October 2nd, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

The Last Three Disjointed Days

clara_swift! And laura_mcewan! Check out November’s edition of Elle! I saw it out today – and THERE’S EWAN ON THE COVER! And a gorgeous photo shoot, too! (Well, yes, Ewan and Renee, but it’s still Ewan!)

Like, OMG.

No, I haven’t been drinking, but I have been to an audition, and I’ve discovered that the aftermath of fear leaves me absolutely hysterical, and acting completely drunk. The audition was great horror fun, it really was. We had to sing and do a drama piece. “Your Song” was one of the choices we had, and aingeal_isilme, I was singing Your song. Yes, the Dae and Eleris version. “People look at me funny, and act really snide – They usually wind up with an axe in their side.” *hugs aingeal_isilme*

Ratal, I love you to pieces.

Eventually I didn’t end up doing that – the other pieces were very fun, though. You could sing Fly Me to the Moon, On My Own, I Dreamed A Dream (Very Serry, yes?), Javert’s “Stars” (Which is so slashy. Oops. Sorry), A Little Fall of Rain, All That Jazz, Send In The Clowns. I did Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, and I butchered it, but those who auditioned us were absolutely lovely. The guy who played the piano accompaniment looked like Jekyll from LXG.

And we had great fun outside with our fellow auditionees. There was a senior who was trying out, and couldn’t sing, or so he claimed. While we were out there being murdered by our nerves, he did a lovely version of All That Jazz. In German. The chorus was sung in English, with a heavy German accent. *dies laughing* And the best bit is, that was the piece he performed when he went in to sing. Not in German, though. Seeing a guy perform the motions for “I’m going to rouge my knees and roll my stockings down” has got to be one of the great redeeming points of that audition. He was wonderfully, fabulously over-the-top, and I am certain he will get a part for sheer attitude alone. He was great at acting, too.

And we had absolutely lovely people with us in the queue, as well. They had a wonderfully humorous approach to the entire audition business, and it really helped during those ghastly Moments of Waiting – you know those. They’re the moments right after someone’s auditioned, and the panel of judges just sit there and spend a great deal of time in discussion. The people behind me were, “Oh, you think they’re discussing you. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re really discussing last week’s episode of ER. You think they’re going, “Oh, that was awful. Why are you bothering to audition?” and they’re really saying, “Oh, she had Levis on.” “He had Reeboks. What did the one before him wear?” It probably doesn’t sound funny now, but back in the charged-to-the-heights atmosphere of the waiting room, it was hilarious.

Auditioned with a friend, the poor thing, who had to bear my subsequent insanity on the way home. We live in the same hall, so all the way home, in the twilight, she had to hear me sing Memory, from Cats, Music of the Night, The Sound of Music, My Favourite Things, and All I Ask of You (Through which I kept thinking about Serry, and of Lev too XD ).

Was deranged all through dinner. Worried a girl at the end of the table. I was telling myself, out loud, “You do not pick up your beans with your fingers”, after almost making that mistake. I blame it all on our hostel caterers for serving us French fries with baked beans. I cannot be expected to remember what to do with my hands.

Three other hall-mates came to my room shortly after dinner, two of them the Legolas Fanciers. One of them, who previously tied my Lord of the Rings tag to my desk drawer handle, found my Legolas postcard (In my defense it was from F1rst, and my brother gave it to me. No, really, he did. Along with the Harry Potter postcard) and put it over my mangled telephone socket/Internet connection port. Now am looking at Legolas instead of the Reason I Cannot Be Online. Am not sure it is much of an improvement.

Then the girl I previously hadn’t thought was a Fancier saw the postcard, and Squee-d. There is no other word for it. I was, “OMG You’re a Legolas fan?!”

We will get matching Legolas posters – because Woolworths’ sells them – and put them all up in our rooms. Yay. Matching Legolas posters.


(Ratal, stop right there. Like now.)

OH NO! My hall-mate’s banana is in my school bag! We went out together to get a magazine from the grocer, and we decided we would not be accused of shoplifting or General Perviness (“What are you doing, wandering about at this hour of the night with a banana?”) if the banana was out of sight. But it’s with me now! I forgot to give it back to her! Will wander downstairs to breakfast with a banana in hand. That’s what quite a few of us do in the Hall. They take a fruit for dinner, and not eat it until the next day. For lunch. Amazing. But it seems that most university students skip lunch, anyway.

Also I have a question. Us Law students here have as our textbook this particular publication entitled “The English Legal System”. But we refer to it by the book’s authors’ names.

Slapper and Kelly.

Are there only three people I know of who think this is Wrong Thought Material?

Went to the London Eye today – Law Faculty Freshers’ week. Cool. We froze out there – IT’S COLD! The wind off the Thames is cold! – for half an hour, after which our Law seniors announced, “Is that all of you? We’ll get tickets now.” After which, a senior reappeared, and said, “If we get all your student cards, we get £5 off the London Eye price.” So it was done.

And it was lovely. The London Eye is a gargantuan Ferris wheel, which moves only slightly faster than Livejournal on a busy night. We didn’t get sun today – it was cloudy, but it was still a wonderful experience. And there’s a Wordsworth poem on the foot of the Eye (I know, I know) – the one that ends, “That great heart is beating still.”

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Will now return to regularly scheduled nonsense.

The banana is still sitting on my desk. . .

OMG. And the night before last night. Er. Um. Well, there’s this guy down the hall, who one day, in my room, saw the book I write in that I had inadvertently left open on the table. *covers face with hands* It was L/S. He was, “What’s this?” And I was OH MY GOD NOOOOOO. . .

“Um – it’s for Lord of the Rings. I’m in this RPG group – and that’s what we write. . . ”

I dare not think about what I would have said if what he’d read was the NC-17 Skinner/Tom. *dies*

It wasn’t too bad, really, it’s just a love letter in Serry’s direction, and thank GOD it was in first-person, otherwise I would be so DEAD. Then it would have been unimaginable.

Oh my God. What if he thinks it isn’t fiction?

*crawls under bed and stays there*

Moral of the Story: NEVER Leave your writing anywhere. And in Halls, it just Isn’t Safe.

Shall now record the page he saw.

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No I mean I must repent.

Er, yeah, if anyone asks, I didn’t write that.

Oh God, I did, didn’t I?

Anyway, what I was intending to say was that the Guy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash and Whom I Sure Hope Didn’t Understand What It Was knocked on my door. I opened it to find that he was shirtless.

And he asked me for Vaseline.

Did not realize until I wrote I it down how very – I really shouldn’t think any more, should I?

Anyway, he had chapped lips, which was why he wanted it.

Then the guy next door wanted to see Moulin Rouge *cheers* - and so I went over to watch it with him and his friends. He heard “Zidler” as “Hitler” which made us all go XDXDXD. *dies* He gave up after half-an-hour, though he does want to continue watching it. Then they began with the Extended Edition of LOTR.

Now I know the best cure for loud rock music. Feed LOTR in its place. At last I was studying with background music I liked. No more noise. It’s just pure XDXDXD time. (Actually, both of my neighbors have been good recently)

Ringwraith music is the loudest. But maybe it’s the Wraith-Fancier in me talking. Ha ha this is my tenth day in this Hall and have succeeded in making LOTR heard on my corridor and inflicting Moulin Rouge on no less than seven people. Go me!

Was in guy next door’s room when he introduced me to a friend of his, named Rob. “I believe we’ve met,” said Rob. “I was very drunk. I crashed against your door and half-fell into your room, because your door was open.”

I was . . . (I don’t remember. . . )

Then Previously Shirtless Hall-Mate was wandering the halls cuddling a jar of honey. I mean - ^_____________________________________^ Except now he was wearing a shirt.

And no, I have no pictures.

They’re really open here. You can be sitting on the foot of a guy’s bed, and he’ll just take off his shirt and change it, quite nonchalantly. Now hall-mates have begun wandering the corridor shirtless – it’s the Second Week Syndrome. It’s the Now I Know All of You, I Cannot Be Bothered To Put On My Clothes, Well At Least Not All of Them behavior.

(I’m sure this happens in halls all over the world. It just so happens that this hall has me, who seems to be unused to all this.)

Also, it’s really good to be into LXG. Studying is major squee time. Was reading my Introduction to Law handout when I read, “sell his bicycle to Tom”. And my first thought was “Sawyer”.

And look at my handouts. How am I not expected to have wrong thoughts about, “Tom’s unconditional acceptance of John’s unconditional offer operates to create a binding contract between them”? (Yes, it was the bicycle.)

No I mean they are asking for it –

Have a lecturer named Rodney Austin. Mind must have been heading off in the fandom direction, but I saw “Rodney Skinner” that night.

If only.

Also it does not help that Rodney Austin is lecturing on Police Powers.

Further reading on the Law handout yields, “Bill’s estranged ex-partner, Boris, comes upon the scene (of Bill’s accident) and is deeply shocked by what he sees, and later suffers from recurring nightmares.”

How can I not think slashy thoughts? That line screams hurt/comfort like nothing else on earth! Even down to the nightmares!

Cannot be expected to study. “Further Reading: Martin, ‘Defective Premises – The Empire Strikes Back’. ”

When I read it the second time to type it down, I read Padawan instead of Premises.

Next-door neighbor read Harry Potter in Czech, all five books of it. His mother’s doing.

Yes, this is a rather disjointed account of the last three days. ; )
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

The Scarlet Runs so Fast to my Face

Yes, have ripped off Sting's lyrics, and badly, for the title of this entry.

My university's computers were insane all this morning, so no logging on for me, then. But now they are fine. ^_^ Subject to the capricious computers, we are.

Had Law tutorial with Serry-esque teacher today. His hair is dark, rather than blond, so the similarities aren't all they could be, and Please, Teacher, Don't Smile At Me Like That.

Just had another audition. Was hilarious. It was an improvisation session, too. My group was given the theme of flirtation, and as we had only one guy in the group, someone offered the idea that we should do a lesbian spin on the theme, and so we did. Guy Argues with Girlfriend Outside Gay Bar. They go in, he gets set up.

One group did the theme of regret, which they had as an Alcoholics Anonymous-esque session. Choice regrets:

"I threw away my laundry ticket."

"I slept with the bridesmaid."

"I like Neighbors."

And the last was, "I shouldn't have slept with my Dad."

This computer room closes at five, and it is quarter-to-five. That's my regret.

Also, there was that one about being a Closet Legolas Fancier, but we'll let that lie.