June 21st, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

LOTR Icon Songset!

This songset would not have been possible without nixxie_, Uruviel's Argonath and the galleries at War of the Ring. And of course, this would never have come into being without arwen_elvenfair, whose songsets and icons are, as ever, an inspiration.

Brought on by watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Once More With Feeling". (Yes, where I am, we get it this late.)

This songset is Giles' "Standing in the Way". For Elrond and Arwen.

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Edit to say: *winces* Some of the icons didn't manage to load. I've uploaded them to a new host, and here they are! *crosses fingers*


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Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Spoilers on My Mind

Went driving again this morning. Since it was a Saturday, the circuit was unseasonably crowded. Discovered to my horror that am not good in the presence of many other vehicles. I start to panic, if subconsciously. And there were... cars to the left of me, 'cycles to the right...

*laughter* Right in line with my first driving lesson, which began in the rain.

Just am thankful that the second driving lesson occurred on a relatively quiet morning.

Achievement! Only stalled the car twice today! *laughter* Though demonstrated a shameful level of anxiety on the road, and an equally painful lack of coordination.

Went to Great World City to watch the Matrix Reloaded on IMAX. Dad and Mom hadn't seen it. and Dad had been talking incessantly about it ^_^ It was wonderful seeing Agent Smith again! ^_^

In my opinion, however, IMAX only makes the digital scenes more impressive, such as the scrolling code shots. For most part, it was just like a big movie screen. Oh, and the fact that you get to see the uncensored version, which is only more of Neo and Trinity than you'd ever care to see. Than I'd ever care to see, that is. You're not missing anything if you don't see the full version. Unless you'd care to see Keanu and Carrie-Ann in the buff. *winces* Me, I'd rather not.

Had dinner at Great World City, then came home. En route to parking lot, heard kids outside the pet shop. Very disturbing. They were looking at a window-ful of rabbits and hamsters, and I distinctly heard one of the kids demand, "Who said they were poisonous?"

Did he mean poisonous hamsters? Strangely, that thought amused me to no end.

Biggest Irony of Day

The car park signs read "Exit: Zion Road".


Welcome Back, Harry!

Spent a delightful 9 3/4 - 9 = 3/4 of an hour today at Borders, evilly scanning Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to find out Who Bought It. I didn't think I'd be so delighted to see the book, but I was. My idea of an excellent book is one that you fall into the instant you pick it up and turn the pages, where the story builds up around you and draws you in. That's what a good book is, for me. And after a time, you become so engrossed that you just keep on reading. That's why the fantasy section at Borders is such a minefield for me! *laughter* I go there, look at one book, read it, then catch sight of another, which looks equally interesting, and then as I bring myself to put it down, I glimpse yet another. *laughter*

For anyone who's interested, the book's available in Borders in all three covers. And it's sold at what MPH calls the "pre-order price". So there was no need to pre-order. Did not bother, in any case.

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