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*bursts out laughing* It is slightly insane, and does tend to go off at strange moments, but I'M ONLINE!!!!!

(Am also setting new records for using up my caps and exclamation mark quotas. But SQUEE. At last I'm on a keyboard that I know! The UK keyboards have #s where the "s normally are, and the " is where the @ is. XDXDXD)

It is now 10.36pm in London, which means No One's Up In Almost Everywhere Else - say, it's 5.36am in Singapore. I shall comment endlessly. ^_________________^

Today it's 16 degrees Centigrade in London. I don't trust myself when I think it's cold, but when people from Austria and Wales say it's cold, I believe them. Still, we've got gorgeous clear skies, and sunshine. ^_^ Some tried turning on the radiator last night, but the central heating hasn't been turned on, so no heat was to be had.

I have the toe socks homura gave me. They are extremely helpful. *glomps homura* Also, I like the way they look. ^_^

First lecture of the day. What a laugh. Not twenty minutes through the lecture, the fire alarm began shrieking. All of us sat in our seats, with the This-Can't-Be-Happening-On-My-First-Lecture look on our faces. Then our lecturer looked at us, rather bemused, and said, "The standard procedure is to begin evacuating."

So we did.

Someone Up There really doesn't want us to begin Law lectures. Our first lecture was called off due to strikes, and now this. Am deeply amused.

Also, on another note, the Londoners say "Cheers" just the way Skinner does. (I know, I know, he's British, and everything, but still, I get a huge kick whenever anyone says this to me. And they say it as a form of thank you, so you can imagine *smiles* I go around in this XDXDXD mode because I'm thinking, "Skinner-Speak!")

Had Cheese and Wine today. It's when all us Law students squeeze into a room that's three times too small for us. Oh. And our seniors have taken the step of pouring all the wine into innocuous apple and grape juice cartons. So it looks like you're going to have a healthy drink. Appearances are deceiving. There isn't a wine bottle in sight, but that over there sure isn't fruit juice.

We met our Parents. That is, our senior buddies. The Powers That Be have especially selected a male and female student to parent a pair of first-years. My mother vanished after a while, in search of her son, whom we never did find. But my father spilled wine on me twice. He didn't mean to, and it wasn't a full glass either time, and we had a lovely conversation. He is one of those *falls off chair and crawls under table to hide* students. First qualification - Topped the year last year.

Also we have a Property lecturer who's like Snape, only minus the sexy. He makes people cry, and he kicks them out of classes, he's deeply demanding, and he's apparently very good. He lives by a whole different set of rules, my father told me.

My tutorial teacher's a man named Wilde whom no senior knows anything about. I keep thinking of the manga ranchelle translated for aingeal_isilme and I, but am sure my tutor will not be a gorgeous dark-haired - Must not think. ^_^ Shall only be disappointed. *amusement*

Walked to the medical center to register with two girls, and two guys, one of whom had absolutely no qualms about singing I Feel Pretty at the top of his voice when we were crossing the street. He did the entire verse. "I Feel Pretty, I Feel Pretty, I Feel Pretty and Witty and GAY." Emphasis his.

After which he began trying to convince the other guy to sing about Prettiness. Not much success there, although I thought I caught the first line sung. *glances*

Went out for dinner with my father's friends - a couple, and the wife's sister. Had an absolutely wonderful night where the wife and the wife's sister were telling me about how the wife and her other sister used to be absolute Jeremy Irons fangirls after watching Brideshead Revisited. Apparently the other sister came to London and got her hands on an old telephone directory, which she used to find Irons' address. She and her friend went to stake out the house. They watched the sun set, saw the cat come in, and met his wife, who was naturally extremely !!!! and HOW DID YOU GET THIS ADDRESS?!?! TELL NO ONE!! Unfortunately, he was out of town. But they did get a picture of themselves standing outside his house. The husband told us that he had a sighting, too - he was in Sydney, standing in the immigration line, when this man with a baseball cap four people away from him said, "Yes, I'm him, and I'm here to do a movie." And he was standing RIGHT NEXT TO JEREMY IRONS at the baggage claim. *dies* I adore Jeremy Irons' voice. ^____^

Oh. la_muerta. The wife tells me that the man who came to do their tiles once did Alan Rickman's tiles. I was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you can imagine. Apparently he lived in KENSINGTON. *DIES* But she doesn't think he lives there any longer. Can I stalk him? Can you come over to London so we can stalk him together? Can you do this now? Now?

Am back in the hall, and MY INTERNET IS WORKING. My hair smells of smoke, and it's too cold to wash it, but am full of HAPPY. *WILD GLEE*


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