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One should not be so high when one is SICK. *laughter* I've been sick since Tuesday, actually, the awful kind of I-don't-even-want-to-get-out-of-bed sick. I hid in bed for about two days, only managing consciousness for five hours a day. That's kind of crazy, especially in the light of the fact that I normally only manage SLEEP for about five hours a day. As giaan says, my spending so much time in bed is a likely result of NOT SPENDING ENOUGH TIME IN BED. It was the back end of an essay that did it, actually, and what I initially thought was exhaustion turned out to be something worse. After two days of my thinking it'd just go away if I just slept enough, I crawled out of bed on the afternoon of the second day realising, Okay, I am clearly getting no better on my own, and decided to see a doctor the next day.

If I wasn't subject to it, I would be amused that the British medicial system still prescribes penicillin. No really, penicillin. No fancy antibiotic names. But the doctor looked at me and sent me off for more tests, and my appetite is coming back at last. *laughter* Today I went back to school again, and was so tired after two hours of a Company Law seminar that I decided I wouldn't be able to make it down to my other uni for my IP law classes (so annoying! I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!), so, after prodding from friends, went off for said further medicial checkup, then went home and SLEPT. I sleep so much it scares me, now.

One thing about being ill and recovering is, you get to read a lot. And tonight, after I couldn't sleep, I started writing letters. The last time I wrote a letter (postcards not included) was a month ago, and I really felt the massive gap in time in which I hadn't had the time to write letters and properly read the books I had. November has been a massively busy month for me, and I think the business just caught up with me at last. AND NOW I AM BOUNCY. >D I'm strange that way, sometimes. I can be upset over something, and be really down about it, or tired, but when I come up I'm up, and even though I'm, "Hey, I wasn't feeling too good earlier!" I'd be, "WHO CARES, I'M HAPPY NOW!" *laughter*

It's so strange all the things I normally did that I didn't do when I was busy. I'd really want to post something on LJ, but have no time, and actually consciously think, I don't have the time for MSN or LJ now. I'm still mildly stunned that it took me BEING SICK to finally make the KKM post I'd been planning so long to make! *laughter*
Looking at the latest screencaps of KKM Episode 67 now. AHAHAHAHA YUURI MAKES THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM STUPID.
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