December 27th, 2004

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

I Came, I Saw, I Fangirled, or, Baka Matsuri 2004.

Baka Matsuri 2004? It was a fantastic event. Many, many thanks to majokai, roy_mustang04, and snowykiss. I know I’ve missed out organisers. *hides* Let me know who? I had a fabulous time. I especially appreciated the booths being arranged near the stage this year. You could watch what was happening onstage while catching up with everyone and booth-browsing, which was an excellent idea.

nescienx has really good pictures up, including my favourite photograph of zephyus and her.

Came late enough to miss sakachan. IS SAD. Next cosplay event, maybe? ; ) But at least I get to know what I missed. I was asking, “Have you seen a guy in a cockroach hat?” And then saying, “No, not him, but he can bring me to a girl I want to see!”

kanekoichi. You buy me these gorgeous postcards. OMG CRIES. I have to find something for you! Thank you - the postcards are absolutely delightful, and I love them very much, and I WILL GET YOU SOMETHING.

Met abraxan only at the end of it all. She was adorable. andreaphobia agrees. But she had fabulous Roy/Ed doujin by way of majokai, and one particular section made me laugh very, very hard.

Met deewhydeeax. *HAPPINESS*

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We took Ratal photographs in stages! *grin* nescienx, aingeal_isilme, ranchelle, sarahcoldheart, kannazuki, OZ, and I, were there. majokai was there, too, but busy looking devastatingly good onstage in a cape (and hosting).

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And since abraxan is completely into Kakashi now, here are the pictures I took during the event.

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