White Collar - Just Communication

your mind just became a very beautiful crime scene.

In a move that surprises absolutely no one (given the recent nature of posts here):

I have changed my layout.
(I've had the previous one for over two years. I think it was time.)

The layout features Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke from White Collar; layout code was by daemon @ spire; tiny icons by way of Fugue Icons. And of course, you recognise the text from Dashboard Confessional's Stolen. (Another incredibly relevant Dashboard Confessional song/video is Thick as Thieves)

... also, I was watching Maroon 5's video for Misery (warning for Extreme Girl-on-Guy Violence) - and I couldn't help thinking of Neal/Kate. For the lyrics, not the... incredibly over-the-top violence.

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White Collar - Blue Skies


I have not been updating this journal for a very long time. O.o

Anyway! I have seen Inception and am all over the Cobb/Arthur. Or Arthur/Cobb. I am not fussy. There is, however, an awfullll lot of Eames/Arthur around.

That aside, I am here to express my excitement over a series I am rather late to - White Collar. I have not done a I am So Crazy About This Series post + picspam for so long. :D For a quick introduction to White Collar, I'm going to grab a summary I found off the first link below, and it goes like this:

White Collar is about the unlikely partnership of a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years. Neal Caffrey, a charming criminal mastermind, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI Agent Peter Burke. When Neal escapes from a maximum-security prison to find his lost love, Peter nabs him once again. Rather than returning to jail, Neal suggests an alternate plan: he'll provide his criminal expertise to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals. Initially wary, Peter quickly finds that Neal provides insight and intuition that can't be found on the right side of the law. (usanetwork.com)

1. You absolutely need to see ailette's White Collar introduction post. She calls it the "Why You Should Absolutely Go And Watch White Collar" post, and I tell you, it would have worked for me.

2. You should also see copperbadge's series introduction post.

3. You might also be interested to know that it was actually originally pitched in the style of Catch Me As You Can, but like this: Collapse )

4. You might also be interested in these key promotional pictures that summarise what the series is about.

5. You should see this delightful image-packed post summarising the first episode with screencaps. It is not in English. This actually does not matter!

I haven't done a picspam in AAAAAAGES SO I WILL DO ONE NOW.

this is insanely image-tastic.
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I should actually change my layout at some point in time, I think I've had this one for... I think at least two years. Oh my, I've had it since April 2008. I really think it's past time for a change.
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

if you go down to the tropical rainforest tonight...

I am posting this from little_ribbon's hostel - she is REFUSING to allow me to watch Merlin until I finish this post. SO I WILL MAKE THIS QUICK. ... for a given value of quick.

Last year lacewood, cynic_in_charge and I went to visit the Night Safari's Halloween Horrors, and that was FUN. This year, the both of them having ABANDONED ME this country for CANADA, I went with rei_kurasaki, little_ribbon and Kimberly.

BEFORE the trip they had all been over my house and I had HAPPILY INFECTED THEM WITH MY NEW OBSESSION: TALES OF SYMPHONIA 2: DAWN OF THE NEW WORLD / KNIGHTS OF RATATOSK. I love Emil, and to my great surprise and shock, I really really really like Richter. Richter looks like the love-child of Jade and Asch with Dist's fashion sense, and Richter is my hero ♥ He's smart and really cool and distant and TOTALLY NOT AT ALL THE KIND OF CHARACTER I NORMALLY GO FOR (cough cough Emil: small and blond and cute and with the biggest puppy eyes ever). BUT YES. Collapse )

ANYWAY THAT WAS SUPER FUN, because then we went for dinner and SO MANY THINGS BECAME ALL RATATOSK-ESQUE'D - we were talking about having oyako-don and then Kimberly said, "ARE YOU A DOG OR A MAN", and Sam said, "I DESPISE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T THINK FOR THEMSELVES" and... and then Kimberly pushed up NONEXISTENT glasses and said, "COURAGE IS THE MAGIC THAT TURNS DREAMS INTO REALITY". oh god and then I laughed SO HARD ROFL. Even when we were waiting for the tram, I leaned on a different side of the railings from the others and was, "LOOK I'M DIFFERENT FROM ALL OF YOU" and it turned into YET ANOTHER "WE DESPISE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T THINK FOR THEMSELVES" moment. We were standing at another long-tailed bush rat exhibit and somehow the conversation turned into, "You let your Uncle Alba push you around" and more COURAGE BEING THE MAGIC happiness.

oh but the part that made me laugh so much is that now when we're apologising, we're channelling Emil. And right at the end of the night when we were having Ben & Jerry's, this SUPER CREEPY (but very pretty!) freaky extra-mouthed gothic Lolita girl came up to Kimberly, and STOOD THERE FOR A VERY LONG TIME JUST STARING AT KIMBERLY WITH REALLY HUUUGE EYES (Lin can still see her when she closes her eyes)... and Kimberly hunched over and went, "... I'm sorry..."

... oh god and then Lin and Sam and me burst out laughing.

ANYWAY BACK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY BEFORE IT WAS DERAILED BY RATATOSK: Night Safari's having a Return of the Halloween Horrors, and it is AMAZING. IT IS SCARIER THAN IT LOOKS ON THE VIDEO OKAY, because, it is AT NIGHT, and it is IN THE TROPICAL RAINFOREST. Which ALWAYS makes the Malayan horror aspect REALLY REALLY TERRIFYING. ANYWAY! I thought the Night Safari had been done up really beautifully: they had a giant animatronic horror pumpkin-head tree at the visitors' entrance, which would rise up and roar with unholy laughter, and they had LOADS of costumed horrors wandering around: the Tin Man who'd taken his quest for a heart to the extreme lengths of looking for REAL human hearts, bloody!Cinderella with a very real-looking glass slipper in her forehead, a creepy, creepy dim-sum seller with... REALLY SPECIAL FRESH DIM SUM, a psycho farmland Ronald McDonald, Nightmare Before Christmas-esque gothic horrors... together with the usual suspects: Scream!masked caped mysteries, creepy crones, butcher-knife wielding maniacs, caped vampires (DO WE DAZZLE YOU)... and MORE.

We went for the scary-fied Forest Giants Trail - the suspension bridge had been turned into the Bridge of No Return, complete with freaky people and freakier props. And the rest is cut (in case you want to go and be surprised) for the Collapse )

Also, the ride that's REALLY worth your money? It's the Train of Terror and Gate to Neverland. It's just three dollars extra to get onto that train, and in all our opinions, it was MORE THAN WORTH THREE DOLLARS. On the train of terror, you get taken through the Night Safari with CREEPY COMMENTARY. Such as when the ordinary guide would tell you, "A pelican's beak can hold up to 30 gallons of water", the Terror Train guide would cackle and tell you in a veeeeerrry witchy voice, "A pelican's beak is big enough to hold a human head... or two." There would be SPECIAL EMPHASIS on the bite strengths of various predators and just what would be lurking in the looong grass.


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Zuko Smile!


Caught Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds with Kura & family yesterday (it was great to see everybody!! :), and it was SMOKIN' HOT AWESOME PURE AURAL AMAZING. Nobuo Uematsu got on stage at the end to sing with the chorus for One-Winged Angel, and he was adorable. Totally into the music (and bouncing up and down, beaming beatifically, in a way that made me realise I didn't realise older men could be so endearing). hackney_ed wrote an amazing (and friends-locked) review here. ♥


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The Avatar First Look photos are up on USA Today for Aang and Zuko.

My thoughts on racefail can be summarised as: "Please go watch Ember Island Players." (spoilers) Collapse )

My personal (Zuko-centric) views, by contrast, are quite simple.

Dearly Beloved Zuko, I would love you regardless of the colour of the skin of the actor playing you. I fell in love with your character because you were 200% FLAMING EPIC LAME, EMO, ANGST AND FAIL in the manner I consider Deeply, Intensely Amusing. I would love you whether you were played by the (blond! and blue-eyed!) Jesse McCartney, whether you were played by Dev Patel, or any other Culturally Correct Casting Choice.

And that is all.
Conrad and Wolfram - BADTOUCHIN'

and boy have I got something to say

So on Monday I turned up at work, and after feeling progressively worse, went off to a clinic, where I was told by a very sweet elderly doctor that I had a fever I wasn't aware I was running. He greeted my surprise with a disapproving, "You mean you didn't know?" At which I recalled this instance last year when the country was hit by a shock following an earthquake in a neighbouring region, and at which several of us young pupils felt ill. Which we responded to by thinking 'We must be working too hard' and went right back to work.

ANYWAY! I WANT TO SAY A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO firestorm717 for the lovely gift, which had me beaming from ear to ear, and also, ONE DAY I HAVE TO TAKE YOU OUT FOR DINNER AND DRINKS, YOU BEING ONE OF THE PEOPLE ON LIVEJOURNAL WHICH I AM UTTERLY CONVINCED I WILL MEET ONE DAY. ♥ :D :D :D BEST WISHES IN YOUR CHOICES - I can actually imagine you as this amazing Professor Emeritus one day, and that'd be just ONE of your stellar academic achievements. :D

Also! The Supreme Court is throwing a massive open house next weekend, from the 14 - 15th of March. Check out the Website Here. It's called The Living Courthouse. This is pretty cool because the Court is never open on weekends, ordinarily, so it is a FUN TIME TO GO AND TAKE A LOOK. There will apparently be a series of short, informative and light-hearted court enactments, but honey I have got to object to that description because you're re-enacting bankruptcy, personal injury claims, seizure of property, and breach of contract. There is absolutely nothing light-hearted about that.

And now I simply must pass on the link that anyasy gave me:

★★★ The Live-Action All-Female Phoenix Wright Musical, as performed by the Takarazuka Revue. You remember the Zuka Club in Ouran High School Host Club? Well, the Takarazuka Revue was the Zuka Club's inspiration!

I've never made a secret of how I feel about Phoenix Wright, but even I have to say that the ten-minute preview here is utterly compelling. Phoenix and Edgeworth are especially noteworthy. You are never in doubt that they are played by women, but both their actresses are incredibly charismatic, and they are amazingly good at being masculine. Watch it, you'll see what I mean.
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Greetings from Japan

Hello from Kansai International Airport! Yes, Tenth, I'm stalking you again.

There are only two things better than discovering Japan, and that is discovering Japan with others, and watching others discover Japan. Watching someone giggle with delight over tiny instant noodles may be one of the best things ever!

Baseball twit, all the postcard shops are closed. But I found some anyway.

El, I wish you were here!
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a blast from the past that's coming up FAST

A very early Happy Halloween post, everybody (look, Livejournal's already switched the viewing in anticipation), as the next four days are quite literally going to be hell for me, and I don't expect to be able to be on very much, if at all:

Last night, lacewood, cynic_in_charge and I celebrated Halloween by venturing into the Night Safari for the special Halloween event (so scary, people wrote in to the national newspapers to complain). Jack-o-lanterns and skeletons greeted us at the entrance, and the Forest Giants trail had been decorated in suitably macabre fashion with dismembered limbs, bloodstained ghouls, and all manner of the dead and departed. We were not greeted with the more extreme and interactive forms of terror worthy of writing in to the newspapers for, but I will freely admit I am very easily terrified and did actually consider the Malayan jungle horror walk unnerving on some level. However, I was not afraid, as I was with lacewood, who was concerned that she would accidentally punch anyone leaping out of the bushes to scare her, and cynic_in_charge, who rightly paid more attention to the flying squirrels and absent giraffes than the forest freakshow.

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Darren Shan Manga Volume 8 preview scans
(13 pages (Happy Halloween!), 5.37 MB, 200 dpi)
[ps! manga + extras = 188 pages, this is just but what I bought it for a little of it.]

The most important thing you need to know
about Volume 8 of the Darren Shan manga is:
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Other Amazing Things About Darren Shan

☠ Did you know that we're getting a Darren Shan Movie in 2009? Here's the IMDB cast list! VERY NOTABLE MENTIONS:
Ken Watanabe as MR. TALL
WILLEM DAFOE as Gavner Purl
(The Green Goblin in Spider-man, the voice of Gil in Finding Nemo, I COULD GO ON AND ON)
★John C. Reilly as Mr Crepsley (WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING)
Selma Hayek as Madame Truska
I'm kinda blinking a lot in shock here, guys. Excuse the incoherency. This really is official, you can see it on the Darren Shan website.

☠ The Darren Shan manga has been licensed, and is to be released by Yen Press, in 2009, in time for the movie's release. The author himself was proofreading the US adaptation of the manga as of September 2008.

☠ You can still read the first five chapters of the Darren Shan manga scanlated on onemanga right here, though. (omg. reading this while reading Volume 8 is a real headtrip)

☠ Check out the (fanart) by the scanlators of Darren as Spider-man and Steve as Venom. ♥ (must re-read Volume 1, I swear I have seen it before)