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Pick Me! Pick Me! *Dory Impression*

Interview meme answers for lacewood!


Pardon my taking so long to reply! As penance, I’ve answered my questions, and five more. ^_^ Chosen from the other questions I saw on your list. I hope you don't mind?

1. If you could storm and completely take over one fandom of your choice, which would it be and what would you do with your new power? XD (And what would be your takeover method of choice? Er. That's... 3 questions, really...)

I don’t mind ^_^

One fandom only? Shall not complain ^_^ Ironically, I like the fandoms I’m into as they are, which is why I’m into them ; ) Also, Controlling A Fandom takes energy I’d rather pour into planning new fic (and trying in vain to write said fic). ; )

*puts on virtuous mien* But if I could change one thing about fandom, it would be the flame wars. >< Seen too many of them from the sidelines, and they can be so ugly. *winces*

I’d like to create fandoms, actually – OH! Take over one fandom – Does that mean I could make it aggressive and global? *maniacal light dawns in my eyes*

It would have to be the fantasy fandom. I’d love to see Robin Hobb, Carol Berg, Patricia McKillip, Terry Goodkind, and every other fantasy author who’s worth their words as popular as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. That would be amazing. I want to see fantasy fanart! (Well, more than there is already ^_^) I want to see people debating the virtues of different pairings in Hobb and Goodkind, people setting up weekly challenges such as “Sorrow” in a fantasy setting – I want fantasy to be a fandom. *laughter*

2. If you could pick any super power with which to terrorise people, what power would you have? (it can be as strange as you like *grin*)

OOH! I love this question! *wild glee* Thank you! *huge grin*

Thanks to an online quiz, I know the answer to this one! The power of my choice would be that of making everyone believe what I said/my ideas/my FANDOM! *laughter* That’s a very dangerous power. *amusement* And it would be great for corrupting and influencing others to your/my line of thinking. ; ) Whatever it is.

3. Are you ever putting your writing online so that people can What do you think are the themes/common ideas you tend to/are interested in writing about? (Throwing your question back at you. ^_^)

*catches the question with glee*

I love this question! Where do I start... *looks around own mind*

Teachers seem to figure in a lot of what I do. Perhaps this stems from my being in the educational system, and all it entails *amusement* Which would make me rather sadistic, to keep writing about all this torment ^_^

I know the one style I tend to favour – this isn’t properly answering for themes and common ideas, but this aspect of my writing will never change – descriptive. I adore descriptive, and I write it like tomorrow will never come. I can make a 100 words turn into 400 words. I make mountains out of molehills very gleefully. ^_^ I usually know I’m doing wrong but do not care. *laughter*

Themes I’d like to write about – oh, I adore this question. These are themes I’m fascinated by and would love to write well, even though I know I’m horrible at it. *laughter* Those themes are a result of my deep immersion into heroic fantasy. *amusement* They would be heroism, courage in all its forms, adaptability and survival. I’m deeply fascinated by strength. And, clichéd as it may be, love.

I tend to favour medieval/fantasy settings. I prefer reading about men (Am horribly sexist, but my explanation excuse for that is that most women in fantasy aren’t written well, if at all. ><) as opposed to women, but I seem to create the dreaded Original Female Characters some 99% of the time when writing. *puts up a Mary Sue alert*

And I’m deeply intrigued by war, invasion, resistance – it must have been the history. And the fantasy. ^_^

Eek. I should put my writing online.

4. What are your plans/hopes/aspirations/extremely wild dreams for the future? (World domination, getting married, who knows...?)

I’m rather strange, in that I rarely set expectations for myself very far ahead. ; ) When I went into JC, I only learnt about S Papers towards the end of my first year – that’s what I’m like ; )

But in general, I hope to be able to support myself and my family (parents, children, husband etc. if need be). I hope to be still writing, even if I don’t get published. I think writing and reading is pure escapism for me. ^_^ Fandom is escapism for me. That’s probably why I love it so much. ^_^ I hope to be in touch with the friends I have now – You, definitely! ^_^

5. What type of characters do you usually find yourself interested in/fangirling over?

*hides in a corner*


Anytime you see a strange character, or the insane character, or as some of my friends and siblings have evilly put it, “the old guy” – I’m probably into him. I tend to fall for actors with what I term are “amazing voices” – Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons, just to name two. An aunt of mine has supposed that these are the men who seem established, capable and mature – and therefore, those are the qualities that attract me to them. Or you could go with my friends and say, “They’re old.”

Occasionally I do go for what others term “normal” – such as liking Tokiya Mikagami in Flame of Recca (yes, conventional, very! ^_^), Kenshin and Sanosuke in RK, and Harry Potter (but only fandom Harry). And then of course I go for Lord Elrond (Hugo Weaving) in Lord of the Rings. And I really like Gill in Finding Nemo. Another example of Falling For the Voice.

My best and most rational guess is that the characters I go for tend to be “unusual”. ; )

And here are the rest I liked! Five More Questions Answered!

1. Would you ever like to get your writing published? If so, what would you like/hope to get published?

As of now? No, it’s horrible. *laughter* It honestly is. I’m comfortable with never being published at all. Writing is, for the lack of a better word, something that’s for me. And for everyone I choose to share it with ^_^

2. Which authors/books do you think have/had the most influence on your own writing?

Everyone I read. I have a terrible, terrible habit that I think is incurable – a complete lack of originality. The characters I create arise from the fandoms I’m in, even my writing style is deeply influenced by whatever I read. After I got into Robin Hobb and Carol Berg, I began writing in the first person. >< Easily Influenced is my middle name.

3. What's the one obsession you wish you'd NEVER gotten into? Or do you regret NONE of them? XD

I REGRET NOTHING! *flings rose petals passionately into the air as the sun sets behind me, and rain falls down on my upturned face*

*cough* Somehow it seemed appropriate. ^_^ And the setting sun *and* rain. *piles on hackneyed symbolism and metaphor with unreasonable glee*

I love all the fandoms I’ve been in. I think they’ve all given me something, whether it be joy, amusement, or even information about how to write. *hugs them* And I’m grateful to all they’ve given me. ^_^

4. How/Why/When/What did you first get into anime and fandom in general? (Do you consider yourself a part of fandom?)

AXN. I LOVE AXN. It all began when I caught Kenshin on television. From then on, there was no looking back.

Though my mother remembers me liking anime as a child – that is, the anime version of “Swan Lake”, and “Go, Panda, Go”.

*hides face in shame*

I consider myself a Lurker ^_^ I am part of the Spiritual Fandom, the Meta-Fandom that encompasses Us All, whether or not we speak or even write of what we love. But in the Fandom Which Is Seen and Sometimes Heard Too Loudly, I am a ghost until I choose to speak. ^_^

5. Who, real life, fictional, living or dead, do you WISH you could be like, whether in terms of personality, accomplishments, talents, etc?

*hides* My parents. This is a really sad answer, but I adore my parents, and if I turn out to be half the people they are, I’ll be very happy. That’s in terms of character and capability.

Though it’d be great to write like Robin Hobb or Carol Berg, or be as fandom-influential as CassieClaire (so I think)... But I’m happy with who I am at the moment. ; )

*intones* “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility...”

*bursts out laughing*


lacewood - Thank you for asking these questions. I loved answering them! *beams* Pardon my excessive tardiness...

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