April 29th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Like Sasuke in Bad Opening Lines, I rofl.

Dear Friendslist, I adore you all deeply, because whenever work is driving me insane I come here and I feel so much better.

direaliete's Rhymes with the most romantic first lines. #8 makes me think of majokai's ratal character and mine.

And via enigel on direaliete's LJ, I found The Pairing List that Ate Fandom. When I saw the second name on #71 I burst out laughing and I couldn't stop for a disturbing length of time. Warning: Collapse )

It makes me laugh for the reasons I read mctabby's HP fanfic summaries. With summaries such as: "A very smutty darkfic full of fluffy angst."

Oh, and on that post I found a Luffy My Hed iz Pastede On icon.

*hugs arwen_elvenfair, who together with kannazuki is my source of all fandom*

*hugs kannazuki too* *wants to know if Sena really did write that essay in own reflection*

Also was unbelievably amused at tinted_glass' (whom I found by way of nescienx) post on What Makes An Opening Line Bad. It has a Naruto slant, and is wonderful. If anyone converts me to Naruto, it will be nescienx, because all the pairings she supports rule. And she can convert me to IruNaru with just one artwork, even when I have no idea who Iru is. Iruka? It appears tinted_glass and I feel the same way about badfic. *HUGE GRIN*

Collapse )

Yesterday was giaan's birthday - So if you're reading this, Happy Birthday, giaan!

Many thanks to aesthete_ai for the LJ post that told me Tuesday was Ben and Jerry's Free Cone day. giaan, xtremesaints and I went down to Leicester Square and had free Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Then thanks to xtremesaints, found Japanese foodstores which I'd been wanting to find since I'd heard of them.

Went out for giaan's birthday dinner to this fabulous Thai restaurant she introduced. Went out in the most impressive thunderstorm London has chosen to give us since September last year. My jeans were soaked to the knee, my socks pools of water, and I couldn't stop thinking about Hector and Paris. I think it's the effect of reading perseph2hades' fic. All the way home I was thinking to myself, "Must not smile like a maniac" because I'd started thinking about their comments.

Spent 36 hours awake with less than 2 hours sleep. Had to finish Law coursework. 3,000 words of Judicial Review. *wild cheering* Now it is done and I will have to study for the exams. The fact that I'm here should tell you the success of that endeavour ; ) And peiyu, all the best for your exams!

kateriya's LJ has me thinking "Atobe" every single time I use Adobe Photoshop.

Through ezzvaldez and kelleigh I have discovered that I am not alone in making notes when I'm amused by something someone says.

risax has returned from Paris and is ignoring me when I ask her questions like "How was Paris? Beautiful?"

Went to Paris this year. Did not expect Paris to be so obsessed with Orlando Bloom.

ammonium got my package! *huge grin* *hugs* Was so worried that it'd been lost!

The layout may actually stay Orlando for some time.

That icon by bleuunicorn RULES.
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