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Bleach Recommendations. Pretty much peroxidepest17.

This entry pretty much written under the influence of homura, risax, and farfello . And of course, lacewood, without whom Bleach wouldn't even have registered on my radar.

peroxide_fic's drabbles. She can write anything and make it believable, and I'd love it no matter what it was. Short, punchy, funny, with some of the best lines just about anywhere.

Some of my favourites:

+ Serious +
Talk To Me. Chad and Ichigo, and the language all their own. A beautiful story on how much can be said with silence.

No Going Back. RenjixGin. Sweet, hot, and achingly good. I love it when simple touching (this fic is PG-15) is written as well as this. Just goes to show that a fic doesn't have to hit an NC-17 rating to be this good in that sense.

Just the Way You Are, GinxKira, mentions of AizenxGin. The best way to describe this fic would be "sweet mindf**k". And now I want more Gin/Kira.

Fatherhood. Isshin, Ryuuken, Kenpachi. One of those stories that just walks up to you and catches you by the heart, just like that. The kind of fic you can't read if you're feeling nostalgic 'cause it'd just make you cry, or blink back tears. What I love about this story is the way that the writer makes the experience of fatherhood so very different for all these characters, but how there is something beautiful about every single one of these men's stories.

Day in and Day out. Shuuhei/Yumichika. This fic I read and loved before I even KNEW who these people were, and it just gets better when you know who they are. A lovely story about what it means to know someone very well simply because you've loved them for a very long time.

The Dating Game. ShuuxYumi, IkkakuxKira, Iba+Kira, Renji+Kira, slight ByakuyaxRenji. AND IT WORKS. Stole my heart with this line: "Then he went inside, letting himself feel proud for having given his first kiss ever. In all the times before, they’d been taken from him."

NOT by peroxidepest17! *shock*
Seven Visions of Snow
, by raynos. Zangetsu/Shirayuki. Don't knock it til you've tried it, this writer is good. A very beautiful story.

Humorous drabbles!
Genepool. IsshinxRyuuken, IchigoxIshida.
"Isshin jumped on Ryuuken from the stairway with a cry of “Okaeri!!” loud enough to shake the walls, tackling the elder Ishida before he had a chance to properly dodge and sending them both tumbling onto the couch as a result."

A Mystery, Wrapped in an Enigma, Hidden in a Swishy Scarf. Byakuya, and how he'd be able to literally knock people's socks off if he was just... NICE.

OMG Their Love is So… Um… Yeah. Implied KenpachixIchigo, with Kenpachi in major, major denial. This fic cracks me up so hard, and I would never have started reading Bleach fic if this hadn't been linked to me by homura, with risax's seal of approval.

Body and Soul. Shuuhei/Yumichika.

And because I really liked this, and I wanted to link it for homura: (VIVE LA BANKAI)

Parting Gift. As Renji leaves, 11th Division plots to get him a goodbye present he'll NEVER forget. When the first line of a fic's got THIS going for it, "Zaraki just can’t respect a guy who wants to work for the owner of the fruitiest bankai out of all bankais to ever bankai in the history of bankai-dom." - well, I can't not love a fic like that.

+ and just because +
Bleach Soul Sonic translation.

sjen is just amazing. Ichigo/Byakuya FIGHT! Hilarious recap of Episode 59. (Well, I can give you a lawyer's perspective on Soul Society law and the justifications of the literal interpretation of legislation/rule, but that was the lunchtime discussion today with giaan and our law friends), but isn't this more fun?) AND. And Kenpachi played with Tousen in the darkness of his bankai.
And just an example of what I get up to on the days I have my Jurisprudence Seminars and company law tutorials: the following portion of this LJ post has been brought to you by Jurisprudence and Company Law.

sjen: And I've really been enjoying him (Morikawa) voicing white-haired gay lunatics recently.

Well, you know you can't blame your friends for everything, but without risax I wouldn't have even noticed GunXSword and Blood+. But THEY ARE SO FUN. HAGI IS VERY PRETTY. He's like a cross between Gwendal and Legolas Conrad something quite pretty.

And sjen, like me: He's also wearing suspenders, which is one of my major kinks.

♥ sakurai takahiro ♥
Ray's first expressions OTHER than deadpan! urprisingly, they include: psycho, really psycho, pissed, ass-raped, and uke-beyond-belief. HA.

OH MY GOD HI Ray has a younger brother who reminds me of a VERY LARGE-EYED WOLFRAM.

RAY = HAGI don't you know.
he is izuru in bleach. THAT IS ALL. XD

risax, this week Friday, KISS KISS BANG BANG. XD Even if I have to PAY for you to see this. xD
the can-can dancing sephiroth is really your fault, you know. but hagi loves you anyway.

When I watch KKM episodes, right before I know a Yuuri/Wolfram scene is coming up, I SMILE LIKE A GOOFBALL. And I CAN'T HELP IT. It's UNCONTROLLABLE.

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