November 29th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA


giaan, this has to be the most pointless LJ post I have EVER made. *hearts you*

Everyone else, if you want to:

1. Correctly distinguish an iguana from a chameleon
2. Look at Tobey Maguire
3. Vindicate your suspicions of just how insane I really am:

Because pedantic lawyers-in-training simply must identify whether this lucky creature is an iguana or a chameleon. Collapse )

Collapse )

My learned friend and I conclude that this creature is indeed a chameleon, and if anyone would like to dissent from our judgement, please leave your opinion and we will carefully consider it. < / INSANITY >

And just because there seems to be no better time to do crazy things like these, I've only ever shown nescienx this picture, but Collapse )