October 4th, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

About Last Night

Friday Night in London: Thames Cruise. For the Law Faculty.

The ship was divided into four sections – below deck, main section, front, and back. (Layman’s terms, I don’t know the words. Astern? Pirates of the Caribbean fans! Help me out!) The lights went off in the main section soon after the boat got moving, and the disco lights came on. And the music. Which was rather loud. Boat became a massive disco holding extremely drunk Law students. Except this is one that you can’t step out of. Well, unless you like freezing water. As a Spanish boy we know said, quite wisely, “Alcohol and boat – Not good mixture.” Those are his exact words.

Was in this disco for three and a half hours.

Thames gorgeous. Not as cold as expected. It’s wonderful to see everything lit up at night. There is nothing quite like being on a ship with the wind in your face. Saw the Greenwich Observatory’s port, Tower Bridge – which looks lovely – and waved to people on Tower Bridge, who waved back! *cheers*, the London Eye, and Traitor’s Gate, a forbidding stone façade which I photographed, thinking of my Professor la_muerta, and how my Professor would probably have been interested in that. ^_^ I was thinking of Les Miserables, of “On My Own”, and of aingeal_isilme and ranchelle.

Saw Greenwich Mean Line. Literally. It’s a beam of green light that stretches across the Thames, indicating the border where time begins. Thought “Death Eater Beacon”. XD Did not know what the light was until a senior told me. *smiles* Asked her how her first Thames Cruise was, as this was her third. “Can’t remember,” she told me, regretfully. “I was very drunk that night.” A sentiment I do not doubt is shared by most of the students tonight.

Shortly after, a student came out and announced that the Greenwich Mean Line was a section of his anatomy, and made especial reference to its length.

Saw quite a few things tonight. Saw no less than eight couples in extremely involving French-kiss set-ups. I thought I would see no more than four. I was wrong. Lots of hands where they shouldn’t be going in public view. Law Society President having a rather involving kiss with a girl who wasn’t the same one he was kissing less than two weeks ago. According to a friend. Cannot believe several things that have seen on board ship. Thought they happened behind closed doors, and not on crowded dance floors.

Also now have extremely interesting dance moves I could show Ratal. However, need a partner who does not blush.

Floor soon covered with spilled alcohol. And everyone who feels they can’t dance and therefore do not go to clubs – No one can dance. So, go.

Girl from my hall bought me a drink. Also encouraged me to dance, which was a good thing, as never would have done it on my own. Soon just about everybody I knew was dancing – Faculty mates, hall-mates – everyone.

And dancing really is rather fun.

Went out to the front of the boat. Which was windy. Then saw a guy lighting his cigarette, using another guy’s tuxedo jacket as a shield against the wind. Problem was, Windbreaker Guy was wearing said tuxedo at the time. When I first saw them, and I couldn’t quite see what they were doing, my first thought was, “Why does that boy have his head up that other guy’s jacket?”

Did not say that.

Was with several hall and faculty mates as bemused as self. Eventually we went to the back of the boat, because it wasn’t cold as the front, nor as noisy and crowded as the main section. Then discovered that all the seriously drunk students somehow ended up in the back of the boat. Tonight have seen how interesting people get when they are drunk. Other faculty-mate said he saw the Law Society President with his hand in a location that would not be in any way connected to the word “respectable”. En route to the back of the boat, a guy I do not remember seeing before told me, very seriously, “I have just done the Walk of Shame”. Friend who I was with told me he was drunk. Could not have told the difference.

Several students were having a competition – regarding alcohol, as you may have guessed. They each had to take a shot of extremely strong alcohol, then hold it in their mouths for ten minutes. Was in the back of the boat when the time-keeper came down with three guys who couldn’t talk. A friend of theirs – a first-year student who looks like a postgraduate – was talking to me, so he and the timekeeper told me what they were doing. “You were very drunk last night,” says the time-keeper to the first-year student. “It was my birthday,” explains the first-year. Yesterday’s Birthday Boy proceeds to tell me all about his friends. “He ______ his _______ every day,” he told me, indicating the first of the contestants. “And the other one,” he said, indicating the second, “When his mouth isn’t closed, he. . . ” Noticing his friend’s incensed expression, he said, “And all of you are wankers.” This announcement was greeted with an extremely emphatic set of middle fingers from the first contestant.

Third contestant spat his alcohol all over the timekeeper during the eighth minute. One of the inebriated male students pinned another to the wall, prompting the Pinned to shout, “Help! It’s gay rape! I’m not enjoying myself!”

A chair was hurled overboard in the course of the night, as were an entire carton of plastic drinking glasses. Ten Minute Shot Contestant #2 broke the Emergency Exit – Do Not Block sign off the door it was on and slipped it into his tuxedo pocket. I believe he was also the one who, with much determination, hung on to the loudspeaker mounted above the washrooms until it snapped to his satisfaction. He also took great delight in opening the door (which normally leads to the embankment) to the Thames, and inviting us to jump out.

Spectacularly high levels of RP slash occur when students are drunk. Most noticeable tonight were the trio of guys who ended up in a massive group hug in the back of the ship, chanting, “F____ me”.

Also at back of the boat: Several girls who ran to the back and yelled, “I’M FLYING!”, complete with the Titanic pose.

Saw guy puking his guts out at the front of boat. Not pleasant.

Clubbing is more fun than pubbing.

Also I would like everyone to know that the name of the boat we were on was the Royal Princess.

Oh, Ratal: As regards Ratal Reloaded: The Nightclub Scene. ^_^