January 16th, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

ow, Harry, that hurt. do it again. Icon idea thanks to lazydreamweaver. XD

Movie Scripts

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LJ Blackout Icons by nimori. "I survived the Great LJ Blackout of '05. I whined a lot, but I survived."

*laughter* I was in the library studying on a Saturday afternoon.

Back in London. Collapse ).

Very disturbed. Fandom not gone.

First thing I did on coming home to London:

*HUGS giaan* *sparkles* “I bought new bedsheets!” Collapse )

You are currently witnessing the effects of three law essays written in four days. The consequence is clearly insanity. (Complicated points of contract law should never be elucidated by Law Lords named Parker, because I cannot cope. At all.)

But I had fun.

On Our Last Law Essay: You Never Knew Battery Could Sound So Wrong
giaan: “There’s not much to say!”
Me: “I know! Obviously he touched the guy. Obviously he intended to touch the guy. And obviously he touched him without his consent. There’s no point in discussing what obviously happened.”
It was our problem question. But honestly - you can't go very far right with a crime that's defined as "unlawful touching". Collapse )

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*grin* And if you're reading this, my Sk8ter Girl, I'm completely vindicated, and I'm so happy for you. And next time you go running down the street shouting, "Peter Parker is Spider-man!" - you can bet I'll notice. *laughter* Yours, Rebecca.

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and just because:

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Everyone must suffer with us: By way of lacewood, behold: Bleach: Kurosagi Ichigo is Britney Spears.
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