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Even More Updates.

Saturday, 26th July 2003

Had predeparture session for UK Students. 30% of the talks were actually useful, but they freaked me out 200%, thanks to the You Must Do Well Or You Will Never Be Able to Work Back Home speech. Was with risax. My freaking-out fit also painfully obvious. Am not cured of compulsive note-taking either.

Went to dreamcatcher’s place for a Writers’ Circle barbecue! *hugs dreamcatcher* It was utterly amazing. She made potato salad with green apples, hard-boiled eggs, and mayo. It was delicious. ; ) Our dearest Auntie Al baked a cheesecake for the first time (made me ashamed of own lack of baking talent). He used 1 3/4 pint cream cheese, and 1 pint of sour cream. (I had no idea sour cream went into cheesecakes. Score 1 Ignorance! Go me!) His cheesecake also had strawberries and a digestive biscuit crust, and looked wonderful for a first cheesecake. (My fifth would look half as good at his first.) And dreamcatcher bought whipped cream! *amusement* Which went wonderfully with the cheesecake.

aingeal_isilme, davidbard and the Professor were there too. Much amusement for the Rataliens resulted when dreamcatcher remarked, when asked why a chair wasn’t taken, that "The foil is sitting on the chair." *elbows Ratal’s beloved werewolf and giggles helplessly*

And in true hobbit fashion, we were treated to fireworks! It was a National Day Parade rehearsal, and dreamcatcher’s place is near enough to the stadium for us to catch a fabulous view of the displays. Cheesecake, whipped cream, and fireworks. ; ) It’s hard to get much better than that.

But we did it ^_^ Had maniacal photo-taking session, then wrote trash. *smiles evilly* Trash is a Writers’ Circle tradition, passed on to us by our esteemed seniors. It is done with a fellowship of writers, who sit in a circle and pass a sheet of lined paper around said circle. The first writer begins with a line and a half, and folds his or her sheet backwards, such that the first line is concealed. The next writer then takes up from the half-sentence. Each writer leaves half a sentence, unfinished, for the next writer in the literary daisy chain. (Suddenly this reminds me of The Blue Room. All this talk of daisy chains.)

And we came up with very interesting stories. The following sentences are especially interesting and resulted from this exercise.

Do not know why I ended up chief noisemaker. Suffice to say that I was the subject of this sentence fragment. Different colours indicate different writers (writing completely outside the knowledge of each other).

"as she did not manage to keep the Plot Bunny population of the nation under control. So everyone heaved a sigh of relief when things were going well, but </font>she still felt a need to reflect occasionally on where everything was going and how everything would change once they figured out how to set the right intelligence stats for her D&D character"

"where nobody has ever ventured before in the history of mankind, fraught with much war, chaos and grief, like the blood of the innocent and the grief of the guiltless, and immediately wept for shame as the cleric couldn’t resurrect their eight-day week, the resultant effect was that the currency exchange rate has rapidly increased due to the reason that everything was really going off and wrong and chaos reigned. </font> The television set began showing the Power Rangers, who to the huge disappointment of the flock of following fangirls, did not resemble Aragorn. Instead the baby looked like a mix between Arwen and Legolas. Which was not a good combination at any rate, especially since he had gotten Arwen’s good looks but Legolas’ nancying tendencies to write long pieces of endless trash like this one. Oh it ended. Hooray."

aingeal_isilme - I think the “secret code” business is about us. The rest… Suffice to say that I admit full responsibility for Darth Vader, but I had nothing to do with how the rest of the sentence subsequently turned out.

“don’t make quite so much noise while </font>taking photos and laughing in their secret code which could not be broken by even the most intelligent people in the kingdom of Rohan, which was about to fall into the hands of Sauron, who was the literary forbear of Darth Vader, who </font>suddenly burst out into joyful song, serenading Luke Skywalker about Mirkwood and the enchanting delights of the National Day Parade

Oh, and also - *hugs ranchelle*

Just because.

Tuesday, 29th July 2003

Met risax for lunch. ; ) Went to Delifrance. Iced lemon tea there is 40% ice. But I love their fruit tarts. ^_^ Then went to Kinokuniya, Borders, and Kinokuniya again. *happiness*

And the Finding Nemo Junior Novelization is back out in bookstores! Fishing Stocks were depleted two weeks ago, but they’re back!

Which begs the question (for people like me) – if there’s a junior novelisation, how about the Adult Novelisation of Finding Nemo?

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