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A Series of Much-Fangirled Bitchslaps

For nescienx
A Series of Unfortunate Events drabble
Olaf and Klaus


Harry slapped Peter,

Yuuri slapped Wolfram,

Olaf slapped Klaus,

Tyler slapped Jack,

Godfrey slapped Balian.

Klaus jerks backward, and it seems as if he burns with something more than mere affront. He draws his hand back from his face as if he's been stung, and the eyes he raises to Olaf's suddenly come alive with an anger that he has never had to feel in all the years before he became a Baudelaire orphan.

Yet, even now, the second Baudelaire orphan is learning as fast as his mind can devour the books placed before it. He reassures Violet with a look, and reaches for Sunny's tiny hand, because he knows now, if he didn't before, how alone in the world they are, where fires burn and cannot be put out until it is too late, where parents disappear and leave their children in the hands of men like Count Olaf.

Klaus knows, now, how it feels, when you are completely at the mercy of someone else, in the moment you realise that a slap in the face is not the worst thing he can do to you, and far from most despicable thing on his mind. Klaus knows how it feels when fear clutches at your heart and sinks with it. Klaus is beginning to understand, truly understand, in a way in which all the dictionaries and books of the world could never truly convey, the meaning of despair.

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