November 27th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Hit Me Baby One More Time

This is a clear indication that the more logical I am forced to be, the deeper I spiral into insanity fandom.

Over the course of two essays - One in Contract, one in Criminal Law, I made this video. Made both sections of the video at 4am in the morning. *laughter*

You knew it was coming. *evil grin*

To download: Hit Me Baby One More Time.

First it's Flash, and then it's Harry's turn!

Naturally, it's Spider-man. *laughter* But when you walk down the street and Collapse ) is all you see, and then you see TEN of these things in ONE walk down Regent Street, and you end up like me. *dies laughing*

Edit: There've been problems with the video, and I've uploaded it again, here. Hope it works this time? *crosses fingers*

Have discovered that it is very strange, so here's another upload. And, just in case, here's another one.