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How HARD can it be to get back to Nibelheim ANYWAY?! :D

This entry was clearly brought to you by the LACK of OXYGEN at higher altitudes. Writing this actually kept me sane through a record SIXTEEN HOUR PLANE JOURNEY.

Chibi Kadaj is HOME! :D

But Chibi Kadaj had to sit through the WORST FLIGHT EVER on his way home. Chibi Kadaj spent sixteen hours on a plane and almost turned into Sephiroth from the frustration of it all. But Kaa-san said, "Sixteen hours on a plane? You got your money's worth!" Which made Chibi Kadaj burst out laughing, so it was ALL GOOD. :D

But Chibi Kadaj is HAPPY because Chibi Kadaj will finally be able to see Nii-san, who was so sweet when Chibi Kadaj was I AM SO FRUSTRATED I want to TORTURE SOME TURKS, Nii-san went to get Reno to hold still ♥ And Sephiroth-sama told Chibi Kadaj a story about Sephiroth-sama's pet chocobo who really should not have done that to Hojo's chair. :D Nii-san and Sephiroth-sama MUST come over to Chibi Kadaj's place, HE HAS SOMETHING WONDERFUL to show you.

Chibi Kadaj's flight started off >:O because at the check-in counter, everyone was told that the plane would stop over for ONE HOUR in Midgar because there wasn't enough fuel to get us back to Nibelheim. This was because there a fire at a fuel depot and so much fuel had been destroyed. Chibi Kadaj blames the Turks. That, or kyoudai who really should pay attention to WHICH fuel depots they are destroying.

When on the plane, however, THERE WAS ANOTHER hour's delay, because SO MANY CHOPPERS were trying to leave for MIDGAR that we all needed AIR CLEARANCE. Which, besides begging the question of WHO WANTS TO GO TO MIDGAR ANYWAY, that will teach Chibi Kadaj to hijack Turk choppers. Chibi Kadaj gets VERY ANNOYED at time wasted on planes because it means LESS TIME TO SPEND WITH NII-SAN okay.

In Midgar, there were FURTHER DELAYS. Chibi Kadaj would thank Marlene and Denzel NOT TO GO RUNNING AROUND THE AIRPLANE and step on Chibi Kadaj's feet, especially when Chibi Kadaj is thinking about going to look for Turks to torture. >D

AND THE BEST PART WAS, when Chibi Kadaj FINALLY touched down in Nibelheim, he was so EXCITED about leaving the plane that he LEFT KAA-SAN ON BOARD. He only realised it when he got to the Immigration counter and ALMOST DIED OF SHOCK. XD Cue a frantic rush BACK to the plane, where at one point he was told that he would have to get the PRESIDENT'S PERMISSION to OPEN THE PLANE again because the GATE was closed. But it was okay in the end, because the very nice Wutai squad held the gate open for Chibi Kadaj, and a very nice SOLDIER gave Chibi Kadaj more materia. ♥

THAT made absolutely NO sense maybe, so this is what happened. xD

When I got to Heathrow, I was told that our plane had to stop over for an hour in Frankfurt, because we didn't have enough fuel for the trip back to Singapore. This was because a massive fire at the Luton fuel depot had destroyed so much fuel the week before that a refueling stop was necessitated. When we got onto the plane, there was an hour+ delay WAITING IN THE PLANE because we needed clearance to take-off, as there was bad weather and FAR TOO MANY FLIGHTS landing in Frankfurt. When we got to Frankfurt, there were further delays, and by then I was so disorientated I didn't even realise it when the plane took off from Frankfurt. The entertainment system failed a record of three times, necessitating system shutdowns and 20-30 minutes before recovery. And when I finally got home, I was so excited to get off the plane that I left something on it. I realised this at the Immigration counter, and raced all the way back. I was even told I needed POLICE PERMISSION to open the plane again (the heck?!) but the staff were really nice and kept the gate open so I could go back and get what I'd left. And a really nice steward (who had earlier said he recognised me somehow) on the plane gave me an airline bag of breakfast cereal to bring home. It sounds like a crazy flight, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds - there was another girl sitting next to me from Kings', and Nii-san, she knows your housemate! xD And there was a really really cute blue-eyed and blond baby at the airport before I left, who was learning to walk and kept smiling at me. Couldn't help smiling back, he was so adorable. And I was reading a really really good book, and every Christmas card I wrote had Yuuri/Wolfram on it, and I was just so glad to be going home, so it really was not that bad!

shadow_icia did a GREAT FF-AC yaoi fansub, which I watch obsessively. ♥

!!!! firestorm717 I GOT YOUR PARCEL! *FALLS TO KNEES IN FRONT OF YOU like the Rufus-and-Kadaj scene!* CANNOT WAIT TO GO GET MORE THINGS FOR YOU. *BEAMS* My mom was, "Shall I open it for you?" And I was NONONONONONONONO because I KNEW what was inside XDDD *HUGS YOU SO TIGHTLY AND BEAMS*

HEE, it is GOOD TO BE HOME. The Singaporean dawn has softer edges than the London dawn, somehow. Last night we had a family dinner with the family on my Mom's side, it was so much fun and I SUBJECTED THE ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY TO FF-AC. One great thing about it is that it doesn't require plot understanding, because people are just HAPPY to be OOOO LOOK SUCH PRETTY GRAPHICS. My grandfather couldn't believe how realistic the blinking in the movie was, and my Dad was, "WHY ARE THEY STILL TALKING?! HURRY UP AND FIGHT ALREADY!!" and it was so cool because I found out that he'd actually SEEN FF-AC in a videogame store and REALLY WANTED TO BUY IT but couldn't FIND it somehow. He thought it was a movie and THOUGHT it should be made into a movie! And I was telling my cousin to guess which one I liked, and in about two minutes after Kadaj appeared she was, "You like that one." I WAS HOW DID YOU KNOW, and she said, "He looks like Yuki (from Fruits Basket), and if you like that type, then you will like him." She is so cool because when I came home they were showing a random documentary on guys at a poolside, I looked at it and was, 'that is so wrong' and SHE looked at me and said, "You've been reading TOO MUCH SLASH". xD We were talking about Aragorn/Legolas, and XDXDXD she likes Cloud. xD And I am WHY ARE YOU GOOGLING for FANFICTION?! Go on LJ!!! XD

AND MY BROTHERS. XD My youngest brother SOMEHOW knows when I am thinking about fandom/slash, somehow, I DO NOT KNOW HOW? On the car on the way home from the airport WE WERE ALL SINGING THE LLAMA SONG, YES I am mature cultured university student?! XD And at the dinner table I was, "I saw something really interesting I have to tell you guys about!" and my youngest brother was, "Was it about you seeing a gay man on the street making out with another gay man?" And my mom was, "There are YOUNG CHILDREN at the dinner table!" (my cousins are 13 and 7). And I was, "AND YOUR GRANDMOTHER AND GRANDFATHER TOO..."

Youngest brother, "...Oops."
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