June 5th, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Orchard with a Vengeance

Seems like my Orchard/City outings this week all last a minimum of six hours.

Am not complaining ^____________________^

Went out with Risa, Claire, Huileng and Ailin today. SW couldn’t come :( Tried the high tea at Taka’s pasta shop. Not bad! Learnt that will never be a lady, as had the messiest time with my Napoleon. Like a strawberry strudel with cream. Then went to Kinokuniya, Gramaphone, and Marche, in that order. ^_^

Glad to learn am not alone in my views on horror ^_^ I don’t read it – don’t watch those books, or watch such films. Much to own misery. The stories are lovely, and the movies sound immensely interesting, but own mind is too weak for the psychological onslaught. Will spend time in bathroom looking over own shoulder, or get up in bed to check that there’s nothing by the foot of the bed, and other assorted paranoiac tics.

Saw one of the Kino staff with an OoTP shirt! *envies*

Seating in Marche now Nazified. You aren’t admitted in if you claim to have friends on the inside. You must summon them for admittance. Or maybe is just that it was unusually crowded tonight.

Sibling made extreme hints as to what he wanted for his birthday present. Got it today.
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