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And Now For What I Did Today

Had my Final Driving Theory Test today. Spent entire afternoon studying (and procrastinating.) For the first in a very long time I had that “My Brain is Full” feeling. It happens and then I know I can’t study until I’ve procrastinated. Read TIME and Newsweek today while procrastinating, and saw a gorgeous ad for MTV Screen. I knew I simply had to watch tonight’s episode. ^_^ (I love MTV. No Thinking Required. And such pretty colours! And sometimes, even music I like! ^_^)

Oh, and MTV! MTV has Crazy Monkey!

Crazy Monkey is an MTV parody of those Fear Factor and Jackass shows. But this version features highly pointless and un-dangerous acts. Such as:

Driving Without a Seatbelt.
(Done in an empty parking lot, and at a speed which I estimate is 10 kilometres per hour.)

Swimming On A Full Stomach.

Eating Cornflakes Without the Milk.

Jumping on My Bed When My Stepdad’s Downstairs.

Running With Scissors.
(Down a patio with absolutely no one in the way.)

Prank Phone Calls.
(But ones done very nicely, as if they had mistakenly dialed a number. Complete with polite apology.)

Oh. I’ve invented a name for a character who does not exist! ; )

Chie Cross.

*evil smirking*

And then I saw one of marysues had a Mary Sue Report with a character named Charisma Cruise.

Chie Cross is a perfect name! *dies laughing* It originated from my reading TIME today – It featured Japanese culture! And I was procrastinating from (Oh wait, that sounds wrong somehow – Word choice wrong, that is) studying for my Final Theory Test. So I read TIME. ^_^ I saw the name Chie in the report, and later, while hard at work with More Procrastinating, I was watching television and saw the name Cross. The surname of the lead character in a new series Based On the True Stories of an Indiana-Jones-esque type explorer. Except Modern Era. *cue slow, I Believe This Nodding*

It screams Mary Sue in all the High School Student in Deep Trouble ways! And with that name... ^_^

Pardon to all who read through that and had my deep insanity inflicted upon them. This is a seriously stream-of-consciousness thought.

Had massive happy attack while on way home from Final Theory Test. For one, it was over, and I was going home to watch MTV’s promo for How to Deal, Legally Blonde 2 and Down With Love. Goodbye, Brain – Hellloooo Fluff! *delirious smile*

(Oh, no, wait - I sound like a Warner Brothers' Animaniacs Character... I sound like Wakko and his "Helloooo, Nurse!")

(I loved that show.)

And it turned out that they showed a Pirates of the Caribbean short, sandwiched between How to Deal and Legally Blonde. (There is a joke in this, but I am too amused to see it.) And it had very short interviews with the cast. (This being MTV, their idea of a short interview is a gesture and some ten words from each actor.)


*dies laughing*

*flees Orlando fans*

ALSO, I HAVE THE TAPE TO PROVE IT! I taped the whole thing!

(Pardon the all caps.)

And then of course, in the grand tradition of Shows Which Make You Wait Til the End to See What You Want to See, Thereby Forcing You To Watch the Whole Show, “Down With Love” finished the show.

In the advertisement, they used Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams’ cover of “Something Stupid” as background music for this promo. And I kept thinking about how perfectly it fit.

Oh, and:

I saw Ewan Mcgregor rip his shirt off.

I hope that *indicates above* speaks of what I thought of that.

Yes, there's nothing there.

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