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trust me
Tales of the Abyss: Degenki Maou Scans: Episode 15 - Aczeriuth 
13th-May-2007 02:07 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Thank you, all of you who kept me company and had me laughing throughout scanning/cleaning up/translating. ♥

Well- what else can I say about this installment, except that it's Aczelius (Aczeriuth, to be true to the localisation) at last, and man: this was worth the wait. It's payoff time in spades. Am officially spoilt rotten by Asch, of all people (he has so many good scenes in this installment), which is such a joke, considering the love/hate relationship I have with him.

Very Image-Heavy

Before the ground falls away beneath your feet:

Luke's standing at the passage ring, and Van has triggered the "Foolish Replica Luke" code word that unleashes Luke's choushindou and spells the end of Aczelius.

Don't Miss Dancing Doushi and His Amazing Cheegle!
Ion and His Oracle Knights, coming Soon to a Coliseum Near You!

It really looked to me as if Ion was engaged in a particularly vigorous breakdancing session with Mieu.

Crack aside, Ion knew what was up, and yelled a warning too late for Luke, "Luke! Don't go there! It's -"

Couldn't help but think of glorious here:

Silly little boy. All trust is foolish.

Suddenly, Sensei's Sinister.

And then suddenly a DIM BULB BRIGHTENS, and Luke realises ... we aren't in Kimlasca anymore, Mieu...

Oh, Sensei. You look so... so... eeeeeevil.

Asch is... greatly displeased.
WELL SO WOULD I BE were I him...

Van realises Tear is there, and says, "Tear... Why are you here?"

Tear says, essentially, that her fears about Van have been realised. She says the people of Aczelius are doomed.

Van: I like being evil. It makes me... happy.
Okay, okay. Too much Spider-man 3.

Crack aside, Van addresses her by her full name, Mestearica, and says that she hasn't yet realised that this world is foolish, awful, etc.

The Return of the Replica: This year's #1 Horror Flick.

But the poor boy. This is a heartbreaking panel. It's when he finally realises that Van has betrayed him. Luke's thinking back on Van telling him that he was going to be a hero, and himself saying, "I want to be with Van!"

Luke: "This... I did this?!"

When I played this in the game my heart broke for Luke. It was the hardest part in the entire game, even though I had to do absolutely nothing.
But maybe it was that, that this event was utterly unchangeable.

Though, heh. When I first set eyes on this part, I thought of orphen and meimi, especially. ;)
Luke, prepare yourself for Asch's Very Special Brand of TOUGH LOVE.


Which basically can be summed up by the motto SCREW UP AND I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR IT.

And Asch abuses himself. When I saw it, my heart wrenched and I was ohpoorLuke! *cuddles Luke protectively*

Admittedly Luke asked for it, but I am D: ASCH GET YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR REPLICA. If you don't know how to treat him right, AT LEAST GUY WILL.

This part also makes me think of harajukufuuri, because you were once so D: at Luke that you wanted to put him in the first Asch-Luke fight and let him take it, and I saw this and thought you kind of got your wish. xD

Actual translation: Asch is furious at Luke's part in this, and punches him, saying that he's a deteriorating replica:

To which Luke asks, "What's a replica?" - in all innocence.

And as you can see, it breaks Asch's brain:

Asch doesn't go and explain it directly, though. "Don't make me laugh," he says, beyond fury now,
"Let me tell you this, Luke Obocchan" (Young Master Luke - in the manga, he uses this term sarcastically, on Luke)

Though I would completely believe in this alternative scenario. ♥
(warning: crack, and also Asch/Luke implications)

And Asch is given the unenviable task of explaining

Where Do Baby Replicas Come From?

Asch says, "Why do you think you and I have the same face?"

Jade, "This is -" His suspicions about Luke being Asch's replica are true.

You can see Asch struggling not to say, "SENSEI FLIES IN WITH THEM on a GREAT BIG EAGLE."

Asch: "Seven years ago, I was kidnapped by Van. I came from a noble family in Batical. I was the son of a Duke.
My father's name was Fabre."

Finally, he asks Luke what he thinks.

Asch: "You are my look-alike... my copy."
Tear: "STOP IT, ASCH!"

Asch: "You are my deteriorating replica!"

Sensei, I'M FLYING!

I suppose this would make Van/Asch fans happy.

But Asch isn't that easy:

Asch: "Van?! Release me!! Damn it!!"

The look in Tear's eyes says more than any words ever could.

12th-May-2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
Oh Van, you evil bastard. Evil, evil bastard. D: omg ilu ♥
13th-May-2007 04:03 am (UTC)
XD I thought you might be pleased. *grin*

Van personally makes me twitch with murderous rage a lot, but I thought these scans of him were particularly impressive and that you might be interested in taking a look at them. *laughter*
12th-May-2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
LJ needs a little broken ♥ to use in posts. T.T

I feel so bad for Luke! *cuddles him!*

YAY FOR LUKE/TEAR THOUGH! xDD I am probably the only one who is seeing it between all the massive Asch/Luke. *g*

I'm kind of happy you scanned it. ;)
13th-May-2007 04:06 am (UTC)
I know! Sob. I've wished for that myself! But so far all I know is it will break your heart</i>. I actually took a long time getting to Aczelius because I was THE PAIN THE PAIN. But only if you do Aczelius can you get ARAMIS WELL (Guy/Luke love!) and REM TOWER (Asch/Luke love!) and Eldrant (KICKING ASCH AND VAN'S ASSES - oooops, my true colours just revealed themselves).

... Luke/Tear? *takes another look* The part where she's all STOP IT, ASCH! and being protective of Luke?

Hee. ♥ I'm glad! That makes it all worthwhile. ♥
13th-May-2007 04:50 am (UTC)
Hee! xD I know those places~! Though in my Abyss World, the only place that exists is Cheegle Forest and there are only about 5 characters. *smirk!*

^^;; I think anytime Tear shows up anywhere is Luke/Tear. SHE ONLY NEEDS TO BE PRESENT. Her love for Luke is so obvious?! ;)

Don't get used to it! xD Heh. ♥
12th-May-2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
First off, thank you so much for scanning this~ <3 *hugs you tight*
And, yes, I deleted my comment because I was stupidly lost in what I was typing and forgot to thank! XD;

So, wait! Asch spills the beans on the whole replica thing to Luke during this??? Wow. :O
Now that's double harsh! I mean, I remember watching this scene, and it IS really intense, and feeling so sorry for poor little Luke during this. My heart went out to him. D:
But to not only realize you were betrayed by your trusted teacher/friend and destroyed a town and thousands of people with it...but to THEN find out you are a replica?
The poor thing!

I am a sucker for angst and I do actually like this little twist, but a part of me doesn't agree with it because it just makes Asch look worse. People already have so much trouble understanding Asch and I hope this doesn't generate more hate. Even though...I can still understand why Asch did it and were I him, I know I would do the same. D:

I think...that Asch could, if he REALLY wanted to, return home and explain who he really was and have people believe Luke is a mere replica. But I also think that Asch refuses to do this because he has SOME faith that Luke can handle things at home while he takes care of Van. I think at this scene, Asch isn't just infuriated with Luke for being stupid, but because he feels his faith was misplaced.
13th-May-2007 04:23 am (UTC)
*hugs you tight too!* *beams* You're most welcome, and I'm glad you liked this! I first set eyes on this in Kyoto, so when I opened the page to a WHOLE WORLD OF ASCH I grinned and thought of you. ;) I always keep an eye out for Asch-anything because I know how much you like him. ;)

*snug!* Don't worry about it! *griiin* Thanks is lovely and wonderful, but sometimes the JOY is thanks enough :D

YES! OMG ASCH. *KICKS* I think he did this in the English version too, the poor baby, or was that when they first met in Yulia City? My heart went out to him too, and the anticipation of Aczelius pain was why it took me so long to get there in the game.

And yes. *cries* *heart breaks for poor Luke*

but a part of me doesn't agree with it because it just makes Asch look worse.
... ♥ Can I love you a lot for that? ♥ The way Asch reacted to Aczelius was a key reason why I hated him so much when the Japanese game came out. I didn't start to thaw until the English game. I think you said once that the English voice actor brings out the real Asch? (I'm gonna go hunt for that comment after this) And it's true, or at least - the English voice actor brings out an Asch I could love. I'm not sure if it's a cultural thing, because I'm relatively westernised in terms of preferences, and my comparatively J!culture friends loved Asch in the Japanese game, so he's gotta be doing something right?

Oddly enough, I would be the last person to put myself in the Asch fan camp (although close friends tell me it is all DENIAL), I liked this installment very much. One of the interpretations I've seen for Asch's reaction is that the core of his anger was anger at himself, for not being able to stop the fall of Aczelius and the death of all those people. I don't really get that feeling from Asch myself, but it's a plausible explanation.

My own explanation is simply Asch going D: YOU STUPID IDIOT you killed ALL THESE PEOPLE are you STUPID OR WHAT?!

XD I understand Asch (or at least I think I do) - but I am evil and unforgiving and still think it's no excuse for him to hurt Luke. When I saw this scene I was D: BRILLIANT, ASCH. Aczelius just FELL, and there you are bitching out Luke. That is going to help the situation, HOW?! I'd always thought that Asch could've handled the situation so much better, but then again he did what he did because he thought Luke was smart enough to realise he was a replica and Aczelius kind of proved that Luke wasn't as smart as Asch thought he was. I agree completely with what you said: Asch was furious because he felt his faith was misplaced. In the YOU IDIOT I trusted that you could handle yourself but NOOOO way.

Asch DEFINITELY could go home and everything would have been fine. Mommy and Daddy Fabre were so happy to have their original Luke back, Natalia and Ingobert were perfectly all right with the replica-original thing and having two of them running around: in fact, it even makes political sense to do it, because Natalia promised on Kimlasca's behalf that the replicas would find a home, and accepting both Asch and Luke into Kimlascan society would set a great precedent for that. But NOOOO. I think the biggest obstacle to Asch's happiness is Asch himself.
13th-May-2007 06:28 am (UTC)
The way Asch reacted to Aczelius was a key reason why I hated him so much when the Japanese game came out.

I wasn't actually paying too much attention to Asch at Akzeriuth (LOL! I think it might have been supposed to be Atziluth at this point - one of the four worlds in the Kabbalah and thus more associated with the Sephiroth and crap, but anyway). HA HA HA. Yeah, I know. I'm such an Asch fan, but I wasn't really paying attention to him at that point. It was mostly Luke I was watching. In my first playthrough, I was so disgusted with him at that point. His behavior on the trek to Akzeriuth had really lowered my opinion of him. Honestly, I've never been overly fond of the stupid, but omg courageous (and pure HA HA HA) main heroes that the Tales series coughs out (and I still don't care much for Lloyd). Everything that happened is probably the actual reason why I came to like Luke. He screwed up. He screwed up so fucking bad. But he didn't get a pat on the head or get told that everything would be all right. He got bitched at, he got abandoned and he had to find his own way. And he succeeded. And that's why I like him.

As for the others reactions at Akzeriuth, including Asch, I think they were not only appropriate but necessary. I didn't like them, but they made sense. I can't really dislike Asch's reaction anymore than the others, and I actually think that his was more necessary in the long run. I think Luke actually needed somebody to yell at him, and Asch is very good at that. Considering how Luke was acting right before Asch showed up in Yulia City it's probable he just would have run away (either physically or mentally... or both) and that just wouldn't have helped him at all. So, in a sense, I can understand and live with that point in the game. Granted, I still don't like it and duuuuudddeee, I wrote up a long rant about it around November/December but lj ate it and I never got around to writing it up again. XD;; Oh well!

Also, I think Guy going back then was also the perfect point in the game. If he had gone back earlier, or even stayed, it might have enabled Luke's "flee" reaction more than his "fight" reaction. So it all worked out well in the end.

By the time of the game, I'm pretty sure that Asch already knew that he was going to die so him going home was a pointless consideration. And that's what I dislike about it all, it was already planned out that he was going to die from the beginning. He is running out of time and he knows it and that gives such an excellent window into his behavior. He doesn't want to be friends. He doesn't want help. He just wants to get it done before his time runs out. By that point I think he's realized all the mistakes he's made and trust he shouldn't have given and is just trying to fix them. He just doesn't have time for anything else.

And that's one of the big factors of why I like Asch despite his ability to be a total asshole at all times. He's thoroughly tragic. Luke has hope, he doesn't. I love them both for these separate but similar reasons. :)
13th-May-2007 08:27 am (UTC) - I broke the comment count limit. XD Part 1
Atziluth! Oh, win. *amused* Actually, for me, they could've named it anything and I'd have just taken it happily, I'm like this with this game. ;)

*grin!* You've got more determination than me. Were I an Asch fan and sickened by Luke, I'd have done nothing but pay attention to Asch and punch the button every time Luke opened his mouth, just to say Go away, little dreck, let me focus on someone I'm really interested in. My opinions are quite coloured by the fact that I'm a Luke fan to the core, and came into the game spoiled for every single plot twist. I might have been different had I played the game from the start without prior knowledge, but as it was I didn't even get irritated by Luke, so I put a great question mark over my ability to objectively think where he's concerned. *wry smile*

never been overly fond of the stupid, but omg courageous (and pure HA HA HA) main heroes
*grin!* Oh my heavens - this is one of the archetypes I like best! I love the stupid and courageous type. I think it's as if whenever I see a game, my heart functions as a stupidity meter and it brings me straight to the most stupid character in a game. ♥ I adore Vaan from FFXII (he fits the character template you've described perfectly) precisely because of his stupidity - I find it amusing and also endearing, much as I do with Luke.

Everything that happened is probably the actual reason why I came to like Luke. He screwed up. He screwed up so fucking bad. But he didn't get a pat on the head or get told that everything would be all right. He got bitched at, he got abandoned and he had to find his own way. And he succeeded. And that's why I like him.
I love that so much. You've put your finger on one of the reasons I like the boy so much. I loved that he was surrounded by so much pure awfulness, and somehow he found inside himself the will and the want to be a different person, to change who he was, to get away from all that.

As for the others reactions at Akzeriuth, including Asch, I think they were not only appropriate but necessary. I can't really dislike Asch's reaction anymore than the others, and I actually think that his was more necessary in the long run.
Oh, I agree completely! I think if they hadn't reacted like that, Luke might not have wanted to change so strongly. Their reactions made him realise just what kind of a person he was, and he realised he didn't like himself any more than the rest of them did.

I'll be honest and say that there are pretty much only two reasons why I didn't like the way Asch reacted:
1. I love Luke, and I hate to see him hurt.
2. I didn't see how Asch's reaction then helped the situation at the moment any.

But that's all, really. I agree completely with the necessity of that reaction, though. I didn't like it, but I think it served a purpose. I think Luke at that point in the game needed sense kicked into him real badly, and Asch, as you say, is pretty good at that. ;)

!! I'm so glad you disliked it long enough to write a rant about it. I also kick LJ for depriving us of that rant, but I'm happy just knowing you feel strongly about it, too. Luke's an idiot, I agree, and there are smart ways to make him pay for it, and plain stupid ways of getting him to realise it. But thank you for telling me this. ♥
13th-May-2007 08:28 am (UTC) - Part 2. And Asch is with stupid.
Guy. Oh, Guy. ♥ I could emit a world of hearts at this man. And yes, going back then was the perfect point. I think it had to happen after Luke made his decision to change, and for me, at least, I wanted Luke to decide to change for himself, and not because it was what someone wanted him to do. Also, I like that Guy chose then to go back, before he knew that Luke wanted to change, because that meant that Guy wanted to stay by his idiot despite knowing the level of idiocy he was capable of. Guy's just a responsible parent that way.

... *flashes back to him yelling ORE NO RUKUUUUUU (MY LUKE!!) with delirious joy when Luke managed to fix the passage ring* ... Yep. Daddy, all right.

You know, that's the part about Asch that breaks my heart so badly. I find it difficult to bring myself to care for him because from the start I knew there was no happy ending for him. And the worst part is that he knew it, too. Pretty much from the moment he was kidnapped and Luke took his place, his state of mind was This is my life, and it's ending one minute at a time. Learning about the Big Bang, I think, didn't make him that way: it just confirmed to him what he'd been thinking all along. I find it heartbreaking to love Asch, actually, and I applaud you guys who can. It's just so hard to see him giving up on so much, denying himself so much, closing himself up. He's even past the point of giving up on reaching out to people: he pushes people away when they reach out to him. All through the game he's so hellbent on what he knows he has to do - he takes no quarter, even when it's offered, and he goes through so much alone.

Man, you make me want to go get out that Ginji/Asch and finish scanning it now, because the way I see it, the Dark Wings and Ginji were pretty much the closest he had to friends and family, and in that doujin he was - well, you know what Asch is like about being happy - but he was not unhappy. And also a spaz, which I love! ♥

XD! I love your perspective on Asch. The reason I find it so hard to like him is precisely because he's so thoroughly tragic. *grin* If I like a character, I tend to want them to be happy, or have a happy ending, and I know from the start Asch has no hope of that.
13th-May-2007 07:03 am (UTC)
Aww, you're so sweet. ///

Asch waited till they were in Yulia City to tell him.
And you know what? That fight that ensued after that? On my second playthrough I decided to actually fight and ended up defeating Asch in battle. THAT was incredibly heart-breaking. I HATED the conversation that went on after that battle. It was horribly depressing (for Asch). Asch really is quite miserable, the poor thing. And being beaten by Luke sent him into a horrific emo rage and I just wanted to hug the poor baby. t.t

>> ♥ Can I love you a lot for that? ♥
I like love. t.t
I think what it is...is that Lowenthal brings out Asch's softer, more vulnerable side where as Chihiro brings out his more violent and relentless side. Not to mean that Lowenthal didn't bring out his violent side, but that each actor reviewed the character and sympathized with him differently.
But that's just me guessing on Chihiro's part...as I cannot interpret Japanese language for the life of me. D:

I totally agree with that, too. MUCH of Asch's anger that appears to be directed at Luke is actually at himself and you get that sense towards the end where Asch starts yelling at Luke for putting himself down. I don't think Asch realized he was doing the same till he heard Luke doing it and it angered him to see his replica reacting in ways similar to himself...and making him realize he was doing it, too. Hearing his own voice echoing his own feelings was almost acting like a confirmation to his own dark thoughts. D:
I think that explanation is very much correct, though. He tried to kill Luke before, he knew what Van's plan was...yet he failed to stop either of them...then took it out on Luke. I almost think that when he was yelling at Luke that he was yelling at himself, too. :/

I think Asch always wanted to place faith in Luke because he was a perfect isofon...and seeing Luke fail made him realize he was just as powerless.

>> I think the biggest obstacle to Asch's happiness is Asch himself.
I 100% agree with this. Perfectly stated.
Asch is, unfortunately, a stubborn little man...
And I think his decision to isolate himself came when he returned home (since the gaiden is canon and all) and saw that he wasn't needed. Sure, he could have run up to his mom and dad, but who knows how they would have reacted then? And he wasn't at the age to fully grasp the situation. So Asch built walls up around him and decided to make a new life for himself. Unfortunately, I think he fell so far down that it just got worse to the point that maybe he truly DID forget himself. That...and because he was forced to kill...he didn't really deserve to be Luke anymore and convinced himself he was even more deserving of his new identity.

Really...Asch is very much an interesting character to pick apart and decipher.
13th-May-2007 08:45 am (UTC)
Ah! Now I remember that fight in Yulia City! *grin* Oh man. When I first fought Asch then I just couldn't beat him. But special dialogue after that! It kind of makes me want to forge through with that Abyss replay just to see it. I'm 20 hours into the replay, so it can't be that far away. xD I was doing the replay to see the extra SUMMON ION hi-ougi. ;)


Lowenthal brings out Asch's softer, more vulnerable side where as Chihiro brings out his more violent and relentless side
You said it perfectly! I've been wandering around in the dark trying to find words for this, and here you are with them! It's the softer, vulnerable side that makes me capable of caring for a character. I like violent and relentless, but only if the character is also maniacally crazy and funny, or has a softer side. Suzuki's Asch didn't have as much gentleness in him as Lowenthal's. Sadly, in J!Abyss, the only time I felt any gentle emotions for Asch was - basically, when he died.

XD! I don't think you need to know the Japanese language for this. Just judging and comparing tone and the sound of his voice alone says so much. I can understand a little Japanese, and it only exacerbated the way I felt about Asch, because he's so spectacularly rude in Japanese, and in Japanese, you can be so much ruder and harsher than you can in English.

Asch starts yelling at Luke for putting himself down
OH MY GOD. I loved that scene so much. You remind me how much I want to post my caps of that scene. Oh, Luke. Oh, Asch, too. Asch was yelling, "How can you [run yourself down like that]? Have you no shame?! You're me!"

And Luke was, "But I'm not you." The game's focus is so much on Luke's Asch complex that we forget Asch has a Luke complex, too. Asch's so harsh on Luke because to him, Luke is him, and he's harsh on Luke because he's harsh on himself. For most of the game, I think, Asch didn't see Luke as a separate person, but as an extension of himself. And I mean, why not: he can see through his eyes, command him to move as he wishes. He didn't start seeing Luke as his own person until the end of the game.

I don't think Asch realized he was doing the same till he heard Luke doing it and it angered him to see his replica reacting in ways similar to himself...and making him realize he was doing it, too.
I agree completely! That's such a brilliant way of saying it. Sometimes, he sees in Luke what he hates most in himself - trusting in Van, all that sort of thing, and that makes him hate Luke more. And you're right: when he yells at Luke, he's yelling at himself - quite literally, as well as figuratively. ;)

Poor Asch. *snugs him tight* It's so awful to feel powerless, and have that powerlessness destroy other people.

o m g. That gaiden scene broke my heart. ...pretty much because Asch was so cute and so young and looked so much like chibi Luke that when I saw it it was like Luke being hurt. And I felt so sad for Asch because to know from such a young age that you weren't needed - what it must have done to him. I KICK VAN VIOLENTLY for making him think that and exploiting it, too. Van gave him a new person to be, a new life, one that he clung to because he'd lost everything he had - or was led to believe that he'd lost everything. BASICALLY I KICK VAN.

He is. *snug* He's actually one of my intellectual favourites because you can do so much with him, and there's so much to explore with his character.
12th-May-2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
*cringes* One of my reasons for hesitating to play the game again is having to go through THIS scene again ._.

I like the way the manga does it, though. More trauma and drama, yay!

Poor Luke, though... And Van. Looks. So. Damn. SCARY. He's one of the few RPG villains that scares the crap out of me XD

Thanks for these scans!

Wait... so Asch got taken away? Hmmm... the manga's doing quite a few things differently. I have a feeling that they might just end it at Absorption Gate >.>
13th-May-2007 04:28 am (UTC)
I feel your pain! This was difficult enough the first time, the second time is just unnecessary anguish! I wish we'd been given the opportunity to skip cutscenes: it'd save a lot of time. The main reason for my not wanting to play the game is basically: TIME. XD I burned 108 hours on the first playthrough and am extremely reluctant to invest any more. ;)

XDDD!! I agree! MORE TRAUMA AND DRAMA indeed. ♥ WORD. ♥

VAN. SINISTER SENSEI ENTER STAGE RIGHT. I think it's a brilliant contrast to the Van that Luke loved so very much.

Your'e most welcome! Glad you liked!

Asch got taken away in the English game too, though? Van swooped down and took him away on a giant eagle.

End it at Absorption Gate? *grin* And miss out on all those fan-dollars they'd get otherwise? NAAAH, I think we're safe. ;) We'll get our ending (and no answer). ;)
12th-May-2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
13th-May-2007 04:29 am (UTC)
12th-May-2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
When I played this in the game my heart broke for Luke. It was the hardest part in the entire game, even though I had to do absolutely nothing.
But maybe it was that, that this event was utterly unchangeable.

I TELL U WUT. Even though I had to admit that had I been there, with Luke chanting, "It's not my fault," over and over, I probably would have slapped him, but I still inside!cried when even Guy left him alone. And then I inside!cried again when Guy went back to him ♥

HOMG horrified faces with shaded, non-shiny eyes feed my ravenous angst demon.

Thank you so much for scanning, translating and posting these! It must have been so much work! Every time you do, I kick myself and say, "Hurry up and catch up on buying them you dreck!" and also, "Hurry up and learn Japanese, you kuzu!"
13th-May-2007 04:38 am (UTC)
OK. The It's not my fault kind of made me go D: too, but because he is Luke and seven years old and very very stupid and young and silly, and also because I unreservedly and unfairly love him most, I understood him. What I couldn't accept so easily was the way Asch reacted, however justified it was. I was Asch. ... dude. You're seventeen. Handle the situation, dammit. Slapping yourself around isn't gonna solve anything. If you're smarter, ACT like you're smarter. I guess I just expected more from Asch.

omg. ♥ Guy/Luke to me is the true love story of Tales of the Abyss: that Guy, someone with so much against Luke, who had every reason to hate him, could still change so much because Luke made Guy change his mind. LOVE.

... a lot of Abyss fans I know have ravening angst demons. D: WHAT IS WITH YOU GUYS. XD I have one myself, but it is not permitted out unless said angst is suitably followed by reconciliation, FLUFF, or at the very least, some significance by way of ACTUAL PLOT.

*grin!* You're most welcome! It is actually a lot of work, and I suspect the reason that I'm not as creative in the Abyss fandom as I normally am in the other series I get into is precisely because I'm spending so much time scanning. D8 But I really want to share the love, so I guess - LOVE MEANS SACRIFICE? XDDD

XDDDD I have to be honest, I picked up Japanese to read Abyss fanfiction. *laughing* But DAMN It's hard work. So I practise with manga and doujin, it'll be a while before I'm fanfiction-level. ;)
13th-May-2007 05:11 am (UTC)
Oh God, I love Luke the best too. My roomie watched me play on the earlier parts of the game on my first playthrough, when he was such a damn awful BRAT, and she was all, "I...hate him. He's such a wretched little snot." And I kept on channelling Ion saying, "No, no, he's really not! He's a sweetheart, he just doesn't know how to show it properly ♥ "

I agree completely. What infuriated me the most, in regards to age differences, is that when Anise betrayed everyone -even though it was for her parents- everyone was all, "hay that's fine" and just welcomed her back. I love Anise, and she is still just a kid, but Luke was about HALF her age and THREE TIMES her stupid, and everyone's all, "Yeah, you're obviously extremely distraught. I'll see you never," and just up and left!

That's half of why when Guy went back and freaking WAITED HOMFG I fangirled all over my floor for about twenty minutes before continuing the game.

That's also probably when my GuyxLuke luv was first born. Good Lord. -_-'

My Abyss mangas and doujins have become my greatest influence in learning kanji. Sometimes I h8 this fandom, but I ALWAYS END UP COMING BACK ♥
13th-May-2007 05:52 am (UTC)
Hmm, I think the problem stems from the fact that everybody assumes they should have realized his age. And I don't think they did really. Granted, I disliked how they pretty much abandoned him at that point but anyway. And, in fact, he wasn't treated as a seven year old at any other part in the game, so I just chocked it up to being a painful, but expected, sort of a reaction.

... XD

Also, it's very funny if you get right down to it. Fandom attributes his age to him a lot when discussing this particular point in the game... XD then we turn right around and sex him up anyway. We are very, very bad. :x
13th-May-2007 07:42 am (UTC) - The Lady Doth a Point Have
then we turn right around and sex him up anyway

>.> When you say it that way, I feel kinda badtouch...wrong. Very, very wrong and dirty ;_;

Pretty much the only one who even MENTIONS his actual age is Guy (twice that I can remember). TRYING TO CONVINCE HIMSELF NOT TO SEX UP THE EXTREME!MINOR
13th-May-2007 08:01 am (UTC)
Ah, very true, I agree with you on that. Nobody actually realised his age - most of them treated him like a seventeen-year-old, merely minus memories. You've got a point there. It explains a lot. And even after they discovered he was seven years old, they didn't really treat him differently.

Heh. On my part it is probably the side-effect of coming into the game knowing all the spoilers and also having a soft spot for Luke, and therefore being quite willing to say Of course he's silly and useless, he's seven years old for everything he does. And man, I disliked how they abandoned him too. (it's why I love that little cheegle so much, he's the only one who stayed).

*snerk* We want to have our cake and eat it too. But yeah. I think we're, "Weeelll, his mind is of a seven-year-old, but hey, that's a seventeen-year-old body there." One of my favourite portrayals of Luke in this regard is of Luke with the adult sexuality but the child's mentality (ie innocence: Why can't I do that with you?, and the whole What I want, I'm going to TAKE, and HAVE. Of course, my favourite child's mentality aspect is when Luke goes GIMME GIMME GIMME. >D).
13th-May-2007 01:25 pm (UTC) - I want to say my piece too! (spoilers ahoy xD)
I have to say, I utterly hated that part too xD I mean, I thought the reaction towards Anise's betrayal would be bigger... but...well, I guess it's because of the way Luke handled it (and by that time, they pretty much accepted Luke as their party leader) that there wasn't too much of a big hoo-haa over it. I was, in fact, very shocked Luke handled the situation the way he did. I was all "wow, you've really grown up all offa sudden orz"

I mean, Anise was the meanest to Luke after Ackzeiruth. Sometimes I just wanted to slap her around some while we were going to rescue Ion and Natalia. Jade, I could kinda understand his sarcasm and snarkiness... XD but yea, sometimes I don't like Anise alot because of that. So when Luke was all gentle and comforted her after Ion died, I was all ljkadsjkadfljkllkf Luke you're so nice T___T Anise better fall in love with you for real after all this.

That's also another reason why I love Ion/Luke/Ion pre-Akzeriuth xD Because it seemed like only with Ion Van doesn't count! does Luke bring out those really nice qualities of his despite trying to hide behind his bratty bravado.

I'll go ahead and say that my reason for liking Guy/Luke at first was superficial XD Guy entered through the window at the beginning of the game and I was thinking ".... That can't be normal!!!!!" *instant OTP* I was angry at Guy when he said "Don't make me disappointed at you" and then walked off at Akzeriuth T___T That's how I started shipping Luke/Tear actually XD cos she was there for him. Or maybe she was there for Mieu, but details~ *waves it off*
13th-May-2007 04:18 pm (UTC) - Re: I want to say my piece too! (spoilers ahoy xD)
I know! Perhaps I didn't completely grasp the situation when Anise betrayed them, but when everyone was, "Hay, Ion's dead because of u, but let's forget about that" I was so ANGRY. I mean, she was spy for the scumbag that is Mohs and it didn't occur to her that he would stoop so low as to hold her parents hostage? They were in debt to him, right, so they were working at the sanctuary free of pay, yes? But what precisely could Mohs do to them if they LEFT the sactuary, got ACTUAL jobs and paid him off then? He wouldn't be able to do anything, not without making himself look really bad in the public eye and jeopardizing his position as Grand Maestro.

Really, I suppose most of the blame of the situation could be placed on her dumb, gullible dad, but I still would have thought that her refusal to TELL anyone -she already knew that Jade is pretty much capable of anything and also capable of LOCKDOWN on secrets, so she most certainly could have told him without fear of repercussions- would irk a few people. Then again, it gave us a chance to see how forgiving, kind and empathetic the once hellish Luke had become ♥ Good with the bad, I suppose.

Yeah, she was pretty mean, and then when she finally forgave him she kind of almost brushed him off. She's a pretty tough teenager to win over, but when she cried during the Tower of Rem thing at the thought of Luke dying, she won all her points back with me ♥

Luke IS sweet to Ion, and that's pretty much when I was like, "HOMG he is a very good person!" D:< And NO, Van does NOT COUNT because that's more like, 'omgz master vannnn~ ♥ ' and when I replayed the game and saw Luke fangirling all over him I cringed and hissed and fought down the urge to call child services on his pedophilic ass.

I NO RITE. I saw Guy on his window sill and the first thing out of my mouth was, "It is the east, and Luke is the sun." I like Guy's manga reaction to Luke's headache; seemed more accurate to me, because in the game he just leans there and is all, "o wow u look hurt lolz," and in the manga he's all, "AUGH MY PRECIOUS LUKE ARE YOU OKAY LET ME KISS IT BETTER PLZ!!!11!" And when Guy walked away, I pretty much lost my faith in humanity. But then he felt the GUILT crushing his shoulders and the UNREQUITED!LUV and hurried back to his little chickenhead ♥

Guy's so flippant about some of the most important stuff in the game, and then he's all yelly-cursey, "ARG Y" about other stuff. : \ He really confuses me. Like, he's, "O yah i wanted u ded" and "buried beneath lady bodies wasn't TOO bad," and "ah, you're a replica, so what, i like 'em young." But then at the Tower of Rem, Jade was like, "Yeah, Luke dying would totally suck more than Asch dying," and Guy has a seizure on him and is like, "U TELL LUKE TO DYE AH KEEL U!!" Not that I didn't like Guy rushing to Luke's defense ♥

Yeah, every time I delve into GuyxLuke, Luke and Tear do something cute and remind me that I half-heartedly ship them as well. But my true, forever het OTP will be AschxNatalia because Asch is cute when he blushes ♥ ♥ ♥

< /essay >
13th-May-2007 07:32 pm (UTC) - Re: I want to say my piece too! (spoilers ahoy xD)
haha...yeah, sometimes Abyss plotholes keep jabbing me in the head XD I'm all "WHY couldn't they have done this?" And sometimes I'm so irked by Jade too because he's always the first to notice something but he doesn't voice it out!!!!!!! XD;;;

Luke fanboying over Van amuses me greatly actually =w=; It's not like I can help with the storyline on that part haha. Ever since Van conveniently appeared to save Luke from Asch the first time at Kaitzur, I was already expecting things to go downhill (and I wasn't reading FAQ or spoilers yet XD) and sometimes I just want to headdesk whenever Luke's like "Uh-huh. So you kidnapped me. IT'S OKAY MASTER <333"

I supposed the game wanted to make Guy's appearance look cool and stuff to lay down the foundations for his character XD;;; When he said offstage "Are you alright, Luke? Is it those headaches again?" I was all, "Yeah... some guardian you are. Luke's obviously in pain and you can just shout concern from the window..." But then I always tell myself that pre-Akzeriuth Guy isn't completely devoted to Luke yet (still holding a distance to see if he's worthy of his loyalty and protection and *insert jewel of gardios quest*) and my mind gets appeased XD

Manga!Guy amused me alot in that scene XDDD It felt so.... surreal having Guy really act like the mother hen he's supposed to be instead of like a typical best friend in the earlier parts of the game.

I bet all Hod people are confusing like that OTL;;; I get very confused about Guy's reactions to certain stuff too. Luke goes "HOMG I'M SO SORRY PLS FORGIVE ME" and he's like "You know, it's not your fault I hate you. Wait, I don't really hate you. Let me stick around" I never saw the rationale in that until I finished the jewel of gardios quest, but then that rationale would also be due to my own fan speculations =X I think by the time it was Tower of Rem, it's kinda obvious Guy is putty in Luke's hands XDDD
13th-May-2007 08:11 pm (UTC) - Re: I want to say my piece too! (spoilers ahoy xD)
I know! Second playthrough of the game, and Jade's noticing things and muttering about them left and right and I'm, "AUGH JADE YOU KNEW?!" because by the time I got to those things on the first playthrough, I'd already forgotten what Jade had said earlier! Dx JADE DAM U

Luke probably daydreamed about Van kidnapping him and whisking him on towards hero-dom and happiness on a white horse in shining armor. AUGH I HATE MYSELF I am so anti-badtouch...it's my quirk, I guess. I mean, I approve for the funny, but Van just creeps me the hell out, even Niisan!Van.

(still holding a distance to see if he's worthy of his loyalty and protection and *insert jewel of gardios quest* PROPOSAL ♥ )

It was weird seeing Guy being all, "my behbeh" over Luke in the manga, but I love it so. I need to catch up on buying them, but I cannot find it on english ebay and I can't read Japanese for jp ebay. ;_;

Yeah, I kind of WTFed for about nine days after Guy did that whole, "Eh, hating you was so last decade. I dig u nao." It was so mellow and casual, like, "Remember that time I stopped you from drinking that tea I made you that afternoon for what seemed like no apparent reason? That's pretty much when I stopped hating you." He's so...WEIRD. But perhaps that just adds to his charm. <333

Oh, yeah. Tower of Rem, Guy was collared and LEASHED. No doubt about it. xD
13th-May-2007 05:57 am (UTC)
Asch. ... dude. You're seventeen. Handle the situation, dammit.

LOL! ;) Oh honey, I thought that part was pretty realistic. Because seventeen isn't as mature as seventeen year olds want to believe it is. Asch is very much a reactive little shit teenager.

And this is why he can never win against Luke. Because Luke is a sneaky little seven year old and, as we all know, teenagers cannot possibly fathom the mind of a child. *evil cackle*
13th-May-2007 07:54 am (UTC)
*grin* I know, I know - it was realistic, in the sense that seventeen-year-olds lose their temper and punch out people and basically act stupid, but yeah. I was just thinking - Asch, you may be seventeen, but you're the head of Special Operations! Clearly there is something in you that can handle these situations, and I wanted to see it. When I see Asch I see Oracle Knight Asch, I see Asch of the Rokujinshou, I see the Head of Special Operations, and when it all crashes down I want to see him able to handle it.

I mean, it's okay if he can't. It's just that I would have respected him more if he could. I mean, Tear's, what, sixteen? And Natalia's eighteen? Okay, maybe everyone was just as shell-shocked and therefore didn't start beating up on Luke or cussing him out as he deserved, but yeah. Oh, poor Asch. I'm so harsh on you. But that's okay, because you're just as hard on yourself. >D

Ah, the Asch I could have loved would have been someone who'd say Okay. You're dreck, replica, but the way I see it we're in Aczelius and the place is falling in on us. I'll get us out of here and I'll kick your ass later. I don't have a problem with Asch being mad or taking it out on Luke - it's totally justified - but he could've picked a better place, really. And he could definitely have picked a better time.

I think that's why I liked the English Asch better, actually. Yuri Lowenthal voiced him like a teenager, the teenager that he was, and that's when my heart started going out to him. A lot of my first impressions of Asch were of the Japanese seiyuu, and it's funny to say that a voice can leave such an impression, but the J!Abyss voice came across to me as a thirty-five year old who was acting like a kid, and it left a nasty taste in my mouth. I warmed up a lot to the English Asch because I could actually see him as a teenager and therefore understand where he was coming from.
13th-May-2007 05:15 am (UTC)
Ahaha, I caved. (God that took forever on dialup but SO SO WORTH IT! ♥)

That was awesome. Luke's expressions, ;__; Though he seemed to realize that he did it, as opposed to the game where he was all OMG NOT MEEEE... interesting. (Guy needs to run over and carry him to Tear's little barrier teleport. >_>)

I love all the expressions, really. The artist of this manga is amazing. ♥

Ahaha, oh Asch. I had a love/hate with him too, when I played xD And then pic_murasaki's art got me liking Asch/Guy and fairness and I started roleplaying Asch/Natalia... and then I started replaying the game. My opinion changed so much, ^^; Actually to be honest I absolutely hated him until just before the Tower of Rem.

(Erk, rambling.) I have to say one thing, though - Luke only got a punch. This is a vast improvement from the drama CD - I'm pretty sure I remember Asch using his Mystic Artes on the poor kid in that one, >___>; Luke got off easy. ...Then again there's the mental trauma. Poor little replica, we love you anyway! ♥ And so does Guy!

Thank you so much for scanning and sharing it, ^_^ It was awesome to see!
13th-May-2007 06:02 am (UTC)
...Damn, this chapter looks incredible. Was this from the June issue of Dengeki Maoh by any chance? Anyway, thanks so much for putting these up!! ^_^

Lol you know, at least in the game, everything that "tramautized" Luke happened in somewhat gradual steps, but apparently in the manga, the writer/artist went, "...STEPS?!?! PFFT, LET'S JUST GIVE EVERYTHING TO LUKE AT ONCE!!" D: Man, poor Luke ;_;

Oh man, I simply can't wait for Luke's haircut!! =D I was literally like, "YOU GO, LUKE!!! SHOW THOSE S.O.B.S. WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!" when I passed that scene in the game. XD
13th-May-2007 07:12 am (UTC)
yes... this part totally made me feel sorry for Luke TT;; he trusted Van so whole-heartedly... and I friggen knew Van was lying at Batical and so through the whole thing i'm yelling at my tv " DONT DO IT LUKE!! IDIOT HE'S LYING! RARG LISTEEEEEN" mom: " ......... Diana? ..... " "HES LYING TO LUKE MOM AND *tells whole story*" " ...... ok... *walks away" but yea.. when it happened i'm just like " TTTT " and then everyone is so mean after... and arg DX *dies* so sad... poor poor Luke.. AND OMG DX ASCH!! NO HITTING HIM!! OMG.... poor Luke TT:;; gah... no...
13th-May-2007 01:01 pm (UTC) - *FULL OF HEARTS FOR LUKE*
Ah... didn't he say all that in Yulia City actually? XD;;;
I wonder if that means they'll cut that scene out and we'll never know if Asch carried unconscious Luke to Tear's room orz;;;;

Luke's expressions are so... T^T *wants to hug him*
He looks like he's gonna cry, quote, unquote Guy XD
13th-May-2007 05:11 pm (UTC) - yay asch (spirit) top pic ;___;
Darn, was I ever so annoyed with Luke? I suppose it is All Hail Namco because all I want to do is give him some woobie now. The manga is even worse than the game in breaking it to Luke this way. ;____; And Asch's expressions in the manga are better in a masochist kind of way: the pain, arrogance, hatred and understanding all mixed in one.

...That said, that kneeling scene, though. Would (d)evolve right into sex if 1) it weren't canon and 2) despite Azkeriuth collapsing in on them. :D;;;
13th-May-2007 08:36 pm (UTC)
I've never seen so much flowy hair in my life. XDD Now if only Van had his hair down... Everyone's so chocked and angry, you just have to feel sorry for the poor Luke. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you don't mind my friending you. *__*;;
14th-May-2007 12:49 am (UTC)
Ah, I was wondering whether the manga had gotten up to Akzeriuth yet...this answered my question. *sigh* I feel so bad for Luke at this part. Sure, he had been acting like a jerk up until then, but he really had no idea what he was in for...Van is just SO evil.

(Major kudos to you for going to the trouble of scanning all this and putting it up!)
2nd-Jun-2007 11:49 pm (UTC)
It's kind of late as all get out, but I wanted to thank you for these scans. Because of them, I fell in love with the manga and went out to buy volume 1, 2, and the anthology by the same artist. :) They'll get here in a week or two, but they'll eventually get here! I imagine these current scans are in volume 3 or something, but I'll get that when it's released too!

So, thank you for sharing!
3rd-Mar-2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
Ion is so pretty in the manga. It's abnormal. O:

Thanks for the page summaries. They were helpful. Poor Luke, though. You have to feel bad for him.

THE CAKE-- I mean, his life, is a lie. D:

Where do these scans come from, by the way? I suppose they can only be purchased in Japanese.
3rd-Mar-2008 07:35 pm (UTC)
Errr, the manga can only be purchased in Japanese. That's what I meant. xD;;

Sorry for the word omission. Bah.
13th-Jul-2008 02:56 am (UTC)
Errr...in the constant search of raws...

Is it alright if Wings of an Angel uses your scans?
13th-Jul-2008 07:22 am (UTC) - *smiles*
Absolutely! Sure you can use the scans! *smiles* It's no problem at all: go forth and use them! I'm happy to hear I can be of help. I think you guys are doing great work getting this manga scanlated and out there. ♥ Thank you so much for all your hard work!
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