January 10th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

While the Internet's Being Good...

It's 8 degrees Celsius in London, and I can barely feel it ; ) It's not yet 8am, and I'm in my hall. The Internet, to my shocked delight, is working. ; )

Yes, I'm safe (as of the moment) in London. On the flight there, the girl I sat next to and the head stewardess shared my name. The lift, much to my relief, was also working.

Found this letter from my Hall in the room. After the greeting, it says, "We are writing to let you know that the offices, reception and bar were broken into during the holiday."

*wry smile* Slightly less than confidence-inspiring ; )

arwen_elvenfair! I have your card! *HUGS* It'd be hard to ask for a better welcoming present ; )

Many thanks to aingeal_isilme, homura, clinquant, deepresonance for seeing me off! *GLOMPS ALL* Ice Angel, HY and JN were there too, with LOTR cards. XDDD homura and I were all, "GAYYYY!!!" over the Gandalf-Pippin one. ^_^

Sun's up! ; )

Have Kinder Bueno plane thanks to homura and clinquant! And thanks to clinquant's sister, I have Finding Nemo artwork! *cuddles*

*GLOMPHUGTACKLES arrch, ammonium and aingeal_isilme* THANK YOU for conspiring to get a wonderful Christmas present to me! I studied the book instead of my Law materials all the way to London, and it's wonderful. I've not yet finished it, but I will. ^_^
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