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trust me
... hey you know, right now, I wouldn't mind being two people. 
4th-Mar-2006 11:45 pm
I would rather knit a cactus
Put it this way:

4th May: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
(And let me tell you why studying in two universities with totally different exam and school timetables totally sucks. Bad enough that for this ENTIRE TERM, I've been having classes ending at 4pm in ONE UNIVERSITY and beginning at 4pm IN THE OTHER UNIVERSITY. Which, by the way, is TEN MINUTES away from the first BY BUS. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. YOU TRY BEING IN TWO PLACES AT ONE TIME.

At exactly the same time my first exam begins, so does a tutorial in my second university. A tutorial I'm going to have to miss. This doesn't sound so bad save for the fact that I'm going to NEED EVERY SECOND OF HELP I CAN GET. And also, I could ALWAYS attend a makeup tutorial AFTER my paper, but HOW MUCH ATTENTION will I be paying THEN?)

9th May: Company Law

11th May: Evidence Law

Don't know the date of the last exam yet, but I will soon. WOW, STUDYING LAW FOR THE WIN. Sorry, legal theory, things will change tomorrow, BUT I DON'T FEEL LIKE LOVING YOU TODAY.
5th-Mar-2006 12:05 am (UTC)
*HUGSS* Anything I can do to make you feel better?
5th-Mar-2006 12:12 am (UTC)

... I think it's probably not too good that my first answers to that solution are: 1. Take my life, which has two meanings: #1, kill me, #2, here, have it! XD

But thank you - *hugs* Heh, you're sweet for offering. *grin* Thank you - it's just been one hell of a week, really, and this is the icing on the cake. :D

Hey, your icon's gone some way to that already. ; ) Those two, the GAYEST EVER, REALLY.
5th-Mar-2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Aww, sug! I know how you feel, sometimes the work just piles up on me here at school and I just don't feel like doing anything but curling up and ignoring everything.

Just try to take it all one moment at a time, that usually works for me. Instead of stressing over what you could be doing right then, think about what you are doing and how it's helping you. Like my academic adviser always says, "be here now," when you're done with whatever it is, move on to the next thing and try to think of it as climbing a rope. It's hard, but you can only succeed by just pulling along.

Good luck, I know you'll do great! <3<3<3
5th-Mar-2006 01:27 am (UTC) - *hugs you tight*
Thank you so much - *hugs you tight* You know exactly what it feels like - sometimes it seems like the task before one is so insurmountable that one just feels like not even trying if it's going to be that difficult. *hugs tight*

*HUGS* Thank you so much. *smiles* You're better than MY academic advisor, for sure, who I seem to constantly have to chase to get anything done! *laughter*

*hugs you once again* Thank you so much. That does help, really, and thank you. *HUGS TIGHT* Hope you're doing fine, and that work and school isn't being too much! *hugs!*
5th-Mar-2006 12:11 am (UTC)

Is there another IP law class on another day that you can go for? =/ *hugs* Double check with your tutor? 'cos sometimes even though the classes are scheduled, they don't always have them in the summer term...

I sometimes think the universities do it deliberately... = = 'cos one of my friends at SOAS has been missing half of either her LSE lecture or SOAS lecture for the entire academic year because of a clash in timetables...

*gives more hugs and writes you bad restaurant fic*
5th-Mar-2006 01:33 am (UTC) - *HUGS TIGHT*
I WANT TO KILL THE DAMNED EXAM TIMETABLE. And in a way, being at your university is actually mitigating the damage, because at least the other paper will begin in a way that there'll be SOME decent space between the third paper and the fourth. *hugs tight*

Unfortunately, I don't think there are classes on other days, cause my lecturer lives in Cambridge and he basically travels down on Thursdays and has all his tutorials in one day, to save his travel time. *crawls into Suzuki Chihiro's arms a large bowl of green tea ice cream* >D But heh, I will ask him again, just in case. xD Sobs, I almost wish the classes weren't going to happen, but he just said on Friday about how we're going to still have tutorials and talked about the revision lectures during those summer term weeks. Heh.

... LET'S BLAME IT on the University of London for not synchronising classes correctly. xD But it probably only affects 1% of the school population, so they're not too bothered. But your poor friend! Half a lecture is awful! Although that IS what I miss on Mondays cause my teacher tends to end EXACTLY on time or go over. >D

(Deleted comment)
5th-Mar-2006 12:54 am (UTC)
;____; *HUGS* Ugh, all those exams in a row sounds just awful. Wish I could be there to make you feel better, dear. Good luck and please don't overstress *hugs* Anything nice I can send you?
5th-Mar-2006 01:09 am (UTC)
=/ Jeez, is there no one you can talk to about having to be in two places at once? O.o Is that really why studying in London is supposed to be so great, wtf. *shoots them* *pets you* Probably doesn't help any, but I think you've been handling that pretty well, lol.

I think you've put the whole "ZOMG HATE!" off for too long, hun. Hope you feel a bit better after ranting =/ Sorry for making it so hard for you. *hugs*

... Just keep 7th April free? *sigh*
5th-Mar-2006 01:43 am (UTC)
Eheh. More like talking about it wouldn't change anything, so I just VENT about it and then go off and make icons. >D I'm not normally this bad about it, but this week has been a pretty awful one, RL and otherwise, so I think general stoic defences = -1 at this point of the week. It *was* a good day, though.

And studying in London *is* actually great, even my scheduling conflicts don't change that. It's just scheduling conflicts that suck.

I guess I generally handle that well because I can handle things if they come one at a time. But if they're all at once... well, there's a limit to the number of crises I can handle.

I do though. I don't generally want to talk about what's bothering me until it's reached the point where I am EXPLODE OR TALK and usually it's a bit of both. But well, that's neither here nor there.

... oh.
5th-Mar-2006 01:09 am (UTC)
May I ask why you are so crazy as to have set up your schedule of classes to conflict as they do? It seems to me painfully masochistic and avoidable, which is to say maybe you could have waited a semester to take one of the courses? All work and no play makes Chris a dull girl? And so does society's inane expectations of college students. Hang in there, Chris. *hugs*
5th-Mar-2006 01:22 am (UTC) - Zazu describes my feelings perfectly!
*HUGS BACK* School and university is evil. CONSIGNS IT TO... I don't know. Can't think of a bad enough place.

Eheh, I don't think I work hard enough as it is. *hugs you* Thank you.

Comes to end of rope, ties knot and hangs on? *grin*

I'm crazy, but not that crazy - well, not for work, at least. XD Fandom = different matter. If I could have avoided this, I would. We don't take different courses in different semesters - our courses run for the entire academic year. (I'm not used to the concept of knowing schedules before choosing a course, our system's just weird that way)

And we choose at the end of the last academic year, and the schedules don't come out until we've already been accepted into the courses, which means that the only way out of a scheduling conflict by then is to switch courses.

And this is my last year at university. It's now or never. I would've taken the conflicting course at my university, save for the fact that our only lecturer ran off and joined the other university, so this state of affairs has pretty much sucked all academic year. I pretty much just grit my teeth and run from university to university, but this is the final straw.
5th-Mar-2006 01:21 am (UTC)

now i feel bad about ranting about MY school stuff~

5th-Mar-2006 01:39 am (UTC)
*sits in corner and gazes at wall* Mura-Mura is angsting. But eheh, you make it better. *hugs tight* Thank you so much. ACK, I try not to rant, but sometimes about the big things, I'm just ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT or EXPLODE and well. *hugs tight* Thank you...
5th-Mar-2006 02:25 am (UTC)
d00d! :O That sounds AWFUL. *pats* *sympathises*
6th-Mar-2006 12:53 am (UTC)
Thank you so much *hugs* *hides behind Daddybombed!Ichigo!* *whimpers* Your 24/7 film project is just as scary/scarier! AND EXAMS ARE EVIL, especially in quick succession!

Happy Princess Tutu writing :D
5th-Mar-2006 02:26 am (UTC)
*hugs you tight*

Law sounds... really, really difficult.Do your best!!! ^_______^
6th-Mar-2006 12:54 am (UTC)
*HUGS YOU TIGHT, TOO* It is, though mostly I just go ARGHHHH and go hide amongst my textbooks, seething. *laughter* But thank you so much! *hugs* I needed that. *hugs* Hope you're fine, too... *hugs* And that things look up soon! *hugs*
5th-Mar-2006 04:18 am (UTC)
Like the others say, hang in there!

Who knows! Perhaps there might be a hero that could save you from that terrible fate of time! A hero with a scooter or something.
6th-Mar-2006 12:55 am (UTC)

I WILL! *hangs on, swings on Spider-man!rope!* XD

THE PHANTOM OF THE LAW REVIEW!!! XD IT IS A GOOD IDEA. Our eyes can meet over the pages and pages of law reports in the school library! A spark will ignite that sets the BOOKS on fire! ; ) The university will go up in flames and WE WILL NOT HAVE TO TAKE OUR EXAMS!!!

SO YES! XD *HUGS* Thank you! *grin*
5th-Mar-2006 04:31 am (UTC) - I came over to ask if I could add you to my flist... *blushes*
Would it cheer you up if I said I wrote the next part, or would it distract you if you need to work...?

Good luck with your exams...! Law school must be really hard.
6th-Mar-2006 12:46 am (UTC) - *beams* But of course! *runs off and adds you!*
I wanted so badly to ask if I could friend you but I was scared to! *hides* Thank you so much! *beams* I'm incredibly honoured. I hope I don't scare you off with all the YAY *running around and slashing everything!* attitude! *hides*

*BEAMS* Not a distraction at all - a well-deserved reward from work! *beams* Thank you for sharing your stories with us - these really are some of the best stories I've ever read! I would never have known they existed without you. *grin*

Thank you! Heh, it is, but I shouldn't complain about it. *hides* Sometimes the I NEED TO VENT instinct turns up, and I apologise for this being one of the first things you have to see! *hides*
5th-Mar-2006 07:11 am (UTC)
oh dear! *HUGZ!* Those are tough exams. I never liked legal theory / jurisprudence and will probably never want to take it again for the rest of my natural life. Good luck for the exams! Hang in there! ^______^
6th-Mar-2006 12:57 am (UTC)
SOBS, YOU KNOW MY PAIN. But you had it worse, you poor thing, you had to do Juris in your first year! MY BRAIN WOULD HAVE BROKEN FROM IT. Like it is now. XD Thank you so much! *hugs tight* All the best for your exams, too! *cheers you on!*
5th-Mar-2006 07:41 am (UTC)
You have your exams really early...But, anyway, together we will beat the University of London examinations systems, in whatever form it may take! It will all go super because I now declare it so! D
6th-Mar-2006 12:58 am (UTC)
I think we have exams the earliest? Imperial has them the latest - so late that we end school before they even start! LET US GO BEAT THE UNIVERSITY! *HUGS!* And everytime I walk past your university I will go US FOR THE WINNN!!!

... so yes, the maniac being dragged away by campus security guards, there's some 80% chance she's me. *laughter*
5th-Mar-2006 08:05 am (UTC)
*hugs you* we must all get well-acquainted with the lse library over the easter break ;______; then we SHALL PWNZ those STUPID SUMMER EXAMS ;)
6th-Mar-2006 12:59 am (UTC)


All the best for Monday! *HUGS TIGHT* See you soon! *hugs!*
5th-Mar-2006 08:21 am (UTC)
I now drool at your lovely new icons. ♥

And good luck in your exam+work! ;____;
6th-Mar-2006 01:00 am (UTC)

I was going to reply with a Guy icon and I was WAIT, I HAVE A BETTER ONE >D BECAUSE ASCHXLUKE FOR THE SCORE!!!!!! XDDDD *EVIL GRIN*

*HUGS TIGHT!* All the best for your project and major tooo... Hang in there!
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