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Worth a Thousand... Well, maybe.

This is for all the LOTR fans. The Fellowship Rose. And no, I did not put the placard there.

This is for arrch. Just because. My Room. Note the Nemo, please. Whole and healthy.

I thought of aingeal_isilme and arwen_elvenfair when taking this picture.

This is the Other Windermere in the Lake Districts.

Rose Bowers in Kensington Gardens.

For la_muerta. Because the Natural History Museum reminded me of the Hogwarts you captured in Germany. I have the slide as PROOF. ^_^

This is for the L/S Shippers. XDXDXD *flees Serry* I was in the Lake Districts, and I saw this, which made me think of our favourite couple kissing in a churchyard. *stays hidden*

This is for anyasy, because it's the Issue #2 cover of Darkness.

This is for ranchelle, because the Lake District was LOTR Country. And try as I could, I couldn't quite describe this. This moment was when I wished most strongly that everyone who loved fantasy could be with me.

This is for lacewood, because you like Robin Hobb. ^_^ And for ammonium, too. Robin Hobb. Literally. He/she was a wonderfully friendly robin who was with me when I was at Kensington Gardens.

This is incredible. We were driving in the Lake District when what should happen but the Charge of the Sheep Brigade. The title was given by the lovely American gentleman who was with us. I guess this would be for SW - Who else? - if she sees this. ^_^

And this would be for clara_swift, lauramcewan, nescienx, ammonium, ranchelle, and everyone else who is into either Star Wars or HP. Ooh, sarahcoldheart, you might go !!! at the Titanic picture on this. Essentially, it's The Simpsons. As Jedi, Jack & Rose, Harry and the Quidditch Team, and Manchester United. I think. This was a shop window in the Lake District.

This is for blackmagickbaby, because you mentioned absinthe. This was the display at Sainsbury's. One of the bottles is absinthe.

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