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KKM Fic - Maou/Wolfram - "Taking Over Me"

In honour of this being my Kyou Kara Maou! Fic Exorcism Week (I'm getting rid of as many unfinished Kyou Kara Maou! stories as I have), here's:

Title: See You In Hell
Plot: John Constantine is summoned to Shin Makoku to fight the forces of the Maou, whose powers have become uncontrollable. Possessing an ordinary teenage boy, he has taken over a kingdom in an alternate plane of existence. John must enlist the help of notable psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Crane, while struggling to keep his hands off the Maou’s unusually attractive fiancé. But Jonathan Crane has another agenda of his own: Billionaire crime-fighter Bruce Wayne! And little does anyone know that this is a sinister plot by none other than the demon Balthazar, who’s got his eyes on more than the end of the world.

XD Don’t worry. Fiance’s and my little joke.

Pairing: Maou/Wolfram
Length: 1,214 words
For: Fiance. ^_~ Of course. firestorm717.

Because this up-against-the-wall, make-me-yours thing is so you. Heh. (Aren’t you glad it isn’t the KKM/Constantine crossover?) *runs from your pit of vipers* XD (Poor Chas-kun! How could you. XD But I still love you.) Sorry I wasn’t able to be on last night :( Mom chased me offline. But catch you soon!

(How sad is it that my darkest KKM! fic is THIS?! I wanted to write you fic celebrating when you came home, but this was when I finally finished it!)

taking over me


That’s the one thing Yuuri Shibuya just can’t stay out of.

Wolfram curses under his breath. Only Yuuri could turn a simple patrol into a mission to bring justice to the world.

Yuuri had insisted that he be allowed to come along on one of Wolfram’s patrols of the border, and Wolfram had relented. He suspected that it was Yuuri’s attempt to escape the endless paperwork that came with his rank. Out in the courtyard this morning, he’d heard his fiancé wail, “Why do they come to me when they can’t decide what to do with bearbees nesting in their barns?” Soon after, a very flustered fiancé had come seeking him, asking to be taken along on his patrols. Wolfram suspected that Yuuri had just escaped Gunter’s clutches, but gave in, because Shinou knew the times his fiancé wanted to spend time with him were far fewer than he liked.

Of course, with Yuuri’s luck, they’d run into bandits, set on raiding a Mazoku town. Yuuri had ended up in the middle of the fray, and the Maou had awakened. The ensuing cyclone had flung the bandits far and wide. Wolfram, who had been trying to get to Yuuri when the cyclone hit, had been knocked over by the shrieking bandits as they sailed right into him.

Finally struggling out of the pile of unconscious bandits, Wolfram resumes his search for his errant fiancé. He can’t find Yuuri anywhere in the town square, so he wanders into the first building he sees. It looks like a house, abandoned by its owners in their rush to get away from impending destruction.

In the semi-darkness of the room, Wolfram sights a crumpled figure on the floor, dark hair falling into its eyes, clothed in a familiar uniform.

“Yuuri!” he yells, making for his unconscious fiancé. “Are you – ”

He stops in mid-yell as the figure stirs. Something doesn’t look right about this.

He takes an involuntary step back as the Maou rises to his feet with a feline grace Yuuri doesn't possess.

He should be used to it by now. After all, wasn't he the one who first brought forth the Maou within a mere boy?

But the truth is, the longer he knows Yuuri, the harder it is to watch the transformation. It's not easy to watch the laughing, forthright boy turn into this creature of Maryoku and barely-restrained menace. He will never admit it to anyone else, but whenever the Maou takes over, Wolfram fears that he won't let Yuuri return.

The door that he left open slams shut behind a smirking Maou. "Wolfram von Bielefeld," he says, a predatory look in eyes that are so much and so little like Yuuri's. He comes closer than Yuuri would ever dream of coming, and traps Wolfram between the wall and himself.

"Yuuri," Wolf whispers, his eyes going wide, even though he knows that the one whose name he's calling isn't going to hear him.

The Maou laughs. "Think again, Wolfram," he advises, smiling in a way that does nothing for Wolfram's racing heartbeat. He contemplates the young Mazoku consideringly. "You're Cheri's son, all right," he says, approvingly. "And you look so much like someone I knew very well..." He lets the sentence fall away. Without a word, his eyes command, and Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld, a soldier above all else, does not move.

The Maou's eyes flicker to his, and with a sinking feeling, Wolfram knows that something awful is going to happen. He swallows, because the look those eyes tells him, quite simply, that he is going to give the Maou everything he wants, and that there will be absolutely no question about it.

The Maou's lips part in a suggestive smile. "I wonder if you're like him in other ways, too," he says, and then, without a word of warning, he leans over and kisses the shocked Mazoku prince.

The Maou, in this regard, is nothing like Yuuri. Wolfram's eyes close involuntarily, even as the mouth on his own demonstrates, with cruel efficiency, exactly how good it is at doing what it wants to do. And even though he tells himself how fiercely he hates it, Wolfram can't stop the way he arches upwards to meet that mouth. The mouth that curves into a smile as it realises the effect it's having on him. Practised hands slip around Wolfram's waist and pull him close.

Still, even as Wolfram's arms lock around the Maou's shoulders, he knows this isn't Yuuri. This isn't the stupid, awkward henachoko of a ruler, who flirts with centuries-old shrine maidens, dragons, and dolphins named Bandou-kun with absolutely no thought for his fiance's feelings. And even though this is the one thing Yuuri might never be able to give him, Wolfram realises that the whole point of it all is that he wants it to be Yuuri. Not someone who looks like Yuuri. Not even the Maou. Yuuri, and no one else, is the reason behind the oceans he's crossed, of the children who have come into his life, even, of pink nightgowns. And even though something like this might never happen between him and Yuuri, Yuuri is the one who he wants it to happen with.

As stupid and insensitive and irredeemably adulterous as his henachoko of a fiance is - he wouldn't give Yuuri up for anything.

And it is when this thought reaches his mind that he releases the Maou in his arms, resting his hands on the Maou's shoulders without pushing him away. No, he thinks, even if the thought hurts, That's not what I want.

The Maou senses this and breaks the kiss, pulling away to look Wolfram in the eyes.

He smiles, and Wolfram is deeply unsettled. "Reconsider," he whispers, silkily, and Wolfram shivers. The blond Mazoku shakes his head stubbornly, and his mouth moves to shape the words his voice won't speak.

The Maou takes a breath and Wolfram shudders as he feels it at the core of his being.

"Stop fighting," the Maou suggests.

Wolfram's breath catches in his throat. Never has something so simple made him feel so powerless. There is something about the Maou that is colder than the stars, and worlds apart from the Yuuri he knows. And while he was raised from birth to know that the Shinou’s word was everything, and that the Maou did his will and must therefore be obeyed, there are some things that he cannot do.

His fingers tighten around Yuuri’s shoulders, and he shakes his head.

It is all he can do, but it is enough.

The Maou draws back, and smiles, but this time, there is warmth in the curve of his mouth, and that smile reaches his eyes. "So," he says, "That's how it is."

Wolfram doesn't trust his voice to speak without cracking, and so he manages a curt nod.

The Maou’s voice is unexpectedly gentle. “Wolfram von Bielefeld,” he says, “Do you still think this engagement was an accident?”

Wolfram looks up, shock vivid in his eyes, but his only answer is Maou’s smile.

The Maou inclines his head slightly, and that smile stays on his face even as he releases his hold on Yuuri, and the boy King of Shin Makoku collapses into Wolfram's waiting arms.

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