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I Must Not Say Things In Front of Children

I Must Not Speak In Front of Children.

Was at extended family dinner with five year old cousin.

He heard me when I said "male bonding".

And asked what it meant.

Had not an innocent thought in my head, and therefore thought it prudent not to reply.

Soon he became distracted, which was a relief.

Also must remember not to mention the word "gay" in front of younger relatives. Legolas Fancier (She was nine then) asked her mother what it meant, and it was my fault. *hides face*

Her mom said, “Men who love men.”

And Legolas Fancier said, “Oh.”

In the “Is that all it is?” tone.

I wish I was like her mom.

:: weeps ::

Legolas Fancier and Family stopped by today – They were on their way back from the supermarket on an emergency shopping mission, and they bought us two cartons of Mocha Milk. Because their family loves it. ^_^

Legolas Fancier told me about Jedi Cheese.


Turns out one of their family members has an issue with the way "Cheddar Cheese" is pronounced. Therefore we have Jedi Cheese.

We also have Jerry Cheese, but I know which one I found more fascinating.

Sibling decided at that moment to invent an Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Cheese Ad.

And perform it.

In front of the house.

Complete with lightsaber action.

Same sibling who, on one of our jogging trips (I say this in the loosest possible sense, for "our" jogging trips involve him far, far ahead, and me several leagues behind, so it’s quite inaccurate to use that particular possessive pronoun [if I got that term right]) began to sing a version of Weird Al Yankovic’s "The Saga Begins" [That’s his The Phantom Menace version of American Pie] with disturbingly altered lyrics.

I wonder if this is my fault, too.

Oh, and the Weird Al “The Saga Begins” MTV is hilarious. Ends with a screenful of Obi-Wan Kenobis. (That is, Weird Al in a Padawan getup. Complete with braid.)

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