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trust me
Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Show you my telescope if you'll show me yours. 
27th-May-2007 12:28 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Caught Pirates of the Caribbean 3 today with elvaron, lacewood, rukia, raynos, harajukufuuri, mushrooms, mainified, and the siblings. I haven't actually ever been in a movie where I had my ticket's worth guranteed before the movie started. The cinema screened this Balls of Fury (deathmatch Ping-Pong shtick) movie, and Masi Oka had a cameo. ♥ You could totally tell where the Heroes fans in the cinema were sitting because all of us went :D!!!!! simultaneously. SO GUYS I AM SORRY, Masi gets my love and gets posted uncut, because, man, way to get me hyped up before a movie, and also, his wide-eyed delirious enthusiasm is exactly the attitude I've got for Pirates! *grin*

Quick summary? All in all: GREAT STUFF: as anyasy says, leave common sense at the door and you'll enjoy this movie, STAY TIL AFTER THE CREDITS. Also, it's three hours long, so BE PREPARED.

SO. Was that long wait following the end of the second movie's WTF?! GIMME MY MONEY BACK ending worth it? I wasn't awaiting this movie with bated breath (every review I'd read panned it completely), and only people I knew who enjoyed it went in with absolutely no expectations. AND YET. I completely enjoyed this one.

Where do I start? *incredibly stupid grin* It isn't enough that I've been living in a city where every single Pirates poster's emblazoned with the words WELCOME TO SINGAPORE! (As rukia says, you'd half-expect a Singapore Tourism Promotion Board logo to pop up after Chow Yun Fat made that particular announcement). But man - this movie was so much fun, and I willingly and cheerfully ship every single pairing that this movie throws at me. ♥

Pirates' vision of Singapore is deeply hilarious, because they think Singapore's a combination of Louisanian bayou, imperial China, and incredibly criminally-developed fishing village. I LOVE YOU HOLLYWOOD! Also, desperately wanted Chow Yun Fat to attempt speaking Singlish to Keira Knightley after reading anyasy's review, however, went to theatre and discovered that Sao Feng actually quotes Cantonese love poetry to Elisabeth. If the translation was anything to go by it involved the spring wind, flowers, and other very Singaporean things.


What I Wanted to Happen

1. Elizabeth to run off with Jack Sparrow and sail the seas on the Black Pearl. So obvious that Will isn't the guy for her.

It would so have worked out between them. For maybe one week. But still! They would have been great together! Just not forever!

2. Will to run off with Norrington. Or with Bootstrap. Am not particularly picky.

3. For Barbossa to run off with Davy Jones.

DID I GET ANY OF THAT? NOOOOOOOOOOO. But what I DID get was pretty good, regardless!

And what actually happened:

I love Orlando Bloom to pieces, but it doesn't change the fact that 80% of the movie did not actually require his presence. Was very happy when his first appearance was this wet poodle impression. DO NOT CARE. ♥ I do not watch Orlando Bloom movies for the plot, I watch them for Orlando Bloom.

lacewood has interesting thoughts on the movie here, including the Pirates' writers' take on the Davey Jones duty/curse and how it can be broken. More here.

Favourite Scenes in the Movie:

1. Barbossa and Jack Sparrow's continual comparison-of-telescope-sizes, WAY TO GO on the subtle-as-jackhammer metaphors, Disney:

2. Elizabeth and Norrington. Had absolutely no feelings for this pairing right up untillll one minute before Norrington kicked the bucket. DAMNIT, I was just beginning to LIKE the man. I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for the noble types, ESPECIALLY if they're of the tragically noble I-will-sacrifice-myself-for-you variety. And yes I know this is totally not a canon interpretation of his character at all, but if you take the FIVE MINUTES before he dies after rescuing Elisabeth and Sao Feng's crew from the Flying Dutchman's prisons, yeah.

3. The probably intentional Sao Feng/Elizabeth moments, which were also (probably unintentionally) HILARIOUSLY BAD. Chow Yun Fat as the Pirate Lord of Singapore was always gonna be funny enough (he has a Singaporean wife, incidentally, IRL), but THIS?! THE WTF CANTONESE LOVE POETRY QUOTING MOMENT between Sao Feng and Elisabeth. DUUUUUUDE, you do not quote bad Cantonese poetry to someone you THINK is Calypso.

BUT: when Sao Feng got killed courtesy of a nasty pirate attack, he gave over his Pirate Lord role to Elizabeth. SO WAIT A SECOND GUYS. Does that mean that Elizabeth Swann is now the PIRATE QUEEN OF SINGAPORE?!

I am a sap I love Orlando Bloom this scene, it had me at hello.
MY GOD YOU SILLY IDIOTS, it was the only time in ANY of the movies that I supported Will/Elizabeth (and it damned well better be, considering it's the marriage scene!) So the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl get entangled in a maelstrom of Calypso's making, and Will decides to pick the moment to propose to Elizabeth. You've seen it in the trailers:

Will Turner: Will you marry me?
Elizabeth Swann: I don't think now's the best time!
Will Turner: Now may be the only time!

Will Turner: I love you! I made my choice. What's yours?

Elizabeth says yes, and then Will yells at Barbossa to marry them. (Professor says it's Elizabeth that does the asking, which I can totally appreciate. ♥)
Barbossa: *hacking away at enemies* I'M A LITTLE BUSY RIGHT NOW.

IT'S HILARIOUS. Barbossa marries Elizabeth and Will on the deck of the Pearl in the midst of a HELLSTORM of pirates and THUNDER AND RAIN AND PIRATE-SHIP-ON-PIRATE-SHIP BATTLE. IT KICKED SO MUCH ASS. My favourite lines?

Barbossa: "You may kiss -" *interrupted by fighting* "You may kiss -" *interrupted by MORE fighting* "AH, JUST KISS."



I love their story so much. Almost makes me wish they weren't related (for clearly nefarious reasons), but it's the fact that they're father and son that makes their story so wonderful to me. From the second movie into this one, I really love their history and interaction: in the second movie, you see Bootstrap as this man who's pretty much lost everything, and found one thing in the world that remains to him: his son. And you see the lengths he goes to protect his son, and that sort of thing really moves me, especially when you see that that son is willing to give up everything to save his father, just as the father is willing to give up everything to protect his son. That gamble with years spent on the Flying Dutchman scene in the second movie was priceless.

6. THE PIECES OF EIGHT. Or rather, what the pieces of eight turned out to be. W. T. F. HI GUYS. So apparently there are Nine Pirate Lords, and all of them, together, hold the Nine Pieces of Eight. The Great Pirate Gathering of Brawling and Impossibly Made-Up Pirates (plus one VERY VERY SQUEAKY-VOICED Raj-era pirate, the cinema audience LOVED him) also used the Pieces of Eight to bind and unbind Calypso. And you know what they are in the movie? To quote, "random pieces of junk we just happened to have in our pockets at the time", because when the pirate lords first convened the first gathering, they were SKINT BROKE, and could not actually, you know, AFFORD TOKENS OF NON-RANDOM VALUE.

7. SHIVER ME TIMBERS the opening scene of that little boy and the pirates about to be hanged, and the singing. THAT WAS AWESOME. One hell of a way to start the movie. Although I did think that they should've started singing a WHOLE LOT SOONER than RIGHT BEFORE THEY WERE ABOUT TO BE HANGED. (though it is unlikely that help would have arrived on time).

8. ELIZABETH SWANN? SO. SO. SO. KICKASS. Completely so much better than Will/Orlando, won my admiration completely, and Keira Knightley GIVES BETTER TO WAR!!!! speeches than Orlando did in Kingdom of Heaven.

Totally random things I loved about the movie

Will Turner does the jilted-boyfriend stomp.

OT3!!! OT3!!!

Still, second only to Elizabeth/Jack/Will!
(I did say I'd ship anything)

totally random thing I wtf'ed over in the movie
Or, Beckett gets some of my NO LOVE, BABY.

Moral of the story: please do not be reading too much fanfiction: I spent about 80% of Beckett's onscreen time attempting to scrub my brain of this incredibly NC-17 fic I'd read about him and Norrington. It was like AGH.

Also one more thing I wtf'd way over in the movie: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO BECKETT. (Yeah, all my WTF moments are Beckett, it is all the WTF of the no-good VERY-BAD variety) Right at the last moment. When the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl had him trapped? HIS BRAIN JUST BROKE. And he just STOOD there and didn't even THINK to give the order to fire. And he completely died stupidly as did a whole bunch of his men. This is the hardass Beckett we've seen in Pirates 2 and 90% of the third movie? The ruthless cutthroat as-vicious-as-a-pirate-but-with-the-EIC Beckett? I THINK NOT. What a stupid ending for him. Poor man, as much as I disliked him, he deserved a better ending for one of the main antagonists.

Great Pirates 3 gallery, by the way. And the Resident Evil 3 trailer is out too!
26th-May-2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
*frantically scrolls past the spoilers to comment* I AM QUITE JEALOUS INDEED D: I haven't gotten any time off of work to go watch it, but ho boy when I do. WHEN I DO.

Oh my God, Masi Oka?!?!?! *FANGIRLS* I love him SO. ♥ ♥ The fact that he has a machine gun around his neck makes him even CUTER ♥!!!

Great. Just great. Now I have to dump all my Abyss icons in favor of Jack Sparrow and Masi icons. -_-' I really need a paid account already.
26th-May-2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
You are brave! ♥ (scrolling past spoilers, I mean!) ! I hope that you get time off soon! *snug* But sometimes I find I appreciate the movie more when I have been wanting to watch it for a long time - well, that or I get more disappointed then, because omg letdown after buildup but yeah! I hope you love this one. ♥

omg yes Masi Oka! ♥ ♥ ♥ I was HEART JUMPS OUT OF MY CHEST and the first word out of my mouth was HIRO. omg go watch the trailer! He makes an appearance around the 3/4 mark. LIKE, SELLING ILLEGAL WEAPONRY. Or something equally illicit.

XDDDDDDDD!! ABYSS OVERBOARD? Jack Sparrow and Masi must be kickass indeed!
26th-May-2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
Uh, IN LOVE WITH YOUR WILL TURNER ICONS. Just throwing that out there.

*huggles* ♥ I'm probably going to end up seeing it with my holy terror of a little sister, who is a huge fan of Pirates, so she'll make the experience enjoyable with her squeakuls of joy ♥

xD I know. My mom is IN LOVE with Masi, although she doesn't know that's his real name, ah ha. She wants a t-shirt, I think she said they're selling them at Hot Topic or summat, where the front has this: " >_< " and the back has just the word, "HIRO." I WANT IT TOO. D: Gawsh. GAWT.

-_- And they have to be funny ones, because I already have my serious!real-life people icon alredeh. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, though! And I hope work's going okay for you so far. ♥

26th-May-2007 06:05 pm (UTC)
! ♥ Thank you so much! *beams* I'm incredibly flattered that you like them: you're welcome to use them, if you like! ;)

*snugs back!* *griin* I CAN TOTALLY RELATE, I watched it with both my siblings. Boys unfortunately not as expressive as girls, but they can be pretty fun too. ;)

HOT TOPIC SELLS HIRO SHIRTS? XDDDD THAT IS THE BEST THING EVER. And also HILARIOUS. I feel like the world just became a better place. *glows*

! I need serious icons too, for commenting on serious posts. *wry smile* My default tends to work for that, though. Deliberately choosing/making non-funny, non-overtly-slashy icons is HARD.

Thank you so much for the well-wishes! ♥ I HOPE SO TOO :))) And I hope you enjoy yourself when you watch the movie, and that the wait is worth your while! ♥
26th-May-2007 04:38 pm (UTC)

Dude. You were all the way at the wrong end of the row!!! We were making one hell load of noise at the other. jlksahgalkd. Also, Jack's face when Will gets stabbed - THAT ONE SCENE. THAT ONE EXPRESSION. THAT. WAS WORTH MY TEN DOLLARS. SRSLY. JSKLGHkladjhgkaldg.

26th-May-2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
OMG SO DO I. It is all thanks to this amazing site. It's been a thousand years since I was into RL fandoms so I am so out-of-date on where to get new screencaps but this one is PRETTY DAMN GOOD ♥

omg I wish I could have sat next to everybody. I want to be like, um, Davey Jones maybe! If I had tentacles I could hug everyone at the same time! Even if we were all sitting on a very long row! omg you guys were so cute, I could occasionally hear you when I wasn't being louder. ♥

OH MY GOD. You and lacewood just told me omg Jack's face when Will gets stabbed and I, um, was only looking at Will's face throughout that entire scene. THE CURSE OF THE ORLANDO BLOOM FAN.

ILU TOO. ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ *snuuug*
26th-May-2007 04:48 pm (UTC)
But it's Johnny and Orlando....so <33333333
And your OT3? So fo sho!
26th-May-2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
omg I actually have to thank you for hating on the movie so much, because it was reading your review that kind of made me expectations fall off the edge of the world, and therefore when I went into the cinema I totally loved this movie because I was expecting nothing from it. XDDDDD!!

And yeah, Johnny and Orlando! ♥ SO MUCH LOVE. Though Orlando kinda wins over my Johnny love anyday, but I am hopelessly, hopelessly biased. ;)

YES INDEED! ;) SO SO SO GREAT. Except I kind of ship pretty much every and any OT3, OT4, and OT5 that is even remotely plausible, just for kicks, but ONLY for this movie. *wink*
26th-May-2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
LOL. I kind of shouldn't have expected so much knowing that the second pretty much sucked. Although I have to admit, seeing the pics here, it really is quite pretty 8D

Orlando = always magnificent hair. But I've loved Johnny since the whole Edward Scissorhands phase up to Willy Wonka, so harr. Johnny wins! But the movie did not have enough of him :\

*stops at OT13*
26th-May-2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
I had mixed feelings about the second movie, but my heavens, I thought the ending sucked so bad. I wanted my money back, at the ending. Felt like I was being forced into watching the third one. No hard feelings now, though! ;)

It is quite a gorgeous movie: the soundtrack's pretty amazing, too, but Pirates movies have always had a kickass soundtrack - Hans Zimmer, after all. ;) I'm quite pleased: watching the trailers, I thought Keira had one completely unconvincing fake tan, but it seems to work quite well in the context of the movie.

XD! I followed the chain of Depp movies, but purely by coincidence, and never by intention: he just happens to be in movies I like to see. I've never actually cared much about him one way or the other. I think he's a pretty amazing actor with phenomenal range: the movies I remember him for are Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Finding Neverland, the movies that not a lot of people go crazy over.

But yeah. The movie did not have enough of him, at all.
My favourite line there? "I dropped me brain."

26th-May-2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
Hans Zimmer = <3
I keep using his compositions for class presentations XD;
Johnny's acting is amazing in Once Upon A Time In Mexico, but people like the ones where they can go SQUEE :\

SRSLY NOT ENOUGH JOHNNY. Plus, I did not see the stinger, again. I feel stupid for that :(
26th-May-2007 06:52 pm (UTC)
You get to use his compositions for class presentations? *grin* You lucky. ♥ But man. ♥ He does the most amazing work. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy, but my favourite work of his is still Gladiator. Maybe it's the work of music and movie together, but his work in that movie has the power to move me to tears.

He was so good in OatiM. It was actually the first movie in which he consciously blew me away, because in most of the movies I watch him in he's so unobtrusively good that I mostly don't really sit up and take notice. It sounds rather contradictory, but I mean he's so good he blends in and fits in to the movie so well, I don't notice him genuinely standing out unless he does a canonically kickass role like he did in OatiM and Pirates. omg, this sounds horrible, but all the movies where people go SQUEE at Johnny? They're not my favourites. *wry smile* Even Edward Scissorhands: I was so much more in love with the story than I was with Johnny. Sorry, Johnny.

Stinger? Oh, man, don't feel stupid, 'cause I am "stinger? What stinger?" And clearly completely clueless. ;) Guess I completely missed it. ;)
27th-May-2007 09:20 am (UTC)
Whoopsie, those technical terms again! Stinger = post credits scene. It's also synonymous to "scene I never get to see because I forget," which is true with every movie. I hear the stinger here is...touching? No idea. :\
26th-May-2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
HAHAHAHA DUDE I AM SORRY BUT I FIND I CAN ONLY REALLY SUPPORT JACK AND BARBOSSA SAILING INTO THE SUNSET TOGETHER, BICKIERING LIKE TWO-YEAR-OLDS ALL THE WAY. It's - it's the only Jack ship that could POSSIBLY have any long term chances of survival! I mean, I love you, Gibbs, and you are great with Jack, but I think you need to find a nice, sensible lady who'll actually be kind to you once in a while.

And I dunno, but I kinda find that the later two movies kinda kill the Jack/Will thing? Or at least cut it down a lot. Only the heart scene really hits (though it hits hard) This makes the OT3 kinda difficult! BUT OMG NORRINGTON DIED AND KILLED THE OT4 AAAAAHHH GODDAMMIT NORRINGTON. ;__________;


Ahaha oh man, THEY TOTALLY WASTED CHOW YUN FAT also the bit where they randomly convince him that Elizabeth is Calypso was confusing and weird especially when he tried to rape her omgwtfbbq LAMERZ. WASTED, GUYS. IF YOU WERE NOT GOING TO GIVE CHOW YUN FAT A GOOD SCRIPT YOU SHOULDA JUST GOTTEN MICHELLE YEOH TO BE AN AWESOME PIRATE LADY INSTEAD.

And man, whatever else you might think of them, Will and Elizabeth could pretty much win the movie couple sweepstakes by having the MOST AWESOME WEDDING EVER CHOREOGRAPHED. A+++ GUYS But d00d, the Will as Davy Jones thing! I JUST KEPT THINKING: WELL IF HE CAN'T GO ON LAND WHAT'S TO STOP HER STALKING HIM WITH A SHIP? SHE'S THE FUCKING PIRATE KING. PS. BUCKETS!!!

But d00d, did you hear? Apparently what the writers say is that if Davy Jones returns to land after 10 years and his true love is waiting for him, the curse will be BROKEN and he will be free to be a normal man again while they choose some other poor schmuck to take over. That's why Davy Jones was so pissed and the end credits scene pretty much means that the curse is broken and.... it's even happier than you think. XD
26th-May-2007 05:32 pm (UTC) - omg pei yi your comment is so perfect it could be your REVIEW.
THIS SHOULD BE AN LJ POST, DUDE. ♥ It's so well-thought out!

NO IT IS OKAY ALSO, Jack and Barbossa also get my love! They are kind of like the old bickering married couple that get into fights every so often but really they cannot live without each other because each gives the other's life meaning, and all that stuff! Most unfortunately I am shallow and superficial and do not ship Barbossa-much-of-anything because Barbossa is not particularly hot, but yeah! He's a great screen presence, and I completely forgive the writers for bringing him back in this movie because he's just great! Besides I kind of like imagining Barbossa as Elizabeth's surrogate pirate father, except minus any actual caring for her.

OMG YES GIBBS. He needs a gentle woman to love him!
But methinks he loves the pirate's life, and settling down ain't for him. He could be GRANDPA GIBBS by now, but what's he up to? FOLLOWING A NE'ER DO-WELL OVER THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. Ah, I guess some souls were always meant to LIVE FREE.

... ME TOO. OMG ME TOO. D: I thought I was the only one in this movie thinking, "Where the hell was the Jack/Will?!" ... also during the heart scene: was only paying attention to Orlando Bloom's face, and therefore totally did not actually register Jack's expression. Hee. I would watch it again to see this only 3 free hours of my life = very hard to come by in the next few weeks. But also... omg I really want to translate that really bad Cantonese poetry.

ROFL I AGREE. JACK YOU WIMP. But completely understandable.

AGREED COMPLETELY on Chow Yun Fat being completely wasted. omg another stupid death, too. I do not think it was rape, though? I thought he intended conquest in a more... metaphorical sense. But yeah, that scene, MADE NO SENSE.

... trade that faux-geisha pirate lady for Michelle Yeoh, and I WILL TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. ;)


XDDDD I LIKE THAT TOO!! But the ship would goes underwater a lot, and it'd probably spend a lot of time commuting to the heavens maybe, as the Pirates version of the boatman on the River Styx. I think where he goes, she literally cannot follow.

WHUT IS THAT WHAT IT IS?! I didn't hear that yet, so omg omg THAT IS GREAT NEWS AND IF IT IS SO I AM OMG HAPPY. ♥ And THAT would explain Davey Jones being pissed! And omg omg thank you so much for this! ♥___♥
27th-May-2007 06:20 am (UTC) - Re: omg pei yi your comment is so perfect it could be your REVIEW.
d00d, wtf, I wrote up that comment at like 1 in the morning when my higher functions were in fact, no long functioning. WELL THOUGHT OUT? XD And I was too tired to write an lj post, so I guess it ended up sounding like my stand in review. XD;;

"AH WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUITCHEW" ohshit I'm going to hell - wait, I was already going there
In my mind, Jack and Barbossa are ETERNALLY DESTINED, immortal or not, to sail the seas together, abandoning each other at every port they land in and chasing the Black Pearl/water of LYFE for the rest of their natural lives. And ahaha, yeah, I don't think Barbossa actually CARES about Elizabeth but I bet she entertains him and he finds it personally HILARIOUS that Jack Sparrow was bested by a girl and that he's kinda scared of her. XDXDXD

And maybe Gibbs hasn't found the right laydee yet! Or maybe he has a TRAGIK STORIE in his past of love lost and found! Or - oh, I don't know. XDXDXD Jack DID leave him behind to hit on girls with stories of sea turtles. XDXDXD

Even if you didn't catch Jack's expression, I guess it means something that he actually hesitated using the heart to become immortal, and used it to save Will's life instead! Then again, it's Jack and he could also have done it for the long list of pros attached a) he doesn't get covered in tentacles b) he doesn't leave the Black Pearl c) he STILL gets a Davy Jones that won't try to kill him (too much)

A WINNING DECISION! ... And you know, I keep wondering WHO THE HELL WOULD JACK GIVE HIS HEART TO ANYWAY if he became Davy Jones. because honestly now. WHO THE HELL CAN HE GIVE HIS HEART TO THAT WON'T USE IT TO WRING HIS NECK? XD (I bet this is another reason he changed his mind!)

Well, even if Elizabeth couldn't follow him underwater, she could hang around the seas! And he crould surface sometimes and they could've met or whatever! NOTHING IN THE RULES FORBIDS THIS (EXPLICITLY).

Yeah, someone on my flist linked to the thing about breaking the Davy Jones curse and I followed it up and found cleolinda, like you did. XD HEY GUYS YOU COULD HAVE EXPLAINED THIS IN THE MOVIE ITSELF? Though the ending works perfectly without it anyway. But I guess ut gives the end credits scene more of a point so it isn't just like HAY GUYS PROOF THAT ELIZABETH DID WAIT! DESPITE KISSING HALF THE MALE LEADS IN THE MOVIES! ... UM!
27th-May-2007 05:59 am (UTC)
SO THAT'S WHAT THE LAST SCENE MEANS OMG. I thought it was a completely useless waste of my could-have-gone-to-pee time. kaljdgklsadh.

Hi I'm the random person Chris introduced to you all before the movie lololol.
26th-May-2007 04:58 pm (UTC)
I totally loved the wedding scene too! (But mostly I just liked Barbossa)


actually it's

Will Turner: I love you! I made my choice. What's yours?

Elizabeth: Barbossa!... *long pause* Will you marry us?
26th-May-2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
Appreciates your memory and input! *grin* Thank you so much! ♥ Shall go edit! ;)

And you loved the wedding scene too?! ♥ I AM SO HAPPY. If you liked it it means it was ACTUALLY GOOD and just not my inner screaming fangirl. ♥
26th-May-2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
Ooh! I'm so happy YOU enjoyed it! xD THAT MEANS I WILL TOO! RELIEF!! My friendslist was totally starting to scare me. ^^;;

Heh heh heh. I can already imagine the Singapore related jokes people are going to throw at me now. T.T I'm sure half of them will be, "SINGAPORE REALLY EXISTS?" though... Not looking forward to that. *giggles*

I didn't know you ship Will/Bootstrap! I read SO MANY fics for that pairing after it was announced that Will's father would be showing up in the second movie... but after I saw that he looked kind of crabby... ^^;; *hides*
26th-May-2007 05:36 pm (UTC)
I partially feel like that's my fault. :(
26th-May-2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, don't worry! xD It really wasn't you! *pat pat*
26th-May-2007 05:38 pm (UTC)
XDDDD I have nothing but negative reviews on my flist, so yeah, I totally get what you mean. XD I was actually thinking it was gonna be a three-hour waste of my time, but I am so glad it was TOTALLY better than that. XD

! hee, I am glad you have such faith in my taste, but I hope you enjoy it too, although my experience might not necessarily mirror yours? I hope you like it, though?

But why would people throw Singapore related jokes at you? What do you have to do with Singapore?

I totally ship Will/Bootstrap, but I am so shy about it like whoa. And I only shipped it after actually watching the movie so I did not care about the barnacles and things! It is all LOVE! I like him, though! And since you read this, I might as well give you another spoiler:


Bootstrap gets un-crabby at the end of this movie! ♥
But omg it never stopped me. I mean, it's not appearances I care about (I still don't know how I can ship Blades of Glory even when I think neither of them are AT ALL hot), it's the relationship! ♥
26th-May-2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
I still have a bunch of Viggorli fans on my flist, and even they didn't like it. O.o I was starting to worry! *g* I hope it doesn't start to get boring, though... THREE HOURS?! So long. T.T

I'm the one who can't ever shut up about Singapore. xP Remember classmates asking if I'm half Asian? I'm kind of infamous because of it, ugh. ^^;;; I have people randomly coming up to me to say KONNICHIWA! to me, just because they heard about me studying Japanese or cutting in line during the Law exam to fly awaaaay to Singapore. O.o

xDD I imagined Bill to look ... younger. After the second movie came out, I lost all interest in shipping them. Maybe I'll change my mind after this one? ;) I WANT THEM TO BE HOT, THOUGH! I can't wait to see what he looks like un-crabby. xDD
26th-May-2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
My take on it is that it very much depends on what you're expecting from the movie. I think I might have enjoyed it because I was never a Pirates fan, and therefore went into the cinema expecting only to be entertained. That and I was spoiled into oblivion, and it is very easy to make me happy. XD

THREE HOURS, but you seriously won't feel the time pass by! There's enough action to make the hours pass by REAL QUICK.

I agree about you not shutting up about Singapore.
I remember that, and I still think your classmates either need glasses, or a major brain check.
HOWLS. So! You're known as That Asianophile!

... most unfortunately, he looks no younger nor hotter in Pirates. If your shipping is very looks-based, you won't change your mind. He spends most of the movie in a state very like Alzheimer's, really, because he's becoming part of the ship and forgetting his humanity. BUT WILL MAKES HIM REMEMBER IT ♥
26th-May-2007 06:21 pm (UTC)
I'm not expecting much more than entertainment, yeah. xDD

I will take your word on the TIME FLIES BY, though! I went into Spiderman 3 expecting it to be TOO LONG, but it didn't seem more than half an hour. In the end it seemed too short! ;)

I agree about you not shutting up about Singapore.

You say that like it's a bad thing. xP

Heh, during the winter people knew me as the Japanese Schoolgirl Lost In Antwerp. ^^;; I guess no one had seen anyone wearing leg warmers and loose socks the way I do before? *laughs* After that it was The Girl Who Studies Japanese, but now I'm known for not-liking-Frank. FACEPALM. Word spreads amazingly quickly in my school. ^^;;

T.T I really want to continue shipping Boostrap and Will - but I will never be able to get the image of him in crab!form out of my head? *weeps!*
26th-May-2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
The more of my friends' reviews I read, the more I approve of the movie. I just don't know what to think of it at first, but I'm liking it more and more... maybe I should just see it again.
26th-May-2007 05:43 pm (UTC)
I think I may only have liked it so much because I was thoroughly spoiled for the movie first, which is why I didn't get a lot of the confusion that you might have had, I think? Though I do get what you mean when you said that the movie could have taken so many directions, and you weren't quite sure if this was the right one. I do think that this is a movie that will benefit from a second viewing, so I'd encourage you to go for it! ;) Only that yeah, it is a three-hour chunk of your life, but I think you'll enjoy it! ♥

I think I loved the movie so much because I read a lot of bad reviews beforehand, so I was literally expecting the worst, and was quite happy to get what I got. ♥
26th-May-2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
Oh! I feel so bad!
I totally had to dance around parts in this entry (and I hate not reading whole entries) due to the fact that I won't be seeing this until June 7th when my dad is back in town. D:

But...yikes, I read that it was THREE HOURS in another entry. I hope I can make it!
And what's this you say about staying after the credits? :o

I so badly want to see this...and I'm totally gunna wear my pirate shirt when I go.
<3 Pirates~

Why...is the name Beckett not ringing any bells in my head? D:

But...but...Resident Evil 3 trailer? D:
I might be in pain for that, I'm such a huge fan of the games but I really dislike the movies. I sat down and managed to watch RE2, but I hated what they did to Jill! She was...so much cooler in the game and she's my favourite character. t.t
26th-May-2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
*snug!* Don't you feel bad about it, sweetheart: I'm really amazed you even read part of this + commented, 'cause I know you want to avoid spoilers! *snug*
June 7th! It's not so long to go! *snug!* Just two more weeks! And you'll see this movie! *cheers you on!*

*grin* There's an extra scene after the credits! Like there was in every Pirates movie before this. This one's my favourite so far. ♥

FLY THE COLOURS, GIRL! ♥ In my cinema there were people wearing pirate hats! XDD!! I love audiences getting into the spirit of things! ♥

Beckett's the Pirates version of Napoleon, really: he appeared in the second movie, he's one of the guys in the East India Company. Wanted Jack and the Compass real bad. He's short, wears a powdery wig, rather unpleasant. ;) Not that memorable, no, but took up lots of screentime regardless.

*snug!* Unfortunately games fans tend to get shafted rather more often than not when it comes to movie adaptations. I honestly don't think that the third movie is gonna be any better than the second. *snuuug* I liked the second, but that's 'cause I didn't play the game. *evil grin*
26th-May-2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
W-wait...extra scene? Like all the others?
*smacks forehead*
My dad NEVER stays for the credits! But at least we own the first two on DVD. XDD!
I better rewatch!!

I saw the opening night of the movie on the news and there were people cosplaying as the characters- it was funny! But you really don't see such things outside of opening day. Oh, but you should see the opening days for Star Wars, THOSE are intense! By the way...did you HEAR Lucas is making TWO more SW movies? o.O;

I THOUGHT THAT'S WHO HE WAS! Phew, good to see my memory isn't completely gone!

The only reason I even SAW the second one was because Jill was in it and I was all sskgjhgjksjgsjkgskgjsgklj. But, seriously, they made her look like a chain smoking whore. D:
Jill doesn't smoke! She doesn't wear a ton of makeup! And she has a brain. D:
See! *points to Jilly icon* That's her! In RE1 game, that is. :3

OH!! I have...been meaning to ask. I can't find Supernatural episodes to watch online, Youtube is letting me down. D:
Is there a place that has them?
26th-May-2007 09:26 pm (UTC)
Just watched it today too! :D

anyasy told me on MSN that Singapore looked like HK on stilts. She was so right... And true enough, when the Welcome to Singapore line came out, I was the only one in the whole theatre who snorted - I would have shrieked with laughter if I had more company. ^^

Also thought that Norrington looked very much like Beckett's puppy in the beginning of the movie - the returning of the sword was so "who's been a good puppy?" that my brain just went wheee into the gutter.

I loved Papa Sparrow though! :D :D :D I want to see them flounce together! The Geoffrey Rush + Johnny Depp moments were lots of love as well. I love it when they squabble, because we all know that at the end of the day, they both really love each other. ♥

Speaking of Chow Yun Fatt's poem recital, Kaasan turned to me during that part of the movie and said, "Wait, is that 床前明月光?" :D I'm not actually sure 'cos I wasn't really paying attention - though Kiera Knightley's pirate get-up was just amazingly pretty.

And Johnny Depp + multiple Johnny Depps + peanut = love. :D
26th-May-2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
yus! watched this today with nii-san! :) *points to her comment above*

1. Barbossa and Jack Sparrow's continual comparison-of-telescope-sizes, WAY TO GO on the subtle-as-jackhammer metaphors

I'm not sure if it's just us, but we watched this in one of the bigger VUE screens in the Islington cinema, and it was impressively packed, and nii-san and I were the only ones laughing throughout the better part of the movie. Or rather, she was laughing and I was hiding my face in my hands and groaning about how utterly bad it was that it was actually good Maybe it appeals to the Singaporean brand of humour, which is why the hoity toity British critics panned it? Completely unrelated, but that cinema had screenings every. single. hour starting from 930 in the morning until 1130 at night. whoa. o.o;;

OT3!!! OT3!!!

OMGOMG YES!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD And you managed to get such a beautiful picture of it, too!1 =D

Moral of the story: please do not be reading too much fanfiction: I spent about 80% of Beckett's onscreen time attempting to scrub my brain of this incredibly NC-17 fic I'd read about him and Norrington. It was like AGH.

8D Would you happen to have the link lying around somewhere? 8DDDDD Hello brain, meet gutter.

I loved the fight scenes! I checked my watch two hours into the movie and realised that there was about 45 minutes left and that ended up to be one huge kickass fightscene that made me WHEE HAPPY! (We ended up on our asses for three and a half hours because the movie started half an hour late. Guh.) And I LOVED Johnny Depp to bits. ♥ How many men can be upwards of forty and still look so unbelievably hot? |D
26th-May-2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN'T LOOK AT SPOILERS FOR THIS MOVIE. And I intend to keep that promise. *grins* I scrolled right past any spoiler-worthy material. ;) I just wanted to say that seeing your post made me EVEN MORE EXCITED TO SEE THIS FILM.
27th-May-2007 01:58 am (UTC)
Yay pictures! Shiny shiny pictures. Gotta give props to the director, he's got a good sense of framing, everything looks delicious.

I didn't see a single negative review on my f-list, instead tenebris and I were squeeing over the trailers (and went to hunt non-Russian/Chinese copies down on Youtube. XDXDXD The English version hadn't been released yet). Agree with the WTF on Beckett, he should've rammed the Flying Dutchman or something. XD Though I was pretty amused, cause one part of my mind was thinking he looked like an investor who was watching his stocks crash. XDXDXD WHAT'S THAT DOING IN A PIRATE SHOW?

(Also, where's the clarification on why he's out for Jack Sparrow's blood specifically??? I still wanna know what mark Jack left on HIM. XD)

Still, I admit the movie had its weak points, but it really achieved what it set out to do: entertain. I was so thoroughly amused and cheered inside at the happy bits, and that's what movies are for, yeah? =D

Ah, Elizabeth. She's the one character aside from Jack who keeps me watching Pirates. Yay for kickass female characters! (Btw, according to Wiki the poem that Sao Feng recites to her is the first four lines of this poem. Other than references to the sea, I have no idea what he's reciting it for. XD) Elizabeth makes a better pirate captain than Will. SEX ON THE SEAS FTW. XD Also, if anyone writes Elizabeth the Pirate Queen of Singapore/ALL THE PIRATES I will give her/him a cookie. =D
27th-May-2007 01:51 pm (UTC)
It was entertaining for me! But I think 70% of that was the company. XD Fangirls do it better! ♥
27th-May-2007 02:27 pm (UTC) - you!!! *snug* JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME: Are you still up for blades of glory? :)))
You are not online at the moment: so this will have to do? :)))

I just wanted to check what timing is good for you with regards to Blades of Glory, if you're up to watching it?

Pei Yi and I will both be working, after 8+ timings will be better for us?
Also, with regard to ticket prices: Wednesday this week is the eve of a public holiday (Vesak Day's on Thursday), and ticket prices this Wednesday and Thursday will be $9.50.
I don't actually mind watching the show on Wednesday night and paying the higher price (especially since it means I can get home as late as I want), but let me know how you feel?

Mon 28 May
Orchard Cineleisure: 8:30pm
Grand Cathay: 7:40pm 9:40pm
GV Grand (Great World City):8.50pm

Tue 29 May
Orchard Cineleisure: 8:45pm 9:30pm

Gonna send the full email to your gmail? ♥
27th-May-2007 03:49 pm (UTC) - I'm totally rambling...please excuse me
AHH! I SO TOTALLY AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAID!! IT WAS JUST A GOOD MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT WISE!! LOGIC DOESN'T GO INTO IT AND I SO TOTALLY DON'T CARE ANYWAY!! XDD Keira Knightly kicked ass, and was so much better here than in the second movie. >.< The only two scenes of Orlando Bloom that particularly stayed with me was the marriage scene and the scene on the ship where he was drinking tea with Beckett and tried to be Jack. *snickers* But I still love him anyway. XDD LOVE THE JACK AND BARBOSSA SCENES. SO AMUSING. XD

I'm bitterly bitterly disappointed that I missed the clip after the credits thought. T____T AHH!! I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE AGAIN JUST TO CATCH IT!!!

The whole cinema just ROARED when Chow Yun Fat uttered the "Welcome to Singapore" line...*snickers*

>.< Was totally tempted to go hunting for PotC3 fics but....judging from your remark..I probably shouldn't. >.< meh.
27th-May-2007 04:15 pm (UTC)
Will as the Captain of the Dutchman was SO SO hot. OMG.
That boy does pirate well. Pirate and Elf. Mmm. Pirate-elf.

Also, Keira was love. Damn, Pirate Queen of Singapore. Pirate King of them all. She got everything. Also, I really hope in those ten years Will was away she was out Pirating at least SOME of the time.
30th-Jun-2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
haahahaha hot pics. I spent lots of the movie drooling over Norrington though. ;3!
27th-Nov-2014 04:03 pm (UTC)
I cannot believe Keira Knightley was only 17! When she was filming Pirates Of The Caribbean Curse Of The Black Pearl
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