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Because I thought everyone should know. I AM A CHOCOBO!!!

When I wake up in the morning, I look like a chocobo.

risax and giaan can attest to the truth of this, because when my hair was short it did this, and now that my hair is as short as Treize from Trinity Blood's (yeah, drastic, but I figured if I wasn't going to get my hair cut for six months, I'd get a haircut that'd LAST me six months) - the spike factor has gone WAY UP, pardon the pun.

You see Cloud in Advent Children? You know how cosplayers have to invest in 74020402043023 million gil worth of hair products to make their hair look like that?

I have to gel my hair into OBLIVION to make it NOT look like that.

Clearly I thought you all should know this. :D

This comes of only sleeping for one and a half hours for the sake of getting through Intellectual Property and Evidence tutorials. BUT BUT YOU SEE, IF I AM A GOOD HENACHOKO and read my Evidence Law article UNTIL MY BRAIN BREAKS but I finish it, LJ rewards me by giving me a post from tinted_glass, a really really good KKM fic by mousapelli, and a cloudandkadaj fic from my favourite Kadaj RP writer. ONE. AFTER. ANOTHER. This is just like the day it was my birthday and murata_x_yuuri and kkm_wolframfans turned up on the community. SEE, MY FANDOM GIVES ME PRESENTS! FOR EVERYTHING! :D

Also, risax is cruel and I am easily influenced and now I see Sephiroth/Cloud EVERYWHERE. That is a link to one EPIC conversation between her, me, and homura on FFAC soundtrack songs.

Ever heard Frank Sinatra's "My Funny Valentine"? :D
And I wish to share Bleach fic in Chinese - Confessions of the Shinigami. I know, Chinese, but THE FIRST PART MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD:

山本:我的心愿?我只希望某些人可以放过我的徒子徒孙们。不要让我早上一睁开眼睛就听说XX和XX又搞上了XX又插足了XX为了 XX举刀追着XX从流魂13区到68区等等等等,如果没有这些气受我想我真的可以再多活几年,特别是我最近听说有组织声称其实在一千年前我才是13番总攻饶了我吧我生来就这样从来没有为同人志毁过容。

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