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Internet Access is Always Internet Access.

We access our Internet from computer cluster rooms, and today I was in one when we were all evicted, as a class was coming in. So I made my way across to road to the computer center in which I am sitting now. ^_^ Therefore I will post before any other disruptions take place. The tenses in the following LJ entry may vary. I was writing LJ entries even while Internet access was far from certain. ^_^ So here they are:

When I watched Chicago. *Whoa*. There was an usher selling ice cream during the interval, and after looking her way for quite some time, I went up to her and asked, “Can I ask you a completely insane question? Are you into Lord of the Rings?” And she looked at me and said, “Big time.”

And inside, I was all !!!!!!!

And I’d never seen her before that day. Anyway, her favourite character is Aragorn (YAY, not Legolas!), and she’s into the books *and* the movies. She asked me, “Do I have it written all over my face?” And I answered– “I don’t know – I just wondered if you were into LOTR.” *laughter* So if anyone in London sees a strange individual wandering around asking even stranger fandom questions, it’s probably me. ^_^

I don’t know if it’s LOTR-Fandom Radar or anything, but that one time, it worked spectacularly.

Musicals. WHOA. I’ve watched Les Miserables for the first time in my life. It has only reinforced my impression that Cosette is an utter wimp. I much prefer Eponine, save the fact that she was so into Marius. ALSO. Marius was played by, of all people, Jon S Club 7. Then again, Ricky Martin also played Marius at one point in time, so you can probably see the correlation between Marius and pop-idol stardom.

The girl playing Young Cosette was absolutely fabulous. She was perfect. She performed a completely haunting rendition of “Castle on A Cloud”. And you can see, in later acts, when Cosette sings, she occasionally sings to the melody of “Castle In A Cloud”. “Cosette’s Theme”, if you like.

Recently Escaped! Jean Valjean = Out of Azkaban! Sirius. Even down to the hair.

The Bishop who forgives Valjean for stealing his silver – he was priceless. He, Valjean, and Javert, had Those Voices. Those Alan Rickman-Jeremy Irons voices. *beams* When anyone speaks or sings with a voice like That, it doesn’t matter who they are. My Inner Fangirl does backflips of joy.

Also I am having Very Bad Thoughts about Jean Valjean and Javert. I mean, what with Javert being completely obsessed with capturing Valjean? Am having same Bad Thoughts, to a lesser extent, as regards Enjolras (who was dangerously good-looking) and Marius (who had a ponytail. A blond ponytail. I do not know what it is about the clean-cut, innocent look when coupled with a blond ponytail that does this to me).

And Eponine’s parents. Right at the end, there’s a scene where they gatecrash Marius and Cosette’s wedding (BOO Marius! You should’ve married Eponine!), and they, being the gutter rats they are, are dishing the dirt on the wedding guests. Eponine’s Dad sings (to the tune of Lovely Ladies), “That one’s a queer, but what can you do?” The accused stops dancing, marches over and decks his accuser – and promptly nances off. The audience was very amused. ^_^

Leicester Square poster shops have Princess Leia cut-outs. Rebel Leader! Leia and Captured by Jabba! Leia. And also Darth Vader cut-outs. Life-size. And a Gandalf the Sparkly White cutout.

Things I have Felt Very Silly About Discovering In London:

1 . Brandy Snaps have no brandy in them. None. They do have ginger. But ginger snaps are cookies. So I guess they couldn’t name them ginger snaps. Also, brandy snaps remind me of the taste of Nestle powdered milk. I feel six again. But they’re chewy. ^_^

*everyone either o_Os, @_@s, or ^_^;;;;;;;s*

2 . Pardon my intense stupidity, but London vehicle speeds are measured in miles. Forgive Fresh Out of Airport! Me for looking at signboards, and thinking, “30 kilometres an hour. . . That does seem slow. . . ”

I’m sure there will be more.

London is an utterly gorgeous city, and it has given me 99.9% SQUEE and only 0.01% Kick Offending Object and Complain Loudly Material, but the 0.01% was .

The British Banking System should be slapped several times with a trout, then made into a parking meter through which live hamsters are stuffed regularly at one-hour intervals, every hour on the hour. Also it should be force-fed strawberries. Also I demand that the British Banking System BRING ME A SHRUBBERY. And a nice one. Because:

British Banking System (Heretofore referred to as BBS, because I need to practice my legalese, and because. Just Because.): YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Me: But I am a Lawful Knight of Camelot! I am on a quest for the Holy Grail! I have documents! *waves them*


Me: *presents shrubbery*

BBS: It was not procured when the seventh moon of Jupiter crossed paths with the ninth sun of Saturn! IT WILL NOT DO! BRING ME A SHRUBBERY! And a nice one, mind you.

Only this was done with three branches each of two different banks, and over two days, and only after going through a singularly circuitous route to Branch #2 that Employee of Branch #1 had misguidedly put us through. And after all this – I have my shrubbery, but the Knights Of Ni BBS is not available until next week. The Head Knight of Ni is on holiday.


That aside, the British Telephone System, when it comes to procuring a contract-based telephone line, is just the same. I would dearly like to know how I am supposed to produce several months’ worth of banking statements from a British bank after being subjected to Experience Detailed Above, which is not worth recounting. If that was the British Banking System Experience for Foreign Students, this is the British Telecom Experience for Foreign Students.

Assume you are a prospective pet owner, and British Telecom, herewith referred to as BT, has said pet.

BT: “Has your pet been in residence in this state of this country for a minimum of three months (Never mind the fact that said pet did not exist in this world for the last two), and have you proof in the form of a vet’s letter addressed to ME, and only to ME, for I know not of this Whom It May Concern, declaring your ownership of this pet for these past three months (Never mind the fact that you do not yet own this pet)? Also, this letter must include your pet’s past and present addresses, the dates when it received its shots, and the names of all said shots, and detailing your pet’s lineage for at least five years. Oh, and have a nice day.”

Yeah, that’s it. I was immensely upset. Then I realized thinking about stuffing hamsters into a parking meter was more fun than wanting to cry. So here this is. And at the moment, I've the bank account, but not the phone, and I am perfectly fine with it all. ^_^

So I shall make a great deal of noise for a little while, and I will go back to squee. ^_^

I like high fantasy. That’s Tolkien-esque fantasy, when writers create entire new worlds, new languages, new cultures - everything. I think my style of writing, however, is high XDXDXD. It was homura that came up with the XDXDXD aspect of it, though. ^_^

And there was this lovely elderly American gentleman who was on the same Lake District tour as my mom and I. At the end of the journey, this happened:

He asked, “Did you enjoy the trip?”

And I was:


And then he said, “I think you’ll have fun wherever you go. I hope you’ll always have that enthusiasm.”

And I was - ^_______________________________^

The Lake District was completely gorgeous. I wished, so many times, that I had Ratal with me, and anyasy, and arwen_elvenfair, and everybody who has ever loved fantasy. It is Lord of the Rings country as is no other - except maybe New Zealand. Our tour vehicle - it was not a bus, nor a car - it was a Mountain Goat. Somewhere in between. ^_^ - stopped at the top of a dam, and it was breathtaking. There was mist over the water, there was the mountains surrounded us, and the mist rolling through the forests, and the most glorious silence I have ever heard. I wished so badly that you were all with me to share that. *hugs you all*

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