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Obviously listening to Elvis in the morning cracks me up.
Saucecake Sasuke/Wolfram, forever, y0.
Iruka/Wolfram, even. :D
(because Yuuri makes a perfect Sasuke!
why is there no kissing! D:)


My brother is reading Volume 13 of Ultimate Spider-man. I bought it because it was OMG ANGSTY HARRY AND PETER, how could I NOT.

Brother: *reads* "Harry is a spoilt brat."
Me: "Yes. Yes. He is."

My brother was reading athletic magazines to me, gleefully choosing the passages about the worst injuries athletes can suffer. This current one is about intestines.

My brother's back from Australia. Him: *looks at Yuuri's picture* "Hey, that chick's naked! OH, EW! IT'S A GUY!"

Went to KKnM the other day and was OOOOOOH. *________* so many things I want to buy.Bought more things for firestorm717 and little_ribbon and SHHHH the two of you, one of the great things about fiances is that you can spoil them whenever you want to. Watched Episode 49 of KKM with mildlyinsane and mushrooms. Omi-mom has very very fun ideas when it comes to Murata and where he's been and everyone all he's done.

Watching Sena draw Yuuri/Wolfram and Yuuri + Wolfram chibis makes me a very happy girl. :D loves Sena more than life itself. SHE INKS WITH FOUNTAIN PEN. *sparkles* HER CHIBI YUURI has finally displaced Hector/Paris from my handphone screen, which Spider-man, Constantine, and six months of KKM had until now failed to do.

risax and I were in Kino on Thursday laughing over a gay haiku book. THREE OF THEM FIT YUURI/WOLFRAM, and the best thing is, Xy thought so before I even said anything. ! WENT TO A FANTASTIC JAPANESE RESTAURANT for dessert/tea yesterday! THANK YOU XY! :D I WILL UPLOAD PICTURES when I figure out how? ; )

Accurate representation of my mind: Yuuri Wolfram tree bearbee cloud PERVERT Gwendal Bandou-kun! Neko-chan tin can fanfic LJ YAY EVERYBODY.

mildlyinsane asks, I write. :D My default fic-writing mode is angst, but if she asks I can write fluff. And smut. I will attempt crack, but so far all I have is Wolfram and Yuuri singing Britney Spears songs in my head. And Wolfram saying he wants to run off with Ishida because Ishida can sew him pretty nightgowns.

Wouldn't have seen this without Omi, but when I did, inner Wolfram screamed:


Because I meant to do this for ages:

And then came the Arc of Angst. And my Yuuri love dropped dramatically. And Conrad! love appeared out of NOWHERE.

And Wolfram! love skyrocketed.

mushrooms claimed I had NO GWENDAL LOVE. SOBS. This is so untrue. It is merely that my WOLFRAM LOVE KIND OF PWNS ALL THE LOVE I have for every KKM character. ! I said I'd post Gwendal here:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Gwendal kissed Pikachu! Yozak.

Yozak goes wild with glee, and spreads it all over CFUD.

Wolfram: "You're fuzzy."
Yozak: "And very small."

And Yozak asks if he is engaged to anyone over the age of 16.

mushrooms is a very good writer, and you would not believe what she can come up with when given Gunter deflowering Atobe. *sparkles* I don't know of any Gwendal/Gunter fic I can link her which would be better than one she could write.

SENA IS ♥. In Kino: "Akai no chichai HENACHOKO [dictionary]." Never have I laughed so hard over a wimpy pocket dictionary.


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