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One For the Road

I leave this house in an hour's time for London.

So here's a final LJ entry before I go. As if you needed any more evidence that I was insane. ^_^

My mother bought fighting fish. Yesterday. I came home and there they were on the table, with a paper placeholder proclaiming, "Decorative Fish. Do Not Eat." And on the back, "Peaceful Fighting Fish."

I have decided to name them Dae and Eleris. I toyed with naming them Aragorn and Legolas, but:

1. I have already named Legolas Fancier's guinea pigs Aragorn and Legolas. Their real names are Tuffy and Fluffy, which I will happily ignore. (Also, Legolas scratches.)
2. Aragorn and Legolas didn't fight.

*giggles* It's just temporary Pre-Departure Insanity.

Have a look at:

Spoke to my brother in Australia over the phone just now. He told me, "Don't think of us. It may be harsh, but don't think of us." I went all *cries* inside.

Other sibling, just a while ago, asked, out of the blue, "Who will I tell my dreams to?"

Last night I rediscovered how the back of your throat aches when you're trying not to cry. And now my head aches from the same thing. It still doesn't feel quite real.

Got to go. If I'm not around LJ for a while - you'll know why. You'll see me on LJ again.

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