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trust me
Before I impress you, I've gotta figure out how not to embarrass you. 
17th-Jun-2007 12:34 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Work sometimes has the lovely (and not entirely unexpected) effect of driving me just a little bit crazy, so to celebrate the first (and certainly not the last) time I came in voluntarily to the office on a Saturday morning to work (and the dental appointment that followed), I went skating. Considering the last time I went skating was a little under a decade ago - that is, if you call clinging to the railing like a lifeline and only going round and round the rink skating - it was pretty fascinating. *laughter* I do not know how to skate at all, and this isn't even false humility, it's the literal truth.

I was going to go in my office outfit until I realised that it'd be pretty interesting going to court and the skating rink in the exact same jacket, and it was just as well that on my way to my dental appointment I happened by a thrift store where I found a jacket that looks eerily similar to this one. And I have never understood how the figure skaters we see can manage to wear such utterly flimsy and furthermore skimpy outfits. Are they not cold? I go skating in three layers and jeans.

I went to the rink to get familiar with the ice, because when I'm starting out and learning something for the first time, I kind of prefer being alone, because then I don't get embarrassed by being so incredibly SUCK. (I learned to ride a bike on my own, too - less performance anxiety that way). mangy_mongrel and I are going to go soon, and oh, man, I was completely terrified about making a complete fool of myself on the ice in front of her. *wry smile!* Like I said, I literally cannot skate, so I wanted to do something about that.

And the crazily serendipitious thing about me finding this jacket? I'd just gotten onto the ice and had spent the first five minutes clinging to the railing (again), when all of a sudden someone called my name. I looked up and there was one of my law school friends, as amazed to see me as I was to see her! I soon found out she was there for skating lessons, and she told me about the skating school there and the coaches and the competitions (that are for public viewing, there's even a pairs skating competition up pretty soon!). And the fun thing was? She told me that she first noticed the jacket I was wearing, and then she looked at me and realised she knew me. *beams* There's something to be said for being a complete obsessive about this movie.

And at this point of time I must say that this skating rink? Has a jukebox on which you can choose songs that'll be played over the broadcast system. And no less than three CDs have the Black-Eyed Peas' My Humps. And surprisingly enough, music does actually make me skate better - first of all because I focus on the music and stop freaking out about my balance and therefore am actually able to try to skate instead of worry, and secondly, because the right rhythm actually helps me coordinate better.

She helped me take my first unsteady steps across the ice - and said that it was good that I wasn't afraid to try, because most people are nervous because they're afraid to fall. *grin* And then she told me, "Trust your blades." I kind of just smiled so damn much at that. And I discovered that the thing I'd thought was nearly-going-to-fall momentum all those years ago? Was actually something pretty close to actual skating. Funny that the thing I was most afraid of doing turns out to be the thing I should've been doing. *laughs* I was a total newbie, and she's a good teacher! I think as a teacher you've got to be able to tell the student (even if she's a friend) when she's doing something wrong just as much as when she's doing something right, so I'm really, really glad I ran into her.

I can walk/shakily take small skating steps very very jerkily on the ice now (that was scary to learn, but it was also fun when I finally did learn how to do it) - NO RAILINGS ANY MORE!!! The only goal I had was to make it across the width of the rink unassisted, and I can DO THAT now - I can even do a circuit unassisted at full strength. Though I tire easily as I'm very new to this and completely untrained and furthermore I never exercise, so right now my body has already begun to complain. NEVER IT MIND. ;) One day I'm gonna run across the ice!

Our skating rink has its own Zamboni ice-resurfacing machine, and they close the rink for 20 minutes every three hours to resurface the ice. When I first got there the ice was pretty choppy, but while I was there they resurfaced it, and my friend was, "Go try it! Don't wait for me! You can't miss this!" while I sat there blinking at all the water on the rink wondering if I was gonna fall over. But when the rink staff finally threw open the gates and let all the skaters on the freshly-Zamboni'd ice? IT WAS LIKE HEAVEN, and this is me being new to this. The freshly-resurfaced feel only lasts about five-to-ten minutes before the influx of skaters rips the ice up again, but when you're on the new ice it is genuinely unbelievable. It was so much easier to move that I wish they'd close the rink for a Zamboni go-round every hour. *grin*

And - there are some absolutely amazing kids there are the rink. There were some kids who could not possibly have been more than five years old, and they were absolutely unbelievable on the ice. My friend tells me that some of these kids are kids for whom skating is their life - she's seen them come in after school, have lunch at the rink, skate, do their homework at the rink, and skate again. First thought? Jimmy MacElroy. *laughs* But they were so good. They were so tiny and young and could skate so well, and execute spins and turns and all kinds of fancy moves. Not to mention the older skaters, and the skaters of all ages who were good enough to be in actual performance outfits on the rink and who did all the tricks - the moves that look like ballet on ice and the why aren't they falling over?! moves. *whiiiiistles*

My friend and I went for lunch after skating at this Korean place that does student discounts ♥ and then we went to the JE library. Where I found all the skating books that aren't the "This is a skate. This is a rink" sort. We spent a happy afternoon reading books while the torrential rain poured down outside. And we found The Legal Lampoon : A Biased, Unfair, and Completely Accurate Law Review from Non Sequitur. >D THAT WAS FUN.

Almost as fun as skating.
16th-Jun-2007 05:06 pm (UTC)
SKATING! I am so jealous. T.T

I want to go skating so badly~! If I close my eyes, it's like I can feel the cold ice under my feet. *laughs* Though it's probably more the memory of SNOW outside, rather than an ice rink.. BUT STILL.

Besides the utter JEALOUSY, I'm really glad you're in one piece. xD Just take it easy and learn in your own time! I'm sure I suck even more than you. :)

Damn... I really wanted to try and teach you, though! You'll go with me one day, won't you? I can't even practice on my own here since they're all CLOSED - I'll be the one who's embarrassed. T.T
16th-Jun-2007 05:10 pm (UTC)
Babe, if it helps, the rink was full of people, and the tiny kids were like missiles, and I kept apologetically falling into a lot of people. *laughs*

There is snow at the rink too! After a lot of the ice has been skated off the rink, it looks like little drifts of snow pile up along the sides.

I mean, you'll be here soon, right? I kind of am worried about going with you because you've said that skating tends to mean accidents for you, and I really really don't want you breaking your wrist or anything else while over here!

And don't worry - you really won't embarrass yourself. You had lessons and I think you can actually skate! I am like - SELF-SCHOOLED SKATER, and not even a passable one at that yet!
16th-Jun-2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
THAT DOES NOT HELP! xD I should've been there with a hockey stick to knock them all off the ice for you. *laughs*

Uhm! xD Snow at an ice rink is usually not a very good thing, I think. Oohh, little_ribbon would throw a snowball at you! xD

I think I'm arriving on the 6th (there's issues with my ticket >.>), so yes! VERY SOON. *freaked out!*

LOL! Your last two paragraphs: CONRADICTION?! xD I have actually not broken anything for a while, and that last time was NOT MY FAULT DESU NO! ^^;; I will be fine, I just don't want to way 'til September or OCTOBER for the ice rinks here to open up again! I'll have lost interest by then. *g*

I have crutches at home. NO PROBLEM! *dies* xD

Stop bringing yourself down, though~! Skating in Singapore doesn't sound very convenient, so you should be proud of yourself for wanting to learn it and taking such a big step! I'm sure you're better than you think. :)
17th-Jun-2007 08:00 am (UTC)
*laughs!* Nah, too many of them to knock off the ice, sweets. You knock off one, and three more will take their place. ;) There are that many.

There's not enough snow to throw a snowball, darling. Well, you could throw one - a very very small henachoko snowball. That I will laugh at.

... you're arriving on the 6th? I'll still be working when you come. But you're going to be here for the Potter book release on the 21st? That means you'll be here for over two weeks? Oh. How long are you here for, this time?

Aha. You're not the only one freaked out. ... that's... you'll be here in three weeks!

LAUGHS. But you won't be at home, you'll be here! Your crutches back home are going to do you... not a whole lot of good! if you're going to be over here!

HAHAHAHA, sweetie! You're so cute. Don't make it sound as good as all that, I'm just a kid who wants to learn how to skate. It isn't that remarkable or special. ;)
17th-Jun-2007 10:35 am (UTC)
Hey! xD I have a lot of practice throwing snowballs with very pathetic amounts of snow! I will kick your tropical island ass, kuzu. *g*

I guess so! xD I'm leaving on the same day Lotte will be going to visit her sister in America, so I thought it'd be nice to see her again in Schiphol if possible. I'm meeting sarahcoldheart on the 7th for cosplay and Turkish food (come along! IT'S DELICIOUS!), so things will get busy really quickly. *nervous*

I'm also a bit O.o at going for so long - I didn't think I'd do that again! xP - but availability of tickets I can afford and mother needing to take a day off (when her usual replacement is on holiday) kind of made it this way. *shrugs*

I'm not too bothered... My best friend will be not be here and I know nearly no one in Merksem - my holiday would be pretty boring. ^^;

YOU'VE SEEN MY LUGGAGE! Knowing me, I'll bring the crutches! *laughs*

Actually, I think it is special! You're from a tropical country where they never have snow or ice - unless it's edible. xP You just wanting to WALK on ice is remarkable, STFU. *huggles!*
17th-Jun-2007 12:48 pm (UTC) - that is not an answer!
Somebody didn't answer my question! How long will you be here? "o.O at going for so long" doesn't actually tell me anything useful.

Haha, good luck throwing snowballs at the ice rink >D The only ice there is what gets scraped off by skaters' blades. There's barely enough to make ice kacang. And um, sweets, I might advise not throwing snowballs: the rink staff might not view that very kindly and enforce a kickout policy.

We'll see? I should be there for the 7th July cosplay, but that depends. Have you booked your room already?

How long is your holiday back home? And are you coming over for as long as it lasts?

XDDD!!! I want to walk on ice in the skater-walk way! Walking on ice in blades is not quite the same as walking on ice in shoes (which I've done before, too). xD
17th-Jun-2007 01:12 pm (UTC) - look who's talking now! xD
I'M SCARED OF TELLING YOU! It's loong! T.T I'm going home on the 25th. There. I said it. *dies now*

Hey! I'm insulted! xD Don't worry! I wasn't seriously thinking of throwing ice at you. It'd be fun to have a snowball war with you someday, though. ;)

There's still lots of time to plan! Let me know if you're going to be there whenever you decide? xD I'll be waiting for sarahcoldheart around 2pm, but I don't think either of us will be cosplaying until the next weekend. We're going for Turkish food. ;)

I'm booking now! *g* I'm just waiting for Mommy to come with her shiny Visa card - but Peter can't know about this. Tricky. ^^;;

My holiday is a beautiful thing! It starts around next week and doesn't end until somewhere in the middle of September. I have to go back home to work in August, though. xD

Didn't you walk on the ice yesterday? xD Or are you talking about a special moon ice walk? xD
17th-Jun-2007 01:21 pm (UTC) - SHOCK
No wonder you were scared of telling me! That is a really long time to be here!

Nah, I'd sooner pour ice over the snowballs and eat them as snow cones. There is a snow cone stall somehwere near that anime shop in Singapore. I'll go there one day to try it! I've been thinking about it for ages.

Just thinking about cosplay for two weeks in a row tires me out. I am old.

Peter can't know about this? Strange. No matter though: your life, your rules.

.......... omg hates. That's what my holidays used to be like when I was in the UK! Now I'm a working adult, breaks that long are a long-forgotten memory!

Yes, I did! Skated when I had energy and walked on the ice when I didn't. xD
17th-Jun-2007 01:37 pm (UTC) - HIDES BEHIND MILO!
I know! ^^;

You mean the anime shop nescienx and I went to together when you were sick? I can't think of another one but it's difficult to imagine a snow cone stall there. O.o

Eeh, I'm not sure how tiring it will be... ^^; I hope we all survive until the 21st. *g*

Oh! They're not my rules. =/ Peter would most likely throw a tantrum if he knew, that's all. It's better that he thinks the money went straight from my account to Singapore, without my mother's help. *bites lip*

HEE! This will probably be my last holiday to enjoy, though! I'm working in August, so I'll only be able to enjoy half of it. T.T
17th-Jun-2007 02:33 pm (UTC) - I had to make a special shocked icon for the fandom of the moment just for this!
Yes, that anime shop that you guys went to when I was ill. I kept thinking about why I don't remember going there with you and now I remember why upon your reminder. *grin* That anime store. It's near the university that's close to the anime store. ;) I don't know if it'll be open when we go there, but it'll be nice to find out. The Supreme Court is around that area too (... well, not really very close at all, but very generally there), and that's where I'll be having my lectures!

I hope I survive to the 21st. *wary glance at you* >D

So strange. I don't see why Peter should have an opinion on what you do with your money. Hope it happens without discovery!

Laughs ;) I've had my last holiday, sweets, so you enjoy this one, hear! ;) But it'll only be your last holiday if you start working right after you graduate, I should think? You can always study again some other time, and have student holidays once again. *grin* Funnily enough, while work isn't yet the love of my life, I don't want to go back to studying days again.
17th-Jun-2007 02:52 pm (UTC) - ... that really makes me wish he was better looking. T.T
I remember more of it now! xD It was really sunny that day and nescienx showed me around a bit? She wanted to sneak me into a university (either Ammy or Isil's? I can't remember =/) but we weren't allowed in! Is that the one you mean? ^^;;

... I really need to find myself a map of Singapore. I've been to a lot of places now, but I can't place them anywhere. I'd like to be able to tell how far apart they are from each other this time. ;)

*flutters eyelashes innocently!* Why are you looking at me? xD

Eh, he's got weird issues sometimes. =/ It really all depends on what kind of mood he is in.

Ugh. I have a headache and don't want to think about those things yet. ^^; It's a nice idea, but we'll see? :)
17th-Jun-2007 03:00 pm (UTC) - *giggles* Let me tell you something, sweets:
This counts as the prettiest he's ever looked in any of his movies. I should know. ;) "Okay" is probably the best he looks. He's no Orlando, but apparently he can act. I could say he looks better at other times in the movie, but I'd rather be honest and say for this movie, I'm not into it for the actors' looks. *laughing* But then again, in any Will Ferrell movie... who could seriously say they were into it for HIS looks? xDDD

Sweets, it's Isil's university! How could it be ammonium's, when she doesn't even, er, live in this country? ;) And that is the university I mean. You can't go in because you need passes.

You know why I'm looking at you.

*snug!* Go and rest and take some painkillers if you need to! ;) At least my LJ is a nice soothing colour and won't give you any more headaches. Can't say the same about my comments and icon choices, though. ;)
17th-Jun-2007 03:11 pm (UTC) - oh. I see. xD
If you're talking about the icon: HE DOES NOT LOOK BAD THERE! Surprise! xDD

I think that's why I probably won't like Blades of Glory. ^^; I watch movies mainly to drool over the people in them. *g* I've never liked Starsky & Hutch, either? Looks like something in that style. I'll give it a try if it ever comes out here, but so far I can't find it! Maybe I'll be able to catch it in SG?

LOL! My bad! ^^; Isil's university looks amazing though. SO BIG. *g*

I'll behave... xP

I'm going to take a niiice hot bath right now. I hope I'll be in a better mood for spamming later. *huggles!* I'm a bit >.> right now because my internet died for a bit while I was confirming (and paying!) for a booking. =/

Sorry if I sound grumpy. It's got nothing to do with you - it's just Sunday. ^^;;

17th-Jun-2007 03:23 pm (UTC) - *grin* I know ;)
Whether someone looks good or not, to me, is about photography - and choice of the right photo. *grin* He looks happy and blond and bright and a bit like a very excited hamster in the icon I'm using now. It's one of his better shots. ;)

*laughs* I don't expect you to like the movie, sweets, it's really not your kind of show. In fact, this genre isn't really my kind of show, and I was really surprised that I liked it so much. It must be the feelgood slash. ;) I'd like to say I watch movies to drool over the people, but it wouldn't be strictly true, except in the case of Orlando Bloom. ;) I watch movies for the slash. ♥ If the slash makes me happy, the people will too! ;) It's kind of like when I fall in love with someone, they automatically become better looking to me. I think movies work on the same principles for me. ;)

!!! *laughs!* Sweetie, seriously! Do not waste money on this movie! If you really want to, rent it when it comes out on DVD, but really, spend the money on something else. I will seriously pay for others to watch this movie with me, I love it so much. I'd offer to take you to watch it, but the run will be over by the time you come to Singapore (... you're gonna be here in two weeks wth?!), and you'll have left by the time the DVD comes out in late August. But sweetie! It is really full of facepalm and "..." moments.

Her university does look great. *beams* I wouldn't know about the inside, though, I've never gone in!

You say so now... :((((( *FEAR*

*snug!* I'm glad your Internet came back on! But argh, I hope the booking goes okay the next time you try it!

You mean Sunday before going back to school? Eheh. Me too, sort of, but I tend to be fairly happy when I have an Internet connection (and not think about going back to work).

16th-Jun-2007 06:28 pm (UTC)
WOW ICE SKATING!! omg fun! i haven't been ice skating in YEARS D8 like whoa... XD aww, *snickers*
AND OMG I KNOW! friggen little children... >> they make me feel so crappy... i mean I'm over here grabbing onto the walls for support... and they're all in the middle doing little spins and jumps and fancy moves and all of that jazz... I MEAN WHAT IS THAT DX its not fair... and not only that but it makes ME want to try them.. which is STUPID of me, but i end up trying anyway... so the next thing i'm trying to do is skate backwards... (which i DID do one time... but... ==;; don't know if that'll ever happen again) and THEN tried to jump... wow.. just no... no... just... NO... TT__TT

but it sounds like you had fun XD;; or at least i HOPE you enjoyed youself... it SOUNDS fun.. so.... - -; ok nevermind... but yea : ) *thumbsup*
17th-Jun-2007 12:52 pm (UTC)
*grin* Ice skating is incredibly fun! ;) And I hadn't been ice skating in years until yesterday! *smiles*

I AGREE with you on the little kids! My heavens, they're little miracles on the ice! *grin* I'm glad you want to try them, though, myself, I look at them and go, "... I am not gonna do anything like that for a couple of years. XD" As long as you don't get hurt! *snug!* For jumping and skating backwards I think one might benefit from real coaching - I don't think jumping is something I can teach myself - unless I want to pay the price in injuries. Eheh.

I did have fun! *beams* And yes, I enjoyed myself! ;) I hope you get to have some ice-skating fun soon, too! ;)
17th-Jun-2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
well.. i use to roller blade a lot... and i'm like IT CANT BE TOO MUCH DIFFERENT (which i was horribly wrong) but i still basically used what i do on concrete... though that causes lots of falling XD;;
yea i hope i can ice-skate again someday : D
and i'm glad you enjoyed yourself XD heheh
16th-Jun-2007 09:13 pm (UTC)
I haven't been skating in over 10 years. D:
But, omg, I'm horrible! The image of you clinging to the railing reminds me of myself...except I tend to be a bit more daring [read: stupid] and push off the wall and fling myself onto the ice...face first.
And I cannot brake, either (same goes for rollerskating- which I can do) so I usually use my body as a means to stop by slamming myself into any nearby wall (or any other object).
Oh, it's so much fun! But the BRUISES I get afterward? It looks like I lost a fight!

And it's funny you should mention- music does help me skate a bit better, too! You what it is...it's that you are so into the song and focusing on that instead of skating so you tend to just let your body react naturally~

I envy you skating, I would love to go with someone but, ah...can't really take my dad. XD;;

But it sounds like you had a lot of fun~ and I'm glad to hear you got the hang of it!

And, no, I don't know how people can dress so skimpy there- I freeze at 75 degrees farenheight (which is considered pathetic) and have a tendency to land on my butt- DON'T NEED ICE UP THERE THX.
17th-Jun-2007 02:28 pm (UTC)
Reading this makes me wish you were coming over here! Then you, me and Lin could go skating together. *smiles*

I'm horrible too! *laughs* I think you're brave to be daring - that's how we learn how to skate, after all, I never did learn anything simply clinging to the railing, though it is important at first: one's gotta feel comfortable just walking on the ice before one feels brave enough to try skating! *grin* Most people are most afraid of falling, so I'm glad that you don't mind that! ;) OW for the slamming into nearby walls! *snugs you*

*grin!* Music helps you skate better, too? ♥ I'm so glad it isn't just me. I think it really does help, and you're right, it helps the body react naturally, instead of letting the mind obsess neurotically. *grin*

I don't know how anyone can dress that skimpily either!

75 degrees farenheit is 23 degrees Celisus: I CAN RELATE COMPLETELY. *snugs you!* I freeze at about 18 - 19 degrees Celsius, which is about 64 degrees Farenheit. Man wasn't made to freeze, darnit! You come from the warmer Southern states, and I come from the tropics - which explains our general not-like for cold, I think. ;)

XD! No one needs ice up there. *giggles* I sure hope those skintight costumes make sure that problem never happens. ;)
17th-Jun-2007 03:19 am (UTC)
(Jimmy, I'm, um, just gonna check on Katie, alright?)

... I'll be turning up in my shirt sleeves (well, okay, T-shirt) and pants next weekend XD It's really not that cold on the rink as long as you don't fall down!

I think many of us here clinging to the rails are self-schooled skaters as well and oh, I really don't think that you'll make a fool out of yourself! ♥ I'll be busy clinging to the rails the first round, if past visits are any indication XD

"They really put the bone! in Zamboni!" XDDD And yes, fresh ice can be addictive. They'll be resurfacing the ice at 1pm, that's why I suggested that we go then. And we'll have 20mins to select and put on our skates before they open the rink again!

Should I bring Skittles? ♥ XD
17th-Jun-2007 06:15 am (UTC)
awww!! we should all go ice skating together one day~ i love ice skating XD
17th-Jun-2007 02:47 pm (UTC)
I agree completely! *beams* You're going to be back soon, right? ;) Let's catch up and go skating when you're home! ;) I think you're gonna be great, so I'll have to ask you to forgive my beginner stumbles. *grin*
17th-Jun-2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
i'll be back in slightly more than a week! XD it'll be great~ we can drag omi too.. since she works near there.. ;p ♥

hurhur.. i can attempt to teach you some stuff... XD i used to take lessons at the JE rink.. lol
17th-Jun-2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
That sounds great! *beams* Work stops in two weeks' time for me (and the law course begins again), but if you're free, we can meet up for dinner and skating? ;)

And dragging Omi sounds wonderful! We can talk about Heroes and everything! And if we're sick of the long train ride home we can all cab back together, even! ;)

*beams!* I would love that so much! *beams* Thank you :)))) Help is always appreciated! *grin* And you used to take lessons at that rink? Cool! Maybe your instructors are still there, even! ;)
17th-Jun-2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
(I'm sorry, Chazz, but... Katie who?)
Seriously, that was my knee-jerk reaction!

We are the original Chazz Michael Michaels-schooled skaters! ;) Self-taught all the way! ;) Reading the Fuji Ice Palace school (wait, on second thought: would going there automatically make us princesses?) skating lesson programme almost makes me want to take lessons (save for my lack of time). They teach you to do backwards skating and turns and all the neat stuff! ;)

*grin* It's not that cold once you warm up - people with jackets might even want to do that young!Jimmy jacket-removal trick! *grin*

I've seen some spectacular falls on the ice, though. *blinks* So before I went yesterday I went to read up on how to get up off the ice once one falls. ;)

I'll be clinging to the rails too! ;) We can cling to the rails together! ♥

Chazz: We can cling to the rails and each other.
Jimmy: ... that's disgusting.
Chazz: That's what you say now, Princess.

*laughs!* I was thinking about that Zamboni line when I was watching that machine go round and round! ;) Going before is good as well: that 20-minute break makes for a good rest, too. (Still not enough stamina to make two hours on the ice straight. When I went yesterday, I only got a little over an hour's worth before I was completely exhausted). SOUNDS GOOD. ;)

Skittles are always love. ♥ Like you! ♥
17th-Jun-2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
(Um, you know, the one with Stranz's ass? Nevermind)
XD OMG seriously? XD

And you'll be the technically-perfect skater and I'll be tah sexy thang and we'll wow all the rest of the skaters and coaches there - wait a minute, Chazz don't need no coaches! (XD)

Physical contact is always good in Chazz's books XDD And I can just imagine Jimmy's 'Whatever' face XDDD

Chazz: (Damn! I can't come up with anything that doesn't sound vaguely sexual in some way or another XDDD)

Yeah, true. I usually like to do 20-30mins of skating, then a bit of a sit-down, then continue with more skating, rest and repeat XD

♥ back! Maybe we should get Capri-Sun too XD I wonder what's their policy on outside food? The prices there are EXORBITANT!
17th-Jun-2007 06:11 am (UTC)
some spoiled brat whom my mother babysitted (WHY AM I ALWAYS TAKING CARE OF SPOILT CHILDREN?) and took figure skating classes told me that she actually feels warm in her leotard ^^; (I think she might be one of those little kids you're talking about. but oh god.) I think it's either the amount of energy you're burning or the leotard itself *shrugs*

I'm glad you're so quick at learning to skate XD My first time on the ice was when my kouhai demanded we go on a sectional outing to..er..bond. And I discovered my bum really enjoys bonding with the floor more than I enjoy bonding with my section xD I can't skate still. The entire outing involved me skating shakily on my own then ramming into the railing (it's dangerous when I get high from that feeling D|) or someone dragging me around by the hand.

You were at JE? D8

17th-Jun-2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
*grin!* Because you are Guy, and spoilt little children are destined to feature in your life? ;) I think it's probably the amount of energy she's burning and the intense skating. Though I wouldn't put it past the skating outfits to be made of some supremely miraculous insulating material.

*grin!* I wouldn't call what I do skating just yet ;) But I'm only quick because I didn't want to repeat my previous clinging-to-walls and never learning anything outings to skating rinks, and also because I am obsessive. ;)

*giggles!* I like the way you said that! I think lunch and food gatherings are the best ways to bond, really. ;) *snugs you!* I kind of skating hand-in-hand with someone (or rather, arm-in-arm, because the support comes in handy), but that person has gotta be ready for my WHOOPS I have LOST my balance and must HOLD ON to you moments. ;) If you ever want another go at skating, let me know! *grin*

Yes, I was there! *beams* It's a really lovely place, actually, and the library is absolutely beautiful. ;)
17th-Jun-2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
I will be the mother with the iron rod of discipline in future =u=; i think i had 3 major encounters so far XD The above mentioned skater, a diver girl when I was 15, I encountered her again at age 17 orz;;; and then bocchan (11 years old) this time round |||

I..uh..probably will not have another go at ice-skating for fear of throwing my face XD I'm avoiding the library actually. I owe them lotsa money.
17th-Jun-2007 10:09 am (UTC)
Which rink is this?
17th-Jun-2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
This rink! *grin* It's the only one in the country at the moment, but the Kallang rink should be reopened later this year (it's closed for renovation now, and before this one, it was the only one I ever skated at). ;)
17th-Jun-2007 10:51 am (UTC) - ... told you so! xD
Just reading the bit about the Zamboni and the amazing kids now. O.o Did I miss that accidentally, or did you add it in later? *blinks*

I'm very envious of your Singaporean ice rink. xD In Belgium the ice rinks close for two hours after two and a half hours of skating - TWO HOURS VS. 20 MINUTES! Wah! Not to mention the fact that they all close over the summer. >.>

Kids are fearless! xD I remember being like that once. I thought I could do everything I saw on TV. *laughs*
17th-Jun-2007 03:11 pm (UTC) - *glitters at you*
I added it in later. *grin* Wow, you reread the entry? ;) Me, I normally don't bother rereading entries that are so full of TEXT. If I made it through once, I don't make it through again. ;)

*grin* Well, you'll be here soon and able to take FULL ADVANTAGE of our rink! The library there is really nice, too, we could spend a lovely day there. AND WHAT?! TWO HOURS? You need TWO HOURS to resurface a rink in Belgium?! What are the rink staff doing, resurfacing the entire rink BY HAND?

*grin!* Were you like that? ;) FUN! I wasn't like that when I was young: I always knew jumping off buildings in a cape wasn't gonna stop the force of GRAVITY. ;)
17th-Jun-2007 03:42 pm (UTC) - *drips water all over the place, wishing it would turn into ice*
xD Nah! I don't usually reread entries, I just happened to notice this time. (the big blocks of text looked different than last night?) ^^;

... I. Uh. *laughter* I'm not particularly fond of Belgian ice rinks - WHY ARE THEY CLOSED OH SOBS! - and I'm not sure why it takes them so long. I hate to say it, but they're probably not up-to-date or something. ^^;

Found a cute quote:
There are three things in life that people like to stare at: One is a rippling stream, another a fire in a fireplace, and the other is the Zamboni going around and around and around.
-- Charlie Brown

xD OR MAYBE OURS ARE SAFER! HAHAHA! I hightly doubt that, though.

I was like that! xD I lost track of how many times I broke bones by now. *g* There is a point where you grow up and realise what you're doing could possibly be dangerous, though... I guess the ones who don't really love what they are doing give up at that point and never do sports again. WIMPS LIKE ME. xDDD
18th-Jun-2007 01:15 am (UTC) - In summer, that water would probably just turn into STEAM. ;)
Thank you so much for the quote! I loved it! *beams* Especially that part about the Zamboni going around and around. It is strangely compelling to see all that scratchy ice get made new again. ♥

XDD!! For me, my version of that would be, "There are many things in life people like to stare at: rainbows over skyscrapers in the city, the falling rain, wind tugging at a flag, the TV screen when the PS2 is hooked up, and Orlando Bloom's face."

You're not a wimp, sweets! I think it takes a lot of energy and effort to devote all of yourself to skating, and most normal people don't do that - they have their lives to lead. For others, though, skating is their life. And looking at your high skating-injury rate, I'm kinda glad you don't skate regularly any more. *snug!*
18th-Jun-2007 09:45 am (UTC)
I found it while looking for the Wikipedia on "ice resurfacing", heh! I was trying to figure out WHY IT TAKES SO DAMN LONG IN BELGIUM COMPARED TO SINGAPORE. xD

You forgot about Milo! *g*

Oh, I didn't really mean skating when I said that. I meant it in a general way? ^^; I miss not being afraid of doing dangerous things! I used to not think twice before jumping off the roof of Turkish boats into (5 meter deep!) the ocean. I WOULD TAKE THE LADDER NOW! xD

Before I forget! Here's that link I promised you and orphen!
17th-Jun-2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA I bet skating to My Humps would have been really inspirational! :D :D :D *is shot*

Man, it's been forever since I went anywhere near a rink. I should really get over my fear of falling because I'll never learn to skate that way BUT IT HURTS WHEN YU FALL ON ICE. omg, skiing is so much easier that way.

And wow, I had no idea there were kids that spent so much time skating that weren't training professionally. Ahaha omg I've seen them, THEY'RE SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD and tiny and cute
17th-Jun-2007 03:08 pm (UTC) - Indeed! Lovely Lady Hubs, at that! ;)
Incredibly inspirational. *grin* Time to break out the glittery costumes! ;) That aside, though, that song is too staccato beat for me to actually skate sensibly to it. Not to mention I'd be laughing too hard to keep my balance. ;)

*snugs you tiiight!* If you ever want to go hang out at a rink, let me know! ♥ I'm always up for that! ;) *snugs for the fear of falling* - I completely relate. The ice is cold and hard and not very friendly and slippery!

XDD! I have never skiied! ;) But I think skating is easier than skiing, somehow, although I'd love to be proved wrong someday. ;)

I think those kids who spend ages there are being trained professionally. It's not just pure recreation for them, I think, if they spend that many hours there and are that committed to skating! They come with their parents and everything, every day and every week.

Ack, so good and tiny and cute indeed! And they make me feel SO BAD about myself. XD
17th-Jun-2007 03:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Indeed! Lovely Lady Hubs, at that! ;)
Maybe when the new Kallang rink opens again! Because I am sorry but I am not so terribly enthusiastic that I want to go all the way across Singapore just to ice skate. XD;;;

I think Cornell spoiled me since their rink was ENORMOUS and probably ten times better kept up than the rinks in Singapore. (>_>) Admittedly, they were only open so long as the icy weather held up, but still. XD

And well, the thing is that skiing is hard but it doesn't hurt when you fall over, so flailing around looking idiotic is easier and HURTS MUCH LESS. Result: faster learning process! I was also working with an actual instructor instead of flailing on my own, but still. XD I AM A WUSS FOR PAIN.

And I was wondering if they were training professionally. It seems very funny to be training to do ice skating professionally in SINGAPORE though, land of ETERNAL TROPICAL WEATHER and only-two-public-ice-skating-rinks-at-any-given-time. XDDDD It makes a move premise almost as... funny as BoG. XDDDDD
17th-Jun-2007 03:55 pm (UTC) - *giggles*
*grin* If ever you want to! *smiles* I think we have so much fun stuff to do together (like movies and Supernatural!) that skating comes pretty low down on the to-do list. ;) The new Kallang rink is meant to be a lot bigger than the old one, so hopefully it'll be fun. ;) *grin* I'm only this incredibly enthusiastic because it's the new obsession, it isn't just you! ;)

I can imagine! ;) Same for the UK, too: we had really cool rinks, and outdoor ones near the Thames, too, but they were only open in wintertime, and the rest of the year was NADA NO GO. I always thought it was funny: surely people would want to spend the summer skating? But clearly not. Singapore's rink is all-year-round, which makes me HAPPY. ;)

Ah, because when you ski you fall in snow! Nice! ;) I've never been anywhere near a skiing resort - probably because I'm never too keen on cold weather for long periods of time - but maybe someday I will! ;) And working with an actual instructor helps a great deal. In fact, it makes all the difference.

*snug* Everyone's a wuss for pain, really. Masochists excepted.

*GRIN* Yeah, it would! ;) The CRISIS in the movie would be when ALL the rinks close down (due to, I don't know, the INTEGRATED RESORTS maybe), and the kids need to find somewhere to skate! WHERE?!

And then they realise that office blocks in SG are cold enough for ice to form. ;) And they end up becoming a performing act at the IR, maybe. >D
17th-Jun-2007 04:32 pm (UTC)
LOL. The last time I went there was when I was in the first year of university. Promptly fell and sprained something. Then twisted it back, and got back into the rink with better laced boots. XD *sighs* I would love to go, but zomg, I expect practices are going to eat my life with the competition in three weeks. O.O;
18th-Jun-2007 01:09 am (UTC)
♥! I'd love you to go, too, but with the competition up so soon, I am not risking you on the ice! *snug!* I want you healthy and whole to be able to do your BEST for the competition! ;) There will be other times, and if you really want to go we can meet up after the competition! Otherwise we can wait for the Kallang rink to be reopened! ;)

OW OW for the first-year fall! And OWWWWW for spraining something and then twisting it back! *snug!*

XD! I didn't go skating all the years I was in JC and university or my postgraduate course! It took me going to work to get me back on the ice! ;)
18th-Jun-2007 03:17 pm (UTC)
Latest newsflash for Kallang: It's supposed to be opening at the end of July? XD

It worked. It wasn't so painful until I finished skating and took off the skates. Then it was a little ouch. XD

XD LOL! The upside of working? XD
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