July 9th, 2003

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I Found Nemo! (Thrice.)

Due to complete obsession with Finding Nemo, have watched said movie three times, with copious note-taking each time. Apologies to risax and homura who had to sit through the scribbles. ^_^ Twice.

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First Pointless Observation on Knick Knack, the short before Finding Nemo: Sunny in italics reads an awful lot like Serry.

Second Pointless Observation: I’m deranged.

Obsessively went to hunt down the Finding Nemo interviews. Check out this site for the Interview. Go to the Fishy Folk link. ^_^

All this is making me think of
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Due to complete obsession with Finding Nemo, have watched said movie three times, with copious note-taking each time. Apologies to <lj user="risax"> and <lj user="homura"> who had to sit through the scribbles. ^_^ Twice.

<lj-cut text="Backstory">

Finding Nemo opened here on the 5th of June. It wasn’t until the mid-twenties of June did I finally manage to see it. Making up for lost time, I guess ^_^ But I adore this show. First watched it with the Australian aunt, which made watching the Fish School’s impression of Sydney somehow more entertaining. ; )

The day my family went to the airport to bring my brother home, my cousins and I were Counting Nemo in the airport fish tank. It was a massive tank, and housed, along with four sharks, some sixteen clownfish. ^_^

Pilot Pointless Observation (Prototype): When Finding Nemo opened, Lido had a fishtank in its cinema lobby put up especially to promote the film. And also fish food. Said tank, however, had no clownfish.


First Pointless Observation on Knick Knack, the short before Finding Nemo: Sunny in italics reads an awful lot like Serry.

Second Pointless Observation: I’m deranged.

Obsessively went to hunt down the Finding Nemo interviews. Check out <a href="http://movies.yahoo.com/movies/feature/findingnemo.html">this site</a> for the Interview. Go to the Fishy Folk link. ^_^

All this is making me think of <lj-comm="jonathanthefish">. *grin*

<lj-cut text="More Piecemeal Observations (Pointless Much!)">

Pearl the Octopus looks like a pink aquatic Boo (from Monsters Inc.). Not surprising. Both are Pixar films.

This film reminds me of a simile my sibling invented: “Her voice was like a Pixar film – entirely animated.” Was much amused.

Jacques the Cleaner Shrimp (I’dve said he was a Tiny Lobster, but apparently, no) is utterly hilarious. His answer to Gill’s admonition against tank-cleaning – “I shall resist”. His abashed answer to being caught cleaning – “I am ashamed.” It’s the perfectly clipped, formal tone in which he speaks that makes me laugh. ^_^ As <a href= http://www.magicalears.com/animation/Finding_Nemo/gallery.htm >this pretty cool fansite</a> says, he “cleans and cleans with the fervor of a soldier in the French resistance”. *amused* *remembers learning the Napoleonic Wars*

Bubbles (the yellow tang) – immensely giggle-worthy. Utterly consumed by his fanatical obsession for bubble-capturing. This worsened by the fact that the Chinese subtitles for “bubbles” were pao4 pao4. *falls off chair* Somehow, reading it in Chinese made it doubly hilarious for me. Bubbles’ voice actor – Stephen Root – said, in the interview, "Bubbles is just plain nuts."

Bubbles’ line that made his character for me?

*possessively* "<i>My</i> bubbles."

And Gill. Gill. *falls at his fins* [ line used in homage to my <a href= http://the_metatron.blogspot.com >Professor</a>, who used this in relation to <b>our</b> Professor, substituting feet for fins ]

I name Gill the aquatic version of Snape, except this version has a <i>reason</i> to be slimy, and is much nicer. ^_^

(Would that make Nemo the aquatic version of Harry?)

Gill has this gorgeously smoky voice. *collapses* I am an utter sucker for these voices. As evinced by swooning over Alan Rickman (Snape in Harry Potter), Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, but I liked him for his role as that savage Tavington in The Patriot [Was delighted to see Heath Ledger’s character wave bye-bye]), Jeremy Irons (As the Morlock in The Time Machine), and Willem Dafoe (The elder Osbourne/Green Goblin in Spiderman. Also, the voice of Gill in Finding Nemo). The moment I heard Gill’s voice, I was – “Okay, that’s it. I’m gone.” And I was. It was exactly like hearing Alan Rickman as Snape for the first time. Be still, my beating heart. *amused*

<lj-cut text="More Gill Ravings">

Producer Person I cannot identify: “Gill is this tough, scarred Moorish idol – a very proud-looking fish, inside this tank.”

Willem Dafoe in the interview: “Gill commands respect just out of sheer weight – and bravado.”



His entire entrance won me over. Completely. He comes into the picture when Nemo gets stuck in the filter. In the midst of our clownfish’s cries to be freed, Gill materializes – and his first words are, “Nobody touch him.”

When Nemo asks, piteously, “Can you help me?”, Gill’s response is a seemingly-callous “No.” He continues, “You got yourself in there. You can get yourself out.” Dramatic change from Marlin’s overprotectiveness.

Nemo (almost-wails – he’s still stuck in that filter, after all): “I can’t! I’ve got a bad fin!”

And this is when Gill turns, allowing Nemo to glimpse his profile – and the Moorish idol’s mangled right fin, almost-twin (symbolic parallel?) to Nemo’s withered right fin. “Never stopped me before,” counters Gill, as he seals the I-Will-Be-Your-Mentor ritual.

The freed clownfish meets the rest of the aquarium’s inhabitants proper, while Gill and Peach the starfish hold back, observing the merry gathering.

“He’s from the ocean,” muses Peach. “Just like you, Gill.” She eyes him, and says, almost laughingly, of him, “Oh, I’ve seen that look on your face before. I know that look. What are you thinking?”

And Gill replies, “I think tonight we’ll give the kid a proper welcome.”


Nemo’s startling innocence and naiveté, contrasted with Gill as the knowing/jaded voice-of-experience outlook. The same origins. The same handicap. They make a lovely pair. *smiles*

Appropriately enough, Gill resides in a skull.

<b>I Obey!</b>

I love Gill’s injunction on commencing the Great Tank Escape.

“Think dirty thoughts!”

<lj-cut text="Even More On Gill">

[As tank escape is dependent on the aquarium’s inhabitants sabotaging the tank filter, and making the tank so filthy that the dentist-owner is forced to remove them from said tank to clean it, thus facilitating their escape plans]

“My first escape landed on dental tools.” That’s one determined Moorish Idol there, our Gill.

“Fish aren’t meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to you.” As evinced by Bubbles, Gurgle, and other tank inhabitants’ idiosyncracies. Were I in the tank, I’d probably be crazier than all of them put together.

When Gill catapults himself onto Fish-Killer Darla’s head:

Aquarium Inhabitants: *gleefully* “Smack her on the head, Gill!”

Darla Detestation due to her fish-shaking habits. Shook her last birthday present to death – said present was a fish – and her next present is to be Nemo. But our clownfish plays dead. *cheers* And wins his way to freedom. ^_^ Said escape owed much to Gill, who distracted Darla and flipped Nemo, with the help of dental tools, into the dentist’s washbasin. ^_^ *cheers Gill*


<b>The Strangeness of Tankhood</b>

As Bloat said: “Only the worthy may join our sacred order – in the fraternal bonds of… Tankhood.”

<lj-cut text="Strange Indeed.">

The entire Initiation Ceremony Incident. On Mount Wanahuckaloogie. Am very sure that the name for this aquarium’s underwater feature was not accidental. *stares at it suspiciously* Said Hazing Ritual involves swimming through the Ring of Fire (Dramatically lit bubbles from Mount Wanahuckaloogie).

Do not understand why Nemo had to thwack against Gill as he emerged from said Ring of Fire.


Dory, Dory. What can I say? ^_^

<lj-cut text="She'd quite a number of memorable lines for her memory span.">

Situation: In lightless trench with Marlin (Nemo’s father). Due to her catastrophic short-term memory, she forgets Marlin’s presence.

Dory: “Something’s got me!”

Marlin: “It’s me!”

Dory: “Are you my conscience?”

Marlin (exasperated/patronizing): “Yes, Dory, I am your conscience. We haven’t spoken for a while. Is there anything you’d like to tell me?”

Dory: “Not much. Can’t complain.”

Marlin: “Tell me, Dory – what do you see?”

[ A light illuminates the darkness ]

Dory: “I see a light!” *pause* “Hey, Conscience! Am I dead?”

[It’s an angler fish. And a particularly vicious one, at that.]

After trapping said angler fish:

Dory and Marlin’s Victory Chant: “No Eating Here Tonight! *whoop* Eating Here Tonight!”

Dory: “No Eating Here Tonight! *addresses angler fish* You’re on a diiiiet…”

“I suffer from short-term memory loss. It runs in the family. Or I think it did. *pause* Where <i>are</i> they?”

Dory Talking In Her Sleep: “The sea monkey’s got my money.” [ I think this is <lj user= risax >’s favourite line ]

“Are you gonna eat that?”

And my favourite: “Yes, I’m a natural blue.”


Dory’s Numerous Nemo Misnomers: Fabio. Elmo. Cheeko. Harpo. And Bingo.

<i>Why</i>, <b><i>why</i></b> not Bilbo and Frodo?! Don’t <i>they</i> rhyme with Nemo?
Dory’s reaction to (lethal) baby jellyfish: “I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy.”

*apologies here owed to <lj user="nescienx">, <lj user="sarahcoldheart">, <lj user="ranchelle">, the <a href="http://the_metatron.blogspot.com">Professor</a>, <a href="http://aingeal.pitas.com">aingeal</a>, <b>Dae</b> and everyone else who had the misfortune to witness my Laptop Squishy routine. Especially to <lj user="nescienx">. I fear I have blasphemed your Smith. :: weeps :: *

<lj-cut text="Clearly Symbolic Scene">

Dory and Marlin hanging off a whale’s tongue. *meeps* Marlin is hanging on to Dory’s fin as this is happening.

Dory (according to whale): “He says it’s time to let go!”

Marlin: “You can’t! You think you can do these things, but you just can’t, Nemo!”

*Freudian-slip and Emotional Climax/Psychological Denouement Moment*

Marlin: “How do you know something bad isn’t about to happen?”

Dory: *with complete, guileless innocence* “I don’t!”

And Marlin lets go.

I thought that scene was at the emotional heart of Finding Nemo. It didn’t give me the glee of the Gill scenes, but I was still thrilled, but this time on a Literature-student level. *laughter*


Gurgle: Aquarium inhabitant consumed with cleanliness.

“Sharkbait! You’re covered – with <i>germs</i>!” The last said in a tone of absolute revulsion.

I did not think Peach was voiced Allison Janney. Was quite surprised when heard that Peach the Starfish was female. Could not quite decide whether Peach was male or female. Save for fact that was pink. (Should have been big giveaway, but not with a voice like that, it wasn’t.)

Filthy Tank! Peach – “Look! Scum Angel!”

Peach cheerfully discloses her origins as: “Starfish from Ebay.”

*hysterical laughter*

<lj-cut text="Aquatic Observations Continue">

Carnivorous Sharks Anonymous Pledge: “I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine.” “Fish are friends, not food.”

Marlin at said meeting: “I don’t have a problem!”

Bruce, Anchor and Chum: “Oh.” They exchange knowing looks. Then, in unison, they declare, “Denial.”


I think the <i>humanity</i> in these fish is what makes Finding Nemo so very amusing. From Dory’s frustration with Marlin’s refusal to ask for geographical guidance: “What <i>is</i> it with men and asking for directions?”, to the baby that falls off a coral and immediately bursts into tears – it’s all so <i>human</i>. Will not bother to muse on the anthropomorphist tendencies of the film. Am too busy enjoying it.

I loved the references. Bruce’s chase was highly reminiscent of a creature flick. Like Aliens 2 or Deep Blue Sea. *smirks* The whole floor-grills-dislodged-as-ravening-beast-pursues-defenseless-protagonists routine. Much amused by The Shining reference – Bruce wedges his head past a shattered submarine door and yells, “Here’s Brucie!” in a nod to Jack Nicholson’s infamous (and ad-libbed) “Here’s Johnny!” in The Shining. ; )

<b>Crush and His Whole Surfer Dude ‘tude</b>

“Kill motor, dude.”

On Marlin and the jellyfish: “You got serious thrill issues. *pause* Awesome.”

The Nemo fansite described Deb and Flo (a black and white humbug and her reflection) best:

“Probably a Gemini at heart, Deb and her identical twin sister, Flo, are like two peas in a pod. They do everything together: swim, laugh, share secrets... They are a perfect match. And it’s for this reason that the rest of the tank gang does not have the heart to tell Deb that Flo is merely her reflection on the tank glass."

Occurred to me that “Deb and Flo” is phonetically similar to “Ebb and Flow”. Sea puns, anyone? ; ) *eyes <a href= http://etherealexistence.blogspot.com>dreamcatcher</a> warily*

<lj-cut text="More Useless Information">

Squirt and Nemo are voiced by children. Crush, Squirt's dad, is voiced by the Finding Nemo director, Andrew Stanton. And Anchor, one of the sharks is voiced by none other than Eric Bana. Yes, the Incredible Hulk. ^_^


I adored this show. But I suppose you can tell. ; )
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