November 7th, 2003

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Go, Baby, Go!

kannazuki is a living sugar high.

Disgraced myself by screaming when Orlando Bloom appeared in our Troy trailer.

kannazuki called me a major OB fan. I am ashamed. Fellow Singaporean (Aikido Guy) walked into my room and said, "What's this major Bloom Obsession?" Did I mention I put a new poster up?

Does anyone know how good it feels to hear kannazuki say “poncing elf git” in a LOTR Exhibition?

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We heard this song in the cinema, as an advertisement for ITV1. I went back and looked it up, and – I thought: Hey, it might fit Hyan.

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lacewood, I’ve bought Patricia McKillip’s “A Winter Rose”. Am completely going to lend it to you when I get back.

Must also lend “Ill Met By Moonlight” to kannazuki when I see her again. Gorgeous descriptive story which says that Shakespeare got his way with words by sleeping with a gender-shifting elf.