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... I'm reading House fic. This is a way-overdue post for nescienx.

I wish I was a House/Wilson fan, 'cause that's as obvious as Conrad/Yuuri, and has a whole lot more fic, and pretty much everyone I know who likes House is into this, but... What can I say, I like challenges. Imagine you are in the Japanese KKM fandom. House/Wilson is Conrad/Yuuri: more canon, with far more supporters, and SO MUCH MORE OBVIOUS than House/Chase, which is the Yuuri/Wolfram of the House fandom. *laughter!* As kali_exorin says, I can relate everything to KKM, as evinced by how she was showing us a lovely Blackadder icon, and I started talking about how Hugh Laurie's character was like the REALLY wimpy king that is not Yuuri in KKM. *laughing!*

General Good Places to Be


+ There's Beauty In the Breakdown
And House knows that you can’t just walk out of someone’s life and expect everything to be the same when you decide you aren’t done with them.
An excellent story. It's a story that isn't afraid to be without a happy ending, to let Chase be needy and House be House.

+ Symptomatic
And so here he is, a fallen man for a broken one and there’s no way to go but heartbreak, Chase is well aware of this.
"Being in love is one thing, showing it is another."
The context of this line is brilliant.
Becoming Wilson is far more terrifying, the notion of perpetually being in love with House and taking every last barb and brutal heartbreak offered for years and years makes Chase go cold, makes him so terrified that he doesn’t know what to do.

+ The Whys and Wherefores of Kilts
House comments, wondering if Chase will hear that before he's out the door and leaving him alone like every other person has done -- and yet, that's what he wants. Push them away, keep pushing until there's no one left.
"Don't you get it? I've got the limp, got the cane, got the drugs. I don't need the sympathy or the people needlessly cooing at me and asking what's going to fix me." He rolls his eyes. "I'm not broken. I was like this before."

+ Backlash

+ No Aphrodisiac
He accepted, even understood, the human need to lie to others; what he couldn't forgive was humanity's need to lie to itself.

Lists of House/Chase Fic
+ House/Chase Fic List
(warning: "House/Chase" here is defined in very broad sense (my GOD too much law! Why AM I talking like this?!), so there is unrequited House/Chase + Wilson/Chase, and Wilson/Chase with unrequired House/Chase and House/Wilson. Incidentally my real default-pairing is Wilson/Chase.)

+ House/Chase Fic List II

I like icons!
Cute Oral Fixation Icon here. Sort-of-slightly H/C icon here. Pretty icons. House/Chase "Look At Me". Wombat Hair! WHAT LIGHT FROM YONDER WINDOW BREAKS? It is the EAST and WOMBAT is the sun. Evil Glare icons! NICE CHASE ICON!
(I still can't find the Chase -> Arrow -> House's Boyfriend ones!)

+ Brilliant for House screencaps

Sometimes you see yourself so clearly in stories that it just makes you look, really look, at yourself. And sometimes you see other people. And sometimes it doesn't make you sad or happy or angry, because it is what it is.
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