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trust me
Three Currencies in less than a week. 
24th-Dec-2003 12:37 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Last Days In London

London, despite my best efforts, would not fit into my suitcase.

Stayed up til 6.30am packing for the plane trip.

On the hour I left, I went to say goodbye to Nemo Stealer, who scrawled a deeply embarrassing message on my arm that refused to wash off for days. Took the taxi to the airport with risax, and was treated to a face-fault inducing speculation (courtesy of her hall-mate) on the aspects of my extremely private life involving Serry Next Door and Nemo Stealer. I deny all allegations. Christmas decorations very pretty, especially since London has real Christmas trees.

Paid a shocking amount of money for excess baggage. I place all the blame on my law books and the cases I dragged home with me.

Bought bottle of Absolut Vanilla for kannazuki. Wrapped it in coat to shield it on journey home. Wondered whether coat would smell of vodka when I got home. Also wondered what parents would say. Decided that would blame it on hall-mates, who are the reason my hair smells of weed and cigarettes in the Hall anyway.

The Flight Home

Had as pleasant a flight home as possible, considering that I was not in the aisle seat I'd asked for, was in front of a deeply hyperactive child who adored kicking the back of my chair, behind a man who can best be categorized as Massive and who enjoyed leaning his chair back as soon as possible, and with a flight entertainment system whose most recent movie was "S.W.A.T.". Did I mention that I do not "get" the whole Colin Farrell craze?

Watched four movies. "The Swimming Pool", "Turn Left Turn Right", "Uptown Girls", and parts of "Spy Kids 3". Praise be to the fast-forward key. I regret to inform anyone who's made it this far that "Turn Left Turn Right" was the best movie by far. Also, Takeshi Kaneshiro in that movie = Pirates of the Caribbean's Will Turner.

At the Airport

Happily wandered off for far too long, and appeared at the extreme left of the viewing gallery when my family was looking off to the extreme right.

homura and clinquant were at the airport! homura presented me with the most squeeful Weaving Legolas Orlando Smith, who is a totally l33t kungfu-fighting, all-singing, all-dancing hamster. Wuv him lots. *cuddles*

First Night Home

"Can we go watch a movie?" I demanded of the parents.

Their reaction: 0_0

Went online. Was very bad idea.

The First (Less Than) Week Back

Sunday, 14th December

Went out for lunch at Sakae Sushi with family. Adore prices where I'm not multiplying everything by three.

Met up with risax and homura. Went wild over the LOTR trailers in Gramaphone and were the loudest Gramaphone, but did not care. Made much of the slash, which was disturbingly obvious. Too much fun.

Tuesday, 16th December

Met up with Sway and Alexis. Alexis and I met with much happy shock on the bus, and proceeded to spend an hour being lost on the way to Sway's. Made lunch, and discovered that spaghetti-making skills have not rusted from three months of disuse. Watched the FOTR EE for the 29th time, and then fell asleep half an hour into TTT.

Then went out to meet Ice Angel for dinner. Coffee Club in Takashimaya one of the loveliest places in Orchard Road to be.

Then went off to check out the new wing of Paragon (which I almost spelled as Paragorn), which to my dismay was almost completely designer wares. Then walked down Orchard Road to check out the Christmas displays, which we both agreed were better than anything the shopping districts of London or Melbourne could offer. We spent some fifteen minutes outside the Centerpoint display, figuring out what all the Nursery Rhyme characters were and what they did. Spent some ten minutes waiting to see if the giant robin/chick up on the display would go all the way into the tree trunk (affirmative). As she very wisely put it, "Overseas education, and here we are in Orchard Road staring at nursery rhyme displays."

Walked home with her and discovered why she doesn't like walking home alone. More light, Streets of Hougang.

Wednesday, 17th December


*HUGS kannazuki* Sena, who I could not be happier being married to, made us these exquisite Leaves of Lorien brooches. Threaded mine on a necklace and wore it that way. ^_^ Also Sena is utterly, amazingly, breathtakingly all awake at 8am in the morning. *is very impressed* Also kannazuki thinks Elrond rocks. SO GO SENA!!! *WILD CHEERING*

Also we agree on the elven smiths.

(Please may I make an Elrond - No? : (((( )

Got to see ranchelle again! I was unbelievably happy.

Finally put a face to kyonkichi! Who made an utterly charming hobbit, and whom I'm afraid I traumatised with all my Smeagol/Frodo allegations. (It was so THERE in the TTT EE...) But we agree on Gandalf's wild Sam/Frodo matchmaking skills! *impish grin*

I cannot remember who I sat next to for RotK *sobs* But she made the best comments ever. *hearts the unknown person who sat next to me* If anyone can tell me who she is, I would be extremely grateful.

Also: RotK Spoiler [Highlight to read]


The cherry blossom confetti (I know, I KNOW what it really was, but a girl can dream, can't she?), the whole sparkle of the occasion, the tiara...


Thursday, 18th December

Cousins came over to visit! *delight* But they brought Aragorn and Legolas the guinea-pigs home!

Totally Unnecessary Pet Information

Aragorn is much thinner. And very wary.

Legolas is a total affection whore. Sibling #1 found a way to tickle the underside of his chin so that he would look up and allow himself to be tickled.

When I tried it with him he licked me.



When I demanded that Sibling #1 try it, said elven guinea-pig licked him and then bit him.

Went to watch RotK again. *falls in love with allofus*

Came dressed in Arwen costume. anyasy demanded to know where the horse I'd stolen from Glorfindel was.

homura and I saw the Gandalf/Pippin.

Spoiler Ahead: Highlight to read

Aragorn & Legolas scene came on, anyasy, homura and I burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"SO GAY!!!!!!" we shrieked, and then our entire row began to laugh.


Legolas has most useless lines in entire film.

"The horses are restless."

Aragorn: "Draw Sauron's forces out. Draw his attention away from Frodo and Sam."

Legolas: *a dim bulb brightens* "A diversion!"

Headed off to anyasy's house for much XD. Played homura's LOTR Monopoly. Do not understand why Barad-dur and Mount Doom were the most expensive properties. Also Gimli ended up owning them. *glances at anyasy* Legolas ( *bows to everyone most poncily* ) ended up the most unpropertied elf in Middle-Earth. Much 0_0 resulted when my Legolas token kept following homura's Aragorn token about the board, for the early half of the game.

And a certain dwarf commented on Gandalf being Legolas' first paying customer. As regard property.

Attempts to offer certain other services in place of Middle-Earth currency on Legolas' part were not accepted.

kannazuki rent my heart with her appeal, and so I went to Orchard and met Sena as Legolas, who said that with me as Arwen, we could fight over the Aragorn cutout in front of Atomix Comix. XDDDD

Sena made a very pretty Legolas. *giggles and flees*

Rest of night spent with ranchelle, who puts me to shame with writing talent, makeup ability, and... *just smiles* ranchelle, next time, you get a (hopefully) more conscious me, and I'M TREATING YOU TO DESSERT.

Friday, 19th December

Delightful track record of watching RotK twice in 36 hours utterly marred by fact that had to leave country in the morning,

The Malaysian Adventure

Hadn't been back in Singapore a week before parents decided to take a spur of the moment trip up to Malaysia. Got to spend a +5 hour car trip up with my brothers. It reminds me of how much I love them.

Sibling, when we were walking in Malaysia:

Him: "I feel... so tall."

*looks at me*

Him: "You feel... so small."

The Largest Covered Aviary in the World: Koi look like swimming parrots. Saw the most number of peacocks I've ever seen in any place before. Met a cat-calling mynah, who (yes, who. Not which) was really very good.

Kuala Lumpur's museum has a small Natural History museum within it. Interested me. Discovered that firebacks are birds, that moon rats exist, and that there are fishes named climbing perches. All animals quite preserved.

Found wonderful dress in which I will dress up for la_muerta. I will be Love Actually's Mia/Mi to her Professor. Come-hither look entirely optional.

Journey home:

Sibling #1: "Apple shrimp."

Sibling #2: "Shrimp with apple."

Me: "Orange shrimp."

Sibling #2: "Shrimp with orange."

I can be so silly with them, it's ridiculous.

Back in Singapore

Tuesday, 23rd December

Met up with flagitiosus and her friend S, who gave me, to my stunned delight, the most gorgeous artwork of a Clow Card ever. I'd no idea Clow Cards could be so beautiful! Came thisclose to squeeing Wisma's Macdonald's down when I discovered that flagitiosus and I support the same RK pairing. *HUGS WILDLY* Not easy when just about everyone I know goes in the Saitou/Sano direction. ><

And due to deep admiration for flagitiosus's literary daring, all she has to do is ask, and I will write her yuri fic.

Had to leave for a medical appointment, but came right back after missing an hour of RotK.

Never knew what I was missing, not watching movies with slashers. Squee was made to be shared. As are Aragorn/Legolas moments.

Also I fear I may be falling in love with Gimli for: (Spoiler, highlight to read)


Met up with homura. Am afraid I induced much 0_0 in her. *comforthugs*

Met up with Sway and Alexis for dinner. After being kicked out of Sakae Sushi (which was closing) we went on to the movie merchandise shop in Suntec. Which *waves at anyasy and homura is closing! : ( The owner's going to England on the third week of January, and the lease on the shop's expiring. Write your names down in his contact book if you want to be notified when and where the shop reopens. He thinks he'll be back in March, so I'll hope ^_^

Headed off to Cafe Cartel because evil Starbucks was full. Discovered that the Vanilla Nuts Cocoa is the most brilliant drink on earth next to Coffee Bean's Hot Vanilla. (Well, for me.) [I know it is wrong to put a full-stop there, but I want to because it looks right to me.] Went off to get vanilla ice-cream for Alexis's soda (which came without the ice cream >< ). Laughed till I hurt. Discovered that when I try to draw Yoda, he looks like Miffy. Even when I use green pen. *smirks evilly*

Ran into ex-secondary school classmate on the bus on the way home. That's how we keep informed on how our classmates are doing ; ) It's the two of us running into each other, or ex-classmates seeing each other in university. *beams*

23rd-Dec-2003 11:04 am (UTC)
Highlight to read. ^_^

When you mentioned "elven smiths", I initially thought you were saying that there were many elf-clones. Which seemed kinda absurd until I remembered the elves forging the sword.

You will dress up for Faol? Really, Eleris?

Regarding the Tiara!Legolas, I saw someone with a fab icon. It has FinallyCrowned!Elessar with his crown, and on the next frame- Tiara!Legolas... and it went something like "The King" and "And his Queen", respectively. "theirloveissocannon".

Found link!http://www.livejournal.com/community/savehaldir/111524.html?nc=11

Check out the Sue!icon too.

And what's wrong with Saitou/Sano? XD

Regarding "Paragon"... early this year, around January if I recall, I kept reading it as Aragorn. And when my friend mentioned Paragon, I thought she said "Aragorn".
26th-Dec-2003 12:46 am (UTC) - *concernworrypatareyouallrightcheckcompulsivecheck*
Read about the car accident! *comforthugs* I'm glad you're safe! *hugs protectively*

Oh, that King and Queen icon is completely precious! *hearts* Thank you for the link! *adores*

This one is gorgeous! TTT Helm's Deep Aragorn and Legolas reunion - "Did you bring me a present?"

The problem with Saitou/Sano is... so many people support it! ;;;_;;;

Yes, I will dress up for Faol. Now must find sparkly necklace, but fear I cannot find one just like the movie's. Faol will have to make do with my heart.

We have LOTR on the mind. Wonderful! ; )
26th-Dec-2003 02:42 am (UTC) - Re: *concernworrypatareyouallrightcheckcompulsivecheck*
When I started shipping Saitou/Sano, I thought everyone was shipping Sano/Ken and I hated that. And I thought Saitou/Sano was a rare fandom. ^^'
27th-Dec-2003 06:21 am (UTC) - Re: *concernworrypatareyouallrightcheckcompulsivecheck*
And I thought Saitou/Sano was a rare fandom.

And then you found out the truth!

*impish grin* Besides my simply not liking Saitou/Sano, that pairing is simply too popular for me! XDXDXD
23rd-Dec-2003 11:11 am (UTC)
ooo wonderful use of cut tags! ^_^

Sounds like quite the trip! Glad you are there safely. Merry Christmas!

27th-Dec-2003 07:39 am (UTC)
*impish grin* Without you, I would never have discovered my latent skill with cut-tags! *giggles*

And I love your icon. :: adores icon :: So simple, and so true.

Thank you! *hugs* I hope you had a lovely Christmas too! ; ) I certainly enjoyed hearing about all your presents! *smiles*
23rd-Dec-2003 05:48 pm (UTC)
Watched RotK AGAIN the day after I first watched it. XD (with family this time)

Gandalf/Pippin - theirloveissoagedifferential *is killed dead* XD Haaaaa, am not only person who saw this. XD

Yes, it looked like he was going to MARRY LEGOLAS. I am so slash-polluted it is not funny. XD Though then again, there was the way Aragon could not see anyone else the minute he saw Arwen... Hm. Legolas can just piiiiine after Aragon for the rest of his life... with Gimli to comfort him? *is killed again* ^_^; (Gimli deserves better. <3)

You saw LotR Monopoly too! Saw it over weekend! Was AMAZED. "What, you go to Mordor instead of jail? Get out of Mordor free card?" Sadly, still jail. Boring. XD There's also LotR Risk, which at least sounds more sane... XD

Will probably meet you this weekend at Fantasia? Are the rest of you going together? ^_^;
29th-Dec-2003 12:37 pm (UTC)
*HUGS YOU* Am so glad that it looked as if it was an Aragorn & Legolas wedding to you, too! ; ) [info]mollyringwraith</span> wrote a parody here that had:

LEGOLAS steps out, wearing bridal white and a coy smile. He and ARAGORN gaze into one another's eyes.

LEGOLAS: Are you ready to kiss your bride, my lord?

ARAGORN: Heck yeah. Come here, you.

LEGOLAS steps aside and lets ARWEN in.

ARAGORN: Oh! Arwen! Right. Wow, hi. Heh. Uh - come here, you.

Which was delightfully put. To me, at least. XD


Gandalf/Pippin - theirloveissoagedifferential



Yes! *emphatic agreement* Gimli deserves so much better! Especially after that fabulous line that cut right through Legolas' Oliphant Posturing!

LOTR Risk is definitely more in keeping with the general feel of the series ; )

Met you at Fantasia! *beams* It was wonderful!

Any way I can see you to get Song of the Basilisk back to you? </a>
29th-Dec-2003 08:37 pm (UTC)
But see, Legolas and Arwen are, in my point of view, both similarly decorative in nature so it doesn't really matter who Aragon marries. XD (Flower vases, the whole race! *is bricked by Chris* XD;)

Am surprised they never showed the bit from the book where she showed up in Minas Tirith just before the big battle with some er... jewel or crown or something she'd made for him? And he wore it to battle and it glowed all the way or something... (... My imagination is not making this bit up, is it...?) I mean, Peter Jackson inserted enough gratituous pretty shots of her, he might as well have showed that instead of the whole "Arwen's fate tied to Ring" melodrama... XD

And Legolas' Oliphaunt Posturing indeed. Does no one notice that Eomer watched an oliphaunt charge him without batting an eyelash and got rid of TWO oliphaunts with ONE spear and so much less fuss? XD

I think someone could write a whole essay on the movies about how slashy it seems because it has views on different kinds of love, with marriage not being the same kind of love as the pure friendship/comradeship the series focuses on, etc etc. But I'm not writing that. XD

And Song of the Basilisk... will you be in Orchard anytime soon? Or Suntec, or any of the central areas? There's no real hurry, really. =) (How did you find it? My friend complained about the anti-climatic-ness of the ending. XD)
30th-Dec-2003 03:14 am (UTC)
*giggles* Similarly decorative! I like that! ; )

Bricks? Bricks are reserved for the Evils of the World, and you are most definitely not one of them. ; )

*impish grin* I'm glad to hear that you think Elrond is a flower vase! *smiles* And I agree with the sentiment. They are a race of flower vases. ; ) And I love the way this rhymes and uses two different languages. ; )

*falls off chair* That part of the book went right past me. :: shock :: I don't remember it *hides*

*hides far away* I didn't notice Eomer doing - Oh, yes, I remember! He took down the Oliphant Rider! And the lead Oliphant crashed into another, fortituously bringing both down at once!

The Army of the Dead swarming onto the Oliphant reminds me of a horde of fangirls. ; )

*smiles* I'll be sure to go all !!!! if you write that essay! ; )

I can be there if you want me to be ^_^ Will you be around tomorrow, or on Friday? ; ) I'll try to see you there?

I actually found Song of the Basilisk slightly confusing - it was like Atrix Wolfe, for me. I took ages to settle into reading Atrix Wolfe because I felt my attention being pulled in all manner of directions. Yet strangely in books like The Changeling Sea and Shadow of Ombria, I focused on the story very easily. ; )

How did you like Shadow of Ombria? Out of all her books, it has endeared itself most deeply to my brother and I. The sibling adores repeating the line, "You are my heart" along with the entire scene that goes with it. ; )
30th-Dec-2003 06:09 am (UTC)
You don't remember? Then maybe i really did make it up. >_> LotR is ridiculously easy to forget small details of. I seem to recall that it was only mentioned in a really small passge, so maybe you missed it. XD I didn't even remember Arwen EXISTED when the first movies came out - was quite surprised to see Liv Tyler. Arwen gets very short shrift. XD

*SNERK* DIdn't think of that! I think seeing the Army of Undead take down the Oliphaunt made me think of pirhanas? And wondered what exactly they DID to the poor Oliphaunts. Eat them? Vapourise them into green mist too? Thought the green colour of the Undead was cheesy and looked like neon. XD

I loved Shadow of Ombria too - it felt more whole than Atrix Wolfe, if that makes sense, but the ending confused the hell out of me. Who IS Mag? And how was she linked to Ducon and the shadow city? And Faey drags the city along with her whenever she goes above ground and never notices? Oy vey, woman. XD And... Etc. A lot of questions. XD But was lovely, nonetheless, and I like Mag, though I think I like Changeling Sea best so far - it hangs together better? And is not so wildly confusing/intent on screwing my head off. ^_^;;; But Shadow has lovely imagery/mood that sticks. I can see the fan and Lydea telling the story. =)

(And I'm curious. If you don't like Saito/Sano, then what is your RK slash pairing? If you're not too fond of Kauru/Tomoe? Or are you? XD)
3rd-Jan-2004 09:08 am (UTC) - *beams* You write some of the most intriguing and well-thought replies I've had the joy of reading.
Glorfindel gets shorter shrift XDDD Sadly, I'm not complaining. *hides from the Tolkien purists* ; ) I think I definitely missed it - With LOTR I did a shameful amount of page-turning, and the Maybe The Next Scene Will Not Induce Sleep pageturning ; )

Yes! Piranhas! *huge grin* They definitely looked like that! ; )

"Small carnivorous Amazonian fish."


"Similar behavior."

YES! I thought the Undead being GREEN was... This calls for KERMIT!

"It ain't easy being green..."

YES, NEON!!! I expected them to be shadowy, and grey, or silver at the most. Not... this... bilious green.

Mag - At first, I saw her as an originally mindless creation of Faey's, who was intended for purely mechanical functions, until one of Faey's spells gave her consciousness and... dare I say? A soul. And from then on (or so I thought), she was a conscious, thinking being. That was alright. But THEN there came that Byzantine story of Faey's, of the princess, and her otherworld lover, and the rose stained with his blood. I think this story was true - that Mag had one parent from the "real" world, and one from the shadow world. Ducon, I believe, shares the same heritage. Not that they're siblings, but that both of them are of both worlds. Unfortunately we never get a proper explanation of Mag's story ><

*giggles and hides face* Everything Faey does, I place under the heading: She Is Magic, Therefore I Shall Not Question. *Thinks* Actually, a very easy way of eliminating plot inconsistencies. ; ) I thought it simply meant that Faey was extremely powerful, and towards the end I wondered if McKillip wasn't actually trying to tell us that Faey was Mistress of the Shadow World - or at least, one of its better-known inhabitants. Then I realized that Faey didn't know all of Mag's story, and concluded that it must not be true. Or perhaps the Shadow World is so complex that you could never know all of it...

*watches own thoughts eating each other*

*eyes widen*

I love the Changeling Sea! ; ) I liked Lyo. ; )

I... like the RK slash pairing that most people initially think of as being conventional. *hides* Kenshin/Sano.
4th-Jan-2004 08:35 am (UTC) - Re: *beams* You write some of the most intriguing and well-thought replies I've had the joy of readi
Oh YES. I first read LotR when I was 14, and the general impression/overall memory I had of the books was that I spent a lot of time skimming entire sections because Tolkien spent a lot of time descibing the scenery. XD (Then I reread it at 19 and realise it's not quite that bad and I don't find it as difficult as I did. Maybe I learned patience? XD;)

And YES. Dead being green is so Tacky Horror Movie. WHAT? Peter Jackson, I expected better of your vision, why would dead people turn the colour of grass? Grey! White! Anything! Just not... colour...

I was thinking Faey is linked to the shadow city in some way, or she's part of it, hence the whole dragging the city up when she turns up. But it's very hard to say when Mckillip has NO interest in making things clear... XD I think the Shadow World IS that complex, not to mention Faey probably doesn't bother paying attention to it until it leaves babies on her doorstep. XD

And thank you for thinking my rambles are intriguing and well thought out? ^_^;

Yes, my other guess would have been Kenshin/Sano, unless your fondness for teacher/student rabu decided to fixate on Hiko... a territory I didn't quite want to contemplate, hence the random question. XD
23rd-Dec-2003 09:45 pm (UTC)
Will you be going to Fantasia???? Want to see you there... must take pictures with you...

As to who you were sitting with... *hmm* It might have been Yen... I know she makes funny comments... probably not Sena, Justin was sitting next to Sena, not kyonkichi, she was sitting at the end of the row... was it Kurama? *blink* *throwing out all names here, you might see...* Or perhaps it was tashigi...

BTW I'm Lili... if you'd remember me...
29th-Dec-2003 12:44 pm (UTC)
Yes! It was Yen! *beams* You were right! ; ) Thank you ^_^

You had a lovely costume at Fans-tasia! *smiles*

But we didn't take pictures! *grief*

Next time, I will be sure to take them. ^_^
23rd-Dec-2003 09:53 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, 1st thing I want to say is, what's wrong with Saitou x Sano???

2nd thing is, let's all go to the anime cosplay/convention together!!! Meet up with rae and sarah and ed or something. deepresonance will be coming too. XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

3rd thing is, Aragorn x Legolas!!!! *guffaws*

Arghh!!! Must go to that shop at Suntec again. !!!! And make sure that deepresonance is with me. If not, I cannot get in. ^^;;;;;;;

Monopoly is fun!!!!! Everyone should play it. XD

*waves a nunchaku*


And I love the Google logos. :D
29th-Dec-2003 12:47 pm (UTC)
Of course you would ask what was wrong with Saitou/Sano...

My answer: Two things.

1. Saitou
2. Sano.


*holds up "Please Facepalm Now" sign*

We did! ; ) And it was wonderful! ; ) THANK YOU for the Slash Tank! (I'm probably going to say this so many more times XDXDXD)

I stand outside until he lets me in ; ) It works! ; ) He asked me why I'd been away for so long ; )


And played with ; )

Google Logos! LET IT SNOW!
(Deleted comment)
30th-Dec-2003 03:15 am (UTC)
*beams* I hope you had a lovely holiday season, too!

I had a lovely Christmas ; ) Here's hoping New Year goes well for you! ; )
25th-Dec-2003 02:28 am (UTC)
Oh my, the Centrepoint display - that was exactly what me and Guy Who Squees and Crazy Tenor were doing! And Guy Who Squees has an amazing memory for Mother Goose rhymes.

I want to play LoTR Monopoly! Can I be Gollum? Please?

You can do the Come-Hither looks, I'll do the Pretend-Embarrassed looks =D
30th-Dec-2003 04:54 am (UTC)
*laughter* I guess you and I ended up doing much the same thing, eh Professor? ; )

There's no Gollum *comforts* Only Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo and Arwen. But you can be Gollum ; )

; ) Now you have Seen it all. ; )
26th-Dec-2003 07:09 pm (UTC)
Wow sounds like you've had a great time! Well, I'm finally back home now, so hopefully RotK soon!

PS. I want to play LotR monopoly. And Star Wars Monopoly.
30th-Dec-2003 05:01 am (UTC)
*hugs* Yes, I did! ; ) I hope you'd a great time too! Minus the kids on your holiday, though... *wry smile*

Did you manage to catch RotK? ; ) Tell us what you thought! *beams*

YES! It would be so cool to play Star Wars monopoly! I wonder if Coruscant would be the highest-valued property ; )
30th-Dec-2003 05:04 am (UTC)
Yes I loved RotK! It was mind blowing! And needed to be longer >=D

Coruscant is indeed the most expensive property! Actually each colour represents a planet, I think Dagobah is the cheapest one.

I only have the Classic SW Monopoly unfortunately. I really wanted the Attack of the Clones one!
3rd-Jan-2004 03:01 am (UTC)
*hugs* You think it needed to be longer too! *smiles*

Dagobah the cheapest?!


Does not the home of Jedi Master Yoda warrant a higher status? I know it's... all swamp... and marsh... But still, it has incomparable history! XD

Attack of the Clones! ; ) I have no Monopoly at all!
3rd-Jan-2004 03:05 am (UTC)
*pat pat*

There there Master Yoda! Maybe you can visit Geonosis someday!

Watching Peter Pan tomorrow with nescienx!
3rd-Jan-2004 08:57 am (UTC) - Geonosis Can Wait... First, I Want to See Never-Never Land...

Pan hasn't even come to where I am yet!

Though in London, it opened on Christmas! *sob*
4th-Jan-2004 02:46 am (UTC) - Re: Geonosis Can Wait... First, I Want to See Never-Never Land...
*pat pat*

Wish you could have come to see it too!

Oh well if I ever meet you in London we'll have to see a movie that hasn't been released in S'pore or Australia!
27th-Dec-2003 04:01 pm (UTC)
You're home! You're home, you're home, you're home!

Merry (late) Christmas, and Happy New Year (if I don't talk to you before then). *hugs and snogs*
3rd-Jan-2004 03:02 am (UTC)
*hugs you* Good to hear from you again! *smiles*

Ah! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year! *hugs you again* All the best for the year ahead!

*kisses you back*

3rd-Jan-2004 10:19 pm (UTC)
*kisses right back*
27th-Dec-2003 10:30 pm (UTC)
Did I mention that I do not "get" the whole Colin Farrell craze?

*glomps* You are not the only one! *rolls eyes* He still looks like a huge kid to me... *shudder*

But she made the best comments ever.

*Bows* I live to entertain... Though sometimes I really should start censoring my thoughts before they make it to my mouth... O.o though sadly yes, I can see Gollum and Frodo... I blame you of course *grin*
Sena made a very pretty Legolas. *giggles and flees*

*grin* doesn't she though? We call her the Mattel Legolas... it flounces, prances and is *koff* fully poseable... *innocent look*

... question though, how many times *have* you watched ROTK? O.o who's ahead right now between you and Sena?
3rd-Jan-2004 03:05 am (UTC)
*accepts Gollum/Frodo blame gleefully*

And you don't get Colin Farrell either! You're a kindred soul! *glomphugtackles*

Don't censor your thoughts! ; ) I like them just the way they are ^_^

I've only watched RotK three times. I may be on par at the moment with Sena, but I'm sure she's going to race ahead. *impish grin*

FULLY POSEABLE?!?!! OMG!!! *wild glee* *rushes for camera*

*giggles helplessly*
18th-Jan-2004 12:47 am (UTC)
... i think there's something wrong with my eyes because for a moment there i saw Colin/Frodo which... O.o i don't know what to think but my brain will probably catch up on that sooner or later...

Don't censor your thoughts! ; ) I like them just the way they are ^_^

unfortunately that was garnering me many thwaps yesterday... *lower lip pouting* what is wrong with PoT-slash anyhow??
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