September 26th, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

The Internet and Other Inconveniences

The Internet in my room has decided to be extremely evil and not let me on. I've tried my computer in other rooms in my Hall, and I have discovered that it is probably my computer that poses the problem. Am trying to fix it, but at present, forgive me if I'm not online. Will be : ( at the other side of the connection, but I shall try to get it to resume services as soon as possible.

Met my elusive Personal Tutor yesterday. No one had heard of him, because he was new. ; ) And, as he was new, he proceeded to thoroughly go through our Holiday Assignment. Which I'd only read through. *tilts head and laughs* But he was soft-spoken, and turned up all in black. He asked our names and welcomed us individually to the class. And asked us why we were here, and why we'd chosen to do Law. When he questions, though, he's got a sharp mind. *wry smile* For no reason I could think of I became slightly teary inside when he was welcoming us.

He sat on the desk when talking to us, and then I thought, "Serry".

Which was fine, until I thought, "Levizt".

I was utterly exhausted last night (Probably from trying to fend off bad thoughts XD), and turned in at eight after several unsuccessful attempts to go online. *weeps*

Am in a computer class room now, waiting for a training session to start. Am with my tutorial group. And am on LJ simultaneously. ^_^
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