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Things I Do For My Padawan

I have bought things for arrch which caused the KKnM (anime shop) lady to look at me in absolute horror. (She knows where my tastes normally run. I guess if a customer keeps asking for a certain type of anime series time after time, it gets pretty obvious...)

Have also bought something awfully Sin-ful for dunkindohnut. ; ) Guess, little Domonkun?

All of which made me un-high because they are insufficiently gay.
(Un-high, for me, usually means "normal", for everyone else)


Attempted to buy up entire shop again. Ran into chiiyo while out with risax! :D

risax GO READ CAVEMAN SLASH. :D YOU KNOW homura and I want you to. xD

For the uninitiated: A Brief Summary of Wild Rock

"Once upon a time, there was a seme tribe and a uke tribe.
The seme tribe lived by the river, and the uke tribe lived in the forest.
One day, the uke was by the river, and the seme saved him from certain death."
"To cut a long story short, suffice to say, the seme brought the uke back to his cave."

OH YES. I made a list of a certain category of slash pairings I support for risax. XDDDD

A Certain Category of Slash Pairing

1. Conrad/Wolfram, Kyou Kara Maou!
2. Kurei/Recca, Flame of Recca (THIS thanks to a CERTAIN fiance, whose work I read before we even knew of each other)
3. Vash/Knives, Trigun
4. Cain/Abel, Trinity Blood
5. Ed/Al, Full Metal Alchemist
6. Hector/Paris, Troy
7. Ayame/Yuki, Fruits Basket

My mother is presently insisting on imposing coral-coloured clothing on me. >D
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