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Writers' Circle Gatherings are Lots of Love. (and crack, too)

Madagascar + Kyou Kara Maou! = Recipe for True-Blue Insanity.
You should try it sometime.

You might get everyone yelling, “YOU MUST SHOW YOUR EXCELLENCE TO THE PEOPLE!” at a Writers’ Circle barbecue.

You might get people yelling, “WE’RE WC! WE MUST SEE THE TOILET-FLUSHING SCENE! NOW!”

But then again, if you’re in a CCA named after a toilet, you really knew what you were getting in for, eh? ; )

But really, if you have a Chairman who introduces himself as a toilet bowl to the parentals... ANYTHING GOES.

A most excellent barbecue, with la_muerta, aingeal_isilme, auntieal, J, D, M, at dunkindohnut's place. There was a lot of food, a lot of anime, but even more crack, laughter, and pure fun.

I was accused of being corrupted by London, a fact which was reinforced by further accusations that I repeated certain interesting conversations, “in a different tone and with a different inflection”.

A = Wolfram and J = Yuuri. :D Also, dunkindohnut agrees. :D

Sometimes, how much fun you have is directly linked to the people you’re with. To that I have to say – Writers’ Circle gatherings – THE BEST KIND OF FUN. It's been said before that we didn't become close until after we left school, which to me is fascinating, because usually the opposite tends to happen. We've been meeting up for three years after school ended, and it'll be interesting to see the different character our gatherings will take!

So to Writers’ Circle, in the time-honoured tradition of the Trash We Did Not Get To Write (too busy burning Kyou Kara Maou! for dunkindohnut) I dedicate this distinctly delusional drabble to YOU. Lots of love. Puraschicu Cupu. And Domonkun, too.

Title: "I Want You" (What Really Drives Me Crazy)(this is why)
(Also, someone tell our Yuuri that "up-down-kick-down" is Neutron Dance.)
A/N: This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with Kyou Kara Maou!, and everything to do with WC and all we get up to. Bad puns inspired by auntieal and dunkindohnut. Last line inspired by la_muerta. Inspired largely by dunkindohnut's Prince and My Henachoko. XD
Dedicated to: Writers' Circle. Because being flushed down the toilet is totally the way to go.

Also, for dunkindohnut, pyromaniac boyfriends are love.

“You will go on many adventures and meet many men, all of whom will be interested in you.”

“Are there no women here at all?” demanded the outraged boy.

The officer thought for a while. “There is our mother,” he said, after some consideration. “I don’t know if she’s free right now, but Alaska.”

The boy was so horrified by the pun with which he was confronted, and subsequently paid so little attention to his footing that he fell down the castle steps.

The ensuing commotion roused a prince of the royal family living within the castle, and he raced out to see what was happening. Upon catching sight of his fallen ruler, he yelled, “Stop it, all of you! Can’t you see you’re insulting the wimp?”

The thing about brothers is - you're never too old to do stupid things with them.

My brother came home! All of us are together again at last!

Of course, that means I greet the morning to the strident calls of “WAKE UP, WAKE UP!”, threats of being drenched with tap water, “I step on your pillow. So you can sleep on it.”, the sounds of Rammstein blasted from my radio. Also, him stealing my Pocky. “You only had two packets left!” *eats, happily* and conversations like these at the dinner table:

Me: *is quiet* (I was doing nothing. Just sitting at the table)
Him: “Stop thinking!”
Me: “Eh?”
Him: “Stop thinking about anime!”
Me: “Pretty boys and pretty boys?”
Him: “You mean gay men.”

Later, when other sibling was talking about going to watch War of the Worlds:
Sibling: “Must support Tom Cruise!”
Accusor Sibling: “You’re gay!”

Also I have come to the conclusion that you are never too old to fight with your brothers, even if you’re over a hundred years old and he is eighty-two. I foresee us attempting to whack each other with walkers when we’re octogenarians.

Heh. I’m glad he’s home.


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