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What Should Have Been Done Yesterday. I mean, written.

Tuesday, August 5th 2003

Went to JN’s house to cook! *wild glee* Got lost along the way, however. Took five buses when I should have taken two. *hides* That is all aefallen With Absolutely No Sense of Direction will say.

I arrived at 1.30pm in the pouring rain (Xiu and D had arrived well before me) and we cooked all the way through to 3.30pm. ^_^ I made pancakes with sliced strawberries, chocolate chips. Oh, and I also used almost an entire canister of whipped cream.

And then there was the maple syrup. ^_^

We made sushi, spaghetti, and chicken chops. First time I’ve seen spaghetti sauce made with nothing but tomato ketchup and chilli sauce.

I would also like to know how a chicken chop can expand to three times its original size once it is cooked, and how to repeat this effect. ^_^ It will come in great use when I am a starving student in the UK. ; )

Also, I like decorating lunchboxes with sushi. With strawberries. ^_^ I must do it again sometime. It was very therapeutic. Especially with the strawberries as blossoms and cucumber slivers as blades of grass.

I wanted to add marshmallows, but felt it was a bit much.

*giggles at everyone O_O-ing me*

Ran into an ex-classmate on the bus. And apparently NUS has a bidding system for the modules. You’re given points, and you must bid for the modules you want to take. You only need one point to bid for a course in Econs (Where supply, ironically, exceeds demand - *is stoned by all who didn’t want to be reminded of Econs*) but for Philosophy, a student bid some 498 points out of her total of 600. Yes, it’s extremely popular.

Then I went to the library. Compulsively arranged all the Jedi Apprentice books. ^______________^ Made off with the Jedi Quest ones. To my delight, found Alan Dean Foster’s "The Approaching Storm". Now do not have to buy it.

Alan Dean Foster novelized the Aliens movies. (I know that sounds grammatically peculiar, but it’s correct.) (For the record, I didn’t like the novelizations. The films were better. Much.)

Aliens was my first fandom. Yes, Aliens. Sigourney Weaver and acid-blooded creatures. I loved the second movie. And then I hunted down every single Aliens spinoff book and devoured them all. I didn’t know what fandom was at the time, but it was mine. My definition of fandom being something you obsess over, that you hunt down, that inspires you to write. ^_^ That was what led me to science fiction. And from then on, to fantasy.

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