May 4th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Someone, say something intelligent, I... Can't!

Thank you Wolfgang Petersen.

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ranchelle, you have gone and set my heart on fire.

la_muerta, my source of All Things HP, has linked the new Azkaban trailer in her post here. It has French subtitles. Which caused me to see things I shouldn't have.

anyasy's done a delightful assignment for her Creative Writing class: "Think of a poem title, then put it into a search engine and construct a poem out of the results".

Being in the state of mind I was in, I went for, "Hector, why won't you let me -" and found... a shocking number of love songs. Collapse )*laughter* And a wonderfully insane site which seems to be attempting Iliad: The Musical! I can't believe this - It's... It's... like... Collapse )

I can hear John Cleese's voice... And of course they break into song about Pi. I never thought I'd see Odysseus say anything beginning with, "Whenever I'm down and start to cry/When I can't deduce the reason why" - But there it is, and... my heavens. There's music. Here's the site. And my favourite line was (Possible spoiler warning): Collapse )

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Went into a bookshop to get a newspaper today. Walked out with newspaper and four fantasy books.