES. I liked the Hugh Jackman magician better too. And I preferred the way he thought about magic. It was wonder, really, however you get it to happen.

Also I thought the Christian Bale magician was a bastard. Well, not really a bastard, considering he did try to save Hugh Jackman when he thought he was drowing.

But when you realise that the guy really was cloning himself - then he killed a hundred of his clones, didn't he? His hundred performances and all?

A shiny trap with wide genki eyes. XD ALL THE BETTER TO LURE YOU IN WITH MY DEAR.

*grin* I think most people will never have heard of him. I didn't, until this book. *smiles* And I think you have a good memory, so if you'd read it, you'd have remembered ; )
28th-Nov-2006 10:03 am (UTC) - Re: THE PRESTIGE WAS TOTALLY HATESEX.
Bwahaha, oh yes, the whole best friends turned rivals turned mortal enemies thing...yeah, the cloning was TOTALLY a cop out! The entire time, I was trying to figure out how they could scientifically do such a trick, because they set it up to seem like it was some big electrical breakthrough. And then. What. WHAT. WHAAAATTT. My ECE brain exploded a little T_T.

I agree, Christian's magician came across as a bastard...I mean, he killed the guy's WIFE, for Christ's sake. I was really rooting for Hugh's guy, but then with the clone thing...ugh, it all went to hell after that. I thought there was going to be either a scientific explanation or a murder mystery involved.

The ending with the laboratory burning was disturbing though. I swear to God, I thought of Hojo and all his Jenova clones o_O.

EHEHE and she looked so innocent at first XD.
28th-Nov-2006 10:11 am (UTC)
BIGGEST COPOUT OF ALL TIME. In fact, I thought that the Christian Bale character LITERALLY having a double was a copout too. Because I actually believed it would be REAL MAGIC. But NO, he's a SHAM TOO. The cloning trick is like they suddenly go HEY I know all of you were trying to figure out how this works! BUT HAHAHAHA! LOOK! THERE'S REALLY TWO OF THEM!

It's funny, though, because the Hugh Jackman character seemed to be the guy who was into false magic, but in the end he was the one who found real magic, after all. I really wanted Hugh Jackman's character to be able to prevail too, but the killing all the clones thing... urk. Although he did survive, though - right at the end when yet another one of him is hiding in the water tank and smirking as Christian Bale leaves.

HOJO AND HIS CLONES - WHY YES. Even the water tank bit - the laboratory UP IN FLAMES. And Tesla running off somewhere so maybe it happened all over again... THE PRESTIGE 2. XDD

The innocence is but another part of the trick! ; )
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