breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

"She's so Lucky... She's a Star..."

Legolas Fancier, Non-Legolas Fancier and their mom came over today, bearing breakfast. ; ) Was awoken first by alarm clock, and then by incursion of three children into my bedroom. Third was sibling, who took especial glee in telling the Fanciers, "Jump on her!" This now reminds me of a scene from Finding Nemo.

Room in Chaos was set upon. I finally did get around to tidying again. Legolas Fancier wanted to braid my hair, so I requested a Padawan braid. nescienx you started it. Not that I'm complaining.

Somehow Legolas Fancier and I started singing Britney Spears' "Lucky". I steadfastly maintain she started it.

Disturbing Conversation Between Legolas Fancier and I

Me: I'll be having a friend over later.

Legolas Fancier: I'd better hide behind the bed.

Me: Why? You have as much right to be here as she does.

Legolas Fancier: You may be discussing... obscene things.

Me: *thinks: Oops.* What things?

Legolas Fancier: ... Nevermind... Change topic!

Me: Boys?

Legolas Fancier: *guilty version of . . . *

Mashi Maro slippers are being waved at me. Til later -

Also my mother has found the baby photos.

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