August 20th, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

And... There I was. Twelve Days Ago. ^_^

Have not done What I Did With My Life Off the Computer updates since the 6th of August. Remiss I have been. Continue this cannot. Must update now. Have been feeling vaguely guilty. Have also not been writing. This is bad.

As penance for earlier slash, I put up… Ahahaha. Apologies to ranchelle. I… said I would write romance trash. I have. I am also evil. I apologise to everyone who reads this for subjecting them to my writing. I should know better.

I want to dedicate this to ranchelle, without whom this would never have been written. I regret that I could not do better.

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In the next extract, I rip off a term from Anne Rice. Oops.

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Next, I rip off Magic: The Gathering, Carol Berg's "Song of the Beast", as well as make evil references to Ratal. I also rip off Verdi.

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Yes, procrastinate I did, again. Now for the lightning-fast recap.

Thursday, 7th August, 2003

Met ranchelle for tea at City Hall. Was deeply traumatized by the destruction of several artworks I desired to save. Must save more of them from joining what aingeal_isilme calls The Great Scrap Heap in the Sky. Did manage to save some of them. Yay! *glomps ranchelle*

Also, ranchelle knows some of the most gorgeous comics ever to be published. I adore them. I must also let anyasy see them.


Friday, 8th August, 2003

Met an UCL senior and Sparrow for lunch at Raffles Place. Fledgling (That word makes me think of Anne Rice’s vampires) lawyers (Is anyone going to make blood-sucker jokes?) can expect days that have them home at past 1am in the morning.

Then went to Marks and Spencer with Sparrow. Bought dolphin- and star-shaped pasta. *huge grin* And more pesto. Am beginning to suspect that I will not rest until I find the pesto that Dome serves with its bread.

Watched How To Deal with my brother. He watched for the girl. I watched for the plot. Trent Ford (Mandy Moore’s requisite Teen Movie Love Interest) is extremely cute. Oh, and also:


*whoops* Trent Ford’s character is a Star Wars fan. The requisite Couple Gets Together In a Montage of Shots That Save Time featured the happy couple at a “Star Wars All Night” Movie Marathon. You get one shot of all the titles, from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi. *smiles*

Here I would like to say that “Attack of the Clones” is one of the worst movie titles I have ever heard of. And Star Wars, too. >< That title makes it sound like a cheap B-grade movie.

Saturday, 9th August, 2003

*wild cheering* Hobbit Gathering!

*glomps aingeal_isilme, la_muerta and c_dreamcatcher*


It was wonderful to see everyone again! *thrilled*

Finally, finally, finally, c_dreamcatcher wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, much to our glee. Made toasted marshmallows (literally. I put them in the toaster.) Watched Shingo Mama and was deeply traumatized. Also, thanks to my Professor, saw Alan Rickman on “The View”. Am now inspired to watch Die Hard simply to see Alan Rickman Being Evil, and Being Very Cool.

Had a great deal of fun frustration trying to get to the Cut Scenes in Philosopher’s Stone. To see them, you have to go through the whole rigmarole of Harry’s Quest for the Stone. And, as my Professor says, the makers of the DVD apparently think our heart’s desire, as seen in the Mirror of Erised, is the uncut scenes. *glomps the Professor* First I’ve seen those scenes!

Also, it was National Day. We had pizza for dinner and watched Moulin Rouge instead of watching the Parade. A first for me. Did not feel unpatriotic.

aingeal_isilme and c_dreamcatcher had to leave, but la_muerta stayed, and we watched Truly Madly Deeply. *adores my Professor and Alan Rickman* And she was right. You can ignore that moustache. Alan Rickman is still gorgeous. And I loved the way he sung “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”. It was wonderful watching that movie with the Biggest AR Fan I Know. ^_^ She knows so much about the movie – how it was made, who was in it, what else they did, what the songs are in the movie and what they mean, who wrote that lovely poem Alan Rickman speaks in Spanish – beautiful. “My feet will want to walk to where you are, but I will go on living.”

*hugs my Professor* I hope that sore throat is better? I don’t want you to go the way of Jamie!

Sunday, 10th August, 2003

Met a friend for lunch at Dhoby Gaut MRT station. Discovered that one can laugh so hard as to dislodge the back of the seat at Plaza Singapura’s Mos Burger. Naturally I discovered the existence of that fact. Slight sense of shame later dispelled by a fellow patron doing the same thing minus the laughter. I will now blame the seats.

Walked to the National Library from Plaza Singapura. Discovered that the sole Theodore Roethke book we have is in the Reference Section, and also that it is either missing, or I am very bad at looking for it. Brushed up on Machiavelli, though. And went off to borrow Jedi Quest. Anakin and Obi-Wan. And Analog. In my science-fiction days, I adored Analog and Asimov. I still do. ^_^

Oh, and anyasy, you were right. Alan Dean Foster isn’t bad.

Walked to City Hall after that. ^_^ Checked out MPH – which I think may be the last surviving branch of that bookstore. Pity. I loved the one at Stamford Road.
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Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

And Even More Updates Follow!

Monday, 11th August, 2003

Met JN, Xiu and D at Scotts Picnic. Specifically, the ramen restaurant there. WB was there too. Spent two entire hours – talking. ^_^

Met up with Alex at Cineleisure. We were joined later by Sway, who was much surprised when I had a massive squee at what I termed her “Padawan hairstyle”.

*Everyone slowly steps away from aefallen*

Had dinner at Edo Sushi. Which has changed their menu – and raised their prices for their set meals. Pity.

Then went to watch Wrong Turn. Literally, a slasher flick. It was clearer and brighter than I expected it to be, and also, surprisingly, more scary. It was just like the X-Files episode “Home”.

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Tuesday, 12th August, 2003

Had a dental appointment. Involved lasers. Again. Ended the day on antibiotics and painkillers. Three cheers for the wonders of modern medical technology.

Wednesday, August, 2003

Met skye and risax at the Esplanade’s Thai Express. Early celebration for risax’s birthday. ^_^ Shared the curried soft-shell crab with risax. It was completely delicious. ; ) Then had the glutinous rice with mango and coconut cream. I love that dessert! ; ) Embarrassed risax by hiding our card-writing behind Thai Express menus. “The Impenetrable Wall of Jericho!” (I know, I know, too much Evangelion. . . )

risax translated the French version of “Beyond the Sea” for us. ^_^

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She also told us of a French song that has the lines "Je suis malade". And the lines "I am sick, completely sick..."

Am thinking of LOTR Engrish subtitles now.

The song continues to say, "I no longer smoke... When my mother goes out, I am alone in my misery."

ANGST! *bursts out laughing*

c_dreamcatcher . . .

Went to the Library afterwards. ^_^ I found my Verdi With A Vengeance book again. I adore that book! ^_^ Probably, and scarily, due to A-Level History. Always felt that the Italian Reunification was the most intriguing/romantic topic we learnt.

Wandered to check out the Esplanade’s latest art installation, which was giant rattan balls decorated with fresh flowers, which is supposed to represent Singapore. (Aren’t they always meant to represent Singapore somehow... Or life. It’s one or the other. SINGAPOREAN LIFE! Pardon the attack of randomness. Art installations do that to me. Now am remembering the famous/controversial art exhibits titled “Lucy’s Bed”, “Two Men Jumping On Lucy’s Bed” and “Room With Lights Going On and Off”, which are exactly as they are named. Literally titular.)

Then we went back to City Hall through City Link. We made an extended detour at HMV, which was having a sale. ^_^

Thursday, 14th August, 2003

Met ranchelle to pass her the WC3 discs. ^_^

Saw CLAMP’s Wish video! *is thrilled* More Koryuu! *clamors*

Friday, 15th August, 2003

Went for yoga lessons. Made Nemo Eyes when the instructor said that what we were doing was easy. She says easy, I say Ow.

Nemo Eyes is what I call the expression Nemo had on when Marlin (his dad) attempted to tell his A Mollusc Meets A Sea Cucumber joke.

Yes, it’s :: rolleyes :: for the Pixar Generation! *giggles*

Watched LXG with family. Drowned in slash. Anyone who watches the film and knows which slash pairings I support in HP and TPM will know instantly which pairing I ship. It’s the most Obvious pairing. ranchelle knew instantly. Am distressingly true to form.

Saturday, 16th August, 2003

Met majokai to watch LXG. Met flagitiosus for the first time, much to my delight. *hugs majokai for the introduction* *hugs flagitiosus with glee*

majokai and I much stunned due to the fact that Ratal has mysteriously married off our characters to each other. And festooned the forum with wedding decorations. I suspect nescienx and aingeal_isilme, and their A Watched Couple Never Slashes philosophy.

Drowned in slash again at LXG. All of us came out of the movie supporting different pairings. *laughter*

Went to the Coffee Club XPress at Kinokuniya with fellow slashers and drew up this slash chart for LXG pairings. ^_^

Will now gleefully spoil LXG.

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Met aingeal_isilme, c_dreamcatcher and S for dinner at Marche. Is : ( that la_muerta had an Evil Essay and couldn’t make it. :: tears ::

Oh, and if you’re at Marche, keep the plates on the table. Happened to some VJ schoolmates, though not to us (due to our plates).

Had a great time catching up! ; ) Learnt, through S, that the Driving Instructor That Gets On My Nerves So Badly That I Can’t Park Straight isn’t the worst there is (to my horror). Also reinforced the idea that aingeal_isilme and I truly speak a language no one else understands. *hugs aingeal_isilme*

Sunday, 17th August 2003

Went out for lunch with the family. ^_^ Had a wonderful rice wine chicken. *smiles* And I love Prawns with Butter and Oats.

Monday, 18th August 2003

Met risax for How to Deal. Had lunch at Lido before the movie. Was just : ( ing to her about how I hadn’t seen the Down With Love advertisement in the movies yet, when what should come on but Ewan McGregor announcing his identity.

Just ^_____________________________________________________^!!!!!!!!!!

So I got my movie ad! ^_^ *thrilled*

I adore the Ewan McGregor Unwraps a Chocolate Bar and Eats it Scene.

Ewan McGregor and Chocolate? Even on principle, I adore it.

*disturbing smile*

I think this was due to reading the “Down With Love” book before I saw this trailer. I read the Ewan McGregor’s Character Eats Chocolate scene, and I went, for the lack of a better word, Ohhhhhh. . . .

Watched my Jedi Mind Trick movie again ; ) Am quite sure this is not how I was supposed to remember it. But that’s the way I do remember it ^_^

Allison Janney has a lovely voice! Her voice is the feminine equivalent of Alan Rickman and/or Jeremy Irons!

Mandy Moore’s character’s grandmother… Smokes cannabis and marijuana, and, while high, says, of a rumpled sheet, “You must see it! It’s the spitting image of Abraham Lincoln!”

I think I’m going to turn into her when I’m that age. Except I won’t need drugs to be that high. Which is disturbing.

I love Skye Sweetnam’s “Billy S.” song from that movie. In tone, it’s very close to “10 Things I Hate About You” ‘s Letters to Cleo, who did “I Want You To Want Me” and “Cruel to Be Kind”. Any pop songs that mention Twelfth Night’s Malvolio are instantly a hit with me. On principle. ^_^ And this song’s got a great hook. ^_^

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Went to Borders, where we had a great deal of fun giggling over a Palm Reading book, as well as how right and how wrong it was. ^_^ Then went to Kinokuniya. I went for the Star Wars graphic novels. ^_^

The scene I love the most is a night scene over Coruscant, and involves Obi-Wan and Anakin. But only their voices. You don’t see them at all. The dialogue goes:

Anakin: “Master, there’s something I must tell you...”

Obi-Wan: “What?”

Anakin: “It was after I stepped out of the refresher window on to the ledge…”

Obi-Wan: “What?!

That Obi-Wan reaction is priceless.


Discovered that the Down With Love soundtrack is… strangely absent from many stores. It is in Borders, though.

Tuesday, 19th August, 2003

Did not my Scary Driving Instructor for the lesson today. And managed to parallel park and vertical park on the first try.

Passed my Final Driving Test!

Also had my first and last Simulator lesson. We’re just required to sit in for one session, to let us find out how it’s like to drive an automatic car. Soon felt sick. After the session, instructor said that even looking at me driving made him feel sick. And he’s the driver! (Yes, I know, that can be read to say I Make Him Sick)

Friends of my father’s came over for dinner tonight. They were talking about childhood days. One of my father’s friends was talking about catching tilapia. Apparently the way you catch them without a net has to do with the way they behave. Scare them, and they swim off to bury themselves in the mud. So what you do is go after them.

While he was telling the tale, I had fic ideas.


They were slightly… Wrong. *amusement*
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