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Hello there and good morning! Real-life post for once, eh?

Heika and I, having watched Episodes 31 - 36 of Kyou Kara Maou, are both unaccountably depressed. And this despite the fact that SHE is a Conrad and a Yuuri fan.

We are now going to eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream and watch Episode 18 of Kyou Kara Maou.

"But you watched it so many times already!" she protested. "Don't watch it again just for me!"

"It's all right," I said, determined.

I have to reaffirm my belief that there is STILL crack in the world.


's all right. I'm fine. ^_^ Tomorrow is my last day of work, and I'm flying back home on Sunday. Today's drafting session ended earlier than I thought! *grin* I called home to tell Heika I was done only an hour late, and she said, "WHAT?! Why are you so early?!" (Seeing as how I've come to end as much as two to three hours later than the time the working day is meant to end)

Heika is watching me type this entry, and she said, "Don't you normally write fanfiction?"

Have I mentioned how much I love my housemates?

giaan says I normally don't talk about my life. That is true. *grin* *waves at her* She's away in Prague at the moment. Last night I told her to wake me up before she left the house, because this will be the last time I see her before we meet again in September. Because I wanted to say goodbye. It is like what I told risax before she left for Budapest - due to our successive internship schedules, I won't be seeing her for six weeks, and I kept saying, "But I won't see you for six months!"

"Six weeks!" Xy said.

"But it will feel like six months!" I said.

You know something they don't tell you about living in two worlds at the same time?

No matter where you are in the world, there is always someone you will miss.

Heika just said something very cute. "Is it because of Conrad?" she asked. "He makes you have the feeling to want to write something like this?"

Heika and I met on her first day in the intercollegiate halls we shared. I was with my mother, and she was just moving in, with the help of a friend. We met in the hallway, when I asked her if she needed my help to move her suitcase in. I held the door open, and she said it was all right, that my mom was waiting, and that I should go with her. But I did anyway, and - that's how we met. It was two years ago now. And we've been housemates for a year. *grin* She said that when she first met me, she thought I was quiet. Quiet and demure. (She just wrote the word in Chinese for me, it's si1 wen3)

And then of course, she got to know me.

Oops. *laughter* She probably has a... different... opinion, now... ; )

And now we're having an ice-cream picnic on my bed. *grin*

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