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Wolfram says it best... *indicates icon*

I went to a Japanese restaurant which priced sake in gil!

I cannot stop reading the Geneva Convention as the Jenova Convention.

Did you know we have Advent Calendars in the UK, and they've got chocolate in them! You eat them a day at a time to count down to Christmas.

On the back of my copy of one of the most influential cases in international law, determining the powers of the United Nations, is a disturbingly long passage on Cloud and Kadaj.

I really like the layout on dots's LJ, because I am strange that way, and because looking at it makes me believe there is good in the world. Aeris/Sepiroth does that sometimes. Yes, I find the meaning of life in the strangest places.

ff-ac parody subs
with livejournal references!
with many thanks, and much love, to firestorm717, without whom this post would not, you know, exist.

the Livejournal references
which totally owe their existence to tinted_glass, without whom I wouldn't have, you know, made them.
(see I DID post them! ... um... it took a while. xD)

one of the most memorable fics I've read so far was the one where Reno set the principal's hamster on fire to get Cloud in trouble. yes it was a high school AU.


If you see nothing else, check out this gorgeous photomanip by caroltrue, Kiss Me. (And drabble!)


Golden Moments, by Adire

What The Turk Dragged In

Stained Souls, by Writing Muse

Complicated Souls, by Isrea Ishiida.

Cloud/Reno doujin scans

Secrets - halfway down there is one lovely Cloud/Reno scene in a fic that's Sepiroth/Cloud. I WILL READ ANYTHING TO GET CLOUD/RENO.

do not cross the yellow tape
Where I prove I did read anything for Cloud/Reno.
I am not responsible for fits of OMGWTF induced by following these links

Cherry Soda Boy - Chapter 8, and Chapter 9.
I did say I'd read anything to get Cloud/Reno, and that includes all eight chapters of this Shin Ra High School AU.

Somewhere Between the Algebra and Arson
High School AU (oh, there a lot of those out there) in which Reno and Cloud are brothers and Reno sets a teacher's hamster on fire to get Cloud into the principal's office.
just because

doujin. summary, coverpages, and a sample sheet. some summaries are quite amusing.


will be very, very happy with cloud/kadaj like this
cloud/kadaj/cloud fanclub - "because we couldn't decide who's uke". ♥
Gorgeous Kadaj/Cloud art. (Argh for having to be a DA member to see this, but here's luck.</font>


ohmyGod I owe Sena Rufus screencaps!
and I think I still have fanart with which to spam show mushrooms.
when I asked which was more plausible, Cloud/Reno or Kadaj/Cloud, risax and farfello yelled, in unison, "CLOUD/RENO!" ... why.

kaasan hooray everybody. (thanks mushrooms!)
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