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Birthdays and Basic Theory

Monday, 2nd June, 2003

First day of non-working life. Four months in the office ;) Strange how not working feels so natural. *laughter*

Went to celebrate JN's birthday today, with Xiu and Dulcia. We met up in Far East and did a great deal of wandering around. Made history by actually purchasing a new wallet. Last one's been with me since I was in Secondary Two. Am of the If It Ain't Broke, Don't Get A New One school.

Dragged them to Out of the Pan. Am so evil. ^_^

Ran into an ex-classmate in Out of the Pan (heavens, that sounds so odd.) And then ran into my cousin in CityLink.

Spent seven hours out in Orchard and Suntec. Entertaining exercise.

Today's Entry

Took my Basic Theory of Driving Test! Must confess it was rather difficult. *hides* I know it shouldn't be, but it was for me.

And visited the Ang Mo Kio Library. First time for me. It's amazing. Will make attempt to study Ancient Greece and Rome. Must admit that I lean more towards Ancient Rome than Greece, as I'm more fascinated by fighting than philosophy.

Sad to hear that Serry was assaulted by the air-conditioner :( Hope it gets better soon!

Isilme did an wonderful quiz on Ratal! ;)

Even halfway through the quiz, I knew I was going to get this:

Eleris (Human)

A sweet, loyal girl, with a burning secret...

Which Ratal girl is right for/are you? (with images)
brought to you by Quizilla

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