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trust me
Is that a bar of soap in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? 
9th-Aug-2005 01:00 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA



“Dear Mina,” Yuuri said, “aefallen was just about to resume writing her Yuuri/Wolfram fic, but she saw your postcard and actually wrote this in the middle of her fic without thinking about it. It would appear that thoughts of you are enough to drive all thoughts of Yuuri/Wolfram from her mind. Your letter made her ignore both dinner and KKM fic in favour of writing this down in the middle of dinner. She does not know when you will read this, as you are presently on a soujourn in the land where boy kings are sent to other exotic worlds, but:

It is highly unfortunate that she must continue eating, as scribbling in the middle of a meal has met with the stern face of household disapproval.

It is clear that the sentences before this one were written before she actually read your missive, because it was only after she had stopped fangirling that she realised that the object of her affections was actually a letter, rather than a postcard. Naturally the fangirling began all over again, and the only coherent thought that escaped once she read past the first line of the letter was that she has a burning desire to tell you that she loves it when you call her Wolfram.

In other news, ranchelle would also like to know why writing you letters makes aefallen make a considerable amount of excited noise, and laugh uncontrollably in the middle of letter-writing, which for the previous two letters was a relatively quiet and controlled process. SO MUCH LOVE, AND COME HOME SOON.”

I am aefallen’s inner fangirl.
8th-Aug-2005 06:08 pm (UTC)
If you must know, the second screencap - that scene from the anime always disturbs me because it's technically waaaay impossible for one's head to turn that far. XD
14th-Aug-2005 12:19 am (UTC) - I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKED THE LETTER
*major hearts your way* You are too cute for words, really! and a new layout. omg. XD
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