June 22nd, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Elephants and Extreme Commenting ^_^

Went to the zoo today, with Mom, bro, Legolas Fancier, and Non-Legolas Fancier. NLF is a pretty good kid, really. Doesn't make much fuss. Much better than I was, as a child.

Did not eat breakfast, so had it at KFC. Just as well, cause there Mom ran into a colleague who told her that all healthcare workers going to the Zoo, the Birdpark, and Night Safari go free, where their party members get half price. That's til September. ^_^

The zoo's been renovated, so it all looks good. The entire front entrance has been revamped. No more squawking macaws or algae-filled pond. Just a fountain, and a new coffee joint next to the KFC. The whole look is very Balinese. Open air, space, and wood.

I believe that the zookeepers try extra hard on Sundays. Never have I seen so many animals as on today. And for the first time in years the chicks were free for handling. Was quite worried about the chicks, seeing as they were being held by kids whose attention span seemed to be some five seconds, at best.

The new elephant enclosure is up! It has an elephant hide. You can climb up and look around. ^_^

Had lunch, and then... Became very interested in seeing if I could get anyasy's comments link up to 50.

Mission accomplished! *beams*

anyasy also told me about a Wolverine/Witchblade crossover drawn by Michael Turner and inked by D-Tron.

We want.
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