June 13th, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

We're Being Invaded!

*falls off chair* Extremely tired. Had five hours of sleep last night - yes, own fault. Was up late, and then changed LJ style. Took a while, and before I knew it, it was 5am. Got up at 10.30am this morning - family outing. Grandparents, aunt, and two cousins. One the Legolas fancier, who is on to me for Elrond pictures. She wants to mutilate them the way she did the HP pictures. Where she gave Snape golden locks and pink ribbons.

Picked up aunt and the Non-Legolas fancier (who is six) - then went off to my grandparents' house. Made a puzzle with the Non-Legolas Fancier (heretofore known as NLF). She's much better at it than I am. Possibly because was staring at puzzle upside down, but still, she's better. Her parents are good at jigsaws, too. According to my grandmother, she's already helping with the 500- and 1000-piece puzzles. *falls off chair* In all likelihood, will never touch a 500 word jigsaw puzzle with any intent of fixing the thing. The one we were working on was fairly small - perhaps some 50 pieces. And - *shame* - I felt accomplished when I was done with it.

Off to school to pick up the Legolas Fancier, then to Seoul Garden. Twice in one week! *beams* Not that I mind! And this time, for once, they had twice the number of ice-cream flavours, and ice cream that one could actually get at with a minimum of ice-pick activity.

Then off to Kinokuniya. Was assigned to look after the kids. Legolas Fancier went, "Okay! I leave you with her!" and left me with NLF. Smart kid. Legolas Fancier, that is. Went off to the Kids' Section with NLF. Eventually took A.C. Grayling's latest book - Genius - as well as several other books on psychology, off to the Kids' Section. Genius basically an account of several literary greats and their work. Good for an introduction, I suppose - but I thought it was far too brief. That reading done between sporadic dashes after NLF, to ensure that she didn't get lost when she wandered off to look for books to read. Distressed that she is still reading Maisie.

Then to drop my grandparents off, and off to home with NLF and Legolas Fancier. Will never cease to be amazed by how easily children are amused. They spent a great deal of time enthusiastically de-fluffing my jacket. Told them that there would never be an end to it, but it didn't discourage them.

We ended up drawing in my bedroom. We always end up drawing in my bedroom. Usually their idea. It's just about the closest I come to making my own art (aside from layouts, which don't really count.) Never was an artist and never shall be. Did teach Legolas Fancier to draw steak, which doesn't count. She thinks I draw food well. *falls off chair* Realised today that Legolas Fancier (heretofore known as LF) knows what pointillism is. And she's in primary school. Also refers to Picasso as "Pablo".

Met the McDonalds' Toys Dory and the Glittery Squid. Dory emits whale echolocation when fin is depressed. (Why did McDonalds make its dories emit such sounds?) Also, Glittery Squid glows and functions like a super soaker. *IQ Level sinks*

Also painted both LF and NLF's nails, after permission was granted from their mother. Pink glittery polish. I had no idea children's nails were so very small. Yes, am ignorant much. LF also much amused by MAD magazine. Mom and bro got me the FOTR and TTT versions.

Bro came home and had a massive bolster-Iggy-Cushion-Tare Panda fight with LF and NLF. Much shrieking involved, though not on bro's part. Oh yes. And fight occurred in my bedroom. Bro said was not as bad as time that they cornered him in the living room and went at him with the sofa cushions. Poor boy.

Are kids this exhausting, or is it just me?

And it's Father's Day on Sunday, and I haven't got anything!
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