March 26th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

You Know What I Want

Wow. It's L/S.

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...a decent rest without you doing something idiotic!” When his temper calmed, Levizt looked at the chastened elf and took the ...the strips of cloth around her big brother’s slim torso. It was the androgynous look of her three elder brothers that wear shoes? ---> Your hair: Short, dry, thick, floofy --->Your eyes: Failing... ---> Your weaknesses?: Talented procrastinator? Egomaniac at times. ...print of the Fool and the lovely message (for me to show off)~~ Sei-chan for a wonderful Christmas bookmark/card! It had ...stupid and it was my fault and i deserved to be pickpocketed. Also she said how police would be no help eyebrow at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. as a Drow (he looks exactly like Drizzt! Though he's been dubbed Ysigil for those in the know): I was experimenting be repulsive. It's almost a man who preaches whipping loose women, then goes to a prostitute every Friday night. ...habit XD *goes off to find some nice Qui/Obi smut fics to read* I come home from work to find out ...library sciences with focus on archives for grad school. I work at my school archives and special collections department theres some ...
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Met aquapixie and lonedreameryaoi in Forbidden Planet. AMAZING. I will now haunt comic bookstores. aquapixie found a lovely 100 Cosplayer Questions, and I'd love to see the answers my flist came up with.

Effect of Skype is that when I read arrch's posts I now imagine him speaking in his voice. *wants to be on Skype with majokai now* *cries for being in uni without microphone and program*