January 9th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

*Bilbo Freakout Expression* "I Am Going Now."

I have nothing intelligent to say, but I will say it anyway.

I'm leaving for London tonight. Will be back in June.

This is the song I was singing through last night. Collapse )

Last song wildly blasted: Collapse )

Carol Berg's latest book will be out in February 2004 - Son of Avonar. Here's an excerpt. She, together with Robin Hobb, were the writers who taught me how to love first-person perspective. And considering I hated it with a passion before them, that's something. ; )

It's also rather important to note that her narrator's a woman named Seri. Or at least, it had me shrieking with laughter last night. XD

And speaking of Serry, Collapse )

By the way, anyasy, c_dreamcatcher, aingeal_isilme, la_muerta: Collapse )

Finished Property Essay at 5am last night. GO ME. Whenever I'm working on a Law Essay, I end up being very up to date on LJ. Places I frequent when writing essays outside of my FriendsList - somniesperus, mctabby, amanuensis1, loony_moony, marysues and deleterius. XD

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